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(Contains: sexual themes and strong language)
At Eggman’s lair…
Jen: Ok Storm stay here. (She says to Storm)
Storm: NO! I want to come with you. (He says begging)
(Jen sighs)
Jen: I thought you were strong. (She says rubbing his chest)
Storm: I- I am. (He says blushing)
Jen: Then please do it for me. (She says then kisses Storm)
Storm: Awwwww yeah Jen baby I will. (He says to her as she walks inside)
Robots: Intruder Alert! Intruder Alert! (The robots say as Jen walks in)
Jen: Eh shut up.
Robot: Voice recognized as the Drs. lover.
Bokkun: Ahahahahhahahaha. The Dr. wants you and you won’t like what he wants from you. (He says then flies away)
Jen: Let’s just get this over with. (She walks down the hall and sees something she regrets seeing)
Jen: OH DEAR GOD MY EYES ARE BLEEDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (She yells as she sees Eggman naked on the bed)
Eggman: Oh come on Jen it’s not that bad; you’ll get used to it once I fuck you.
(Jen screams)
Eggman: Oh you will; and if you harm me your daughter will get killed. (He says to her as a screen shows Maria in a capsule with robots all around her with guns in their hands)
Maria: Mommy! Daddy! HELP!!! (She yells crying)
Jen: Maria! (She yells with tears running down her face)
Eggman: Deal?
Jen: Fine… (She says taking off her clothes)
Eggman: Now let me stick this bad boy in you. (He says making Jen sit on his dick)
Eggman: I knew you were tight buy I didn’t think you were this tight. (He says gripping onto Jen’s boobs)
Jen: OW! You’re splitting my vagina open! (She yells blushing)
Eggman: Save the relaxing until later; I want the full package from you Jen. (He says thrusting her hard)
(Jen screams)
In another room…
(Jen‘s scream echoes)
Maria: Mommy!? (She yells crying harder)
Bokkun: Sorry; we can’t let you go. We won’t kill you or anything. The doctor’s not like that. (He says nicely and feels sorry for her)

Maria: I want MY MOMMY!!!!!!!!!!!! (She screams and a Sonic Boom sounded and broke the glass container that she was in)

Bokkun: H- H- Hey kid d- d- don’t hurt me. (He says then Maria charges at him; beats him and attacks all the robots)

With Jen and Eggman…
Eggman: Mmmm your ass was tighter than your vagina. (He moans)
Eggman: Do you like the taste princess? (He looks down at Jen who was sucking his dick)
(Eggman then rubs her ass that was dripping cum especially her vagina since her shield in her wouldn’t take sperm in)
Eggman: Ahh right there, suck it baby; mmm yes harder. (He moans)
Jen: Mmmm. (She moans thinking about Darthon)
Eggman: I wanted this ever since I first met you my love. (He says looking down at Jen and smacks her ass)
Bokkun: DOCTOR! DOCTOR!!! (He yells barging in)
Eggman: Didn’t I tell you not to come in me!!!???
(He says as Jen stops and gets dressed)
Bokkun: It’s Maria! She’s gone haywire! She’s killing all the robots in a sweet combo! (He yells as Jen realizes this)
Jen: Maria!? Using her powers? But... (She then realizes who she was with)
Jen: DARTHON!!! Ugh; Egghead where’s Maria?
Maria: Mommy! (She yells running over to Jen)
(Maria then looks up at Eggman)
Maria: AHH MY EYES!!! (She says then runs away)
Jen: NO MARIA! (She yells then Eggman grabs Jen)
Eggman: You’re not done yet. (He says gripping Jen’s boobs)
Jen: Fuck off Eggman. (She punches him and demolishes whatever robots were left and runs outside)
Jen: Storm! Where’s Maria!? (She yells at him)
Storm: Wasn’t she in there?
Jen: Oh great she’s lost again! (She yells then storms off)
Storm: Wait Jen! (He runs after her)
Darthon Returns Chapter 23:SearchingforMariapart2
What will happen next? Find out in the next gruesome chapter of Darthon Returns…
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes, violence/gore and strong language)
After several hours of my dad’s training I found out something that enraged me and my mother…
Darthon: Good Maria; that’s it for today. (He says then pats Maria on the head)
Maria: Thanks daddy. (She says as Darthon walks inside to get a soda for Maria and blood for him)
(Suddenly a strange blue human looking hedgehog woman wearing a white dress and red shoes with white gloves and blue bracelets with stars on them appeared out of the bushes and another hedgehog came out of the bushes and stands next to her; he was a young looking hedgehog that was silver and he kind of looked like Silver except he had black boots, black gloves, and a black jacket)
Maria: Can I help you guys with something? (She asks them kind of frighten)
Felicia: Yes I’m looking for…
Darthon: Maria; I got our… (He says then sees Felicia and Arenus and drops the soda and blood)
Felicia: Darthon!? (She blushes and has an obsessed fangirl look on her)
Darthon: Oh shit… (He looks towards her then towards Maria; Darthon then grabs Maria with one of his tentacles and runs inside)
(Darthon then blocks the door with his body)
Felicia: Darthon! I know you’re in there and why are you dating a little girl!? (She yells pounding the door)
Darthon: She’s my daughter!
Felicia: You’ve fucked another woman!? (She yells)
Maria: Daddy; who is that?
Darthon: Nobody Maria; GO AWAY FELICIA!!! (He yells)
Maria: Daddy. (She says in a begging look no one can deny)
Darthon: She’s an obsessed fangirl. (He says as Maria gives him a “do you really think I’m dumb” look)
Darthon: Fine; she was an old wife of mines and that 20 year old son of hers…is also my son. (He says then Maria gets super pissed)
Maria: How can you do that to mommy!? (She cries with rage)
Darthon: Mommy doesn’t love me Maria. (He says to her with a tear running down his face)
Maria: She does daddy! She mopes around the house all day murmuring your name!!! She loves you more than that lady does! And if that lady was one of your fangirls mommy would be your number one obsessed fangirl! (She yells then breaks through the  ceiling)
Darthon: Oh shit now she might….
Felicia: Darthon! (She yells then drops down from the opening in the ceiling with Arenus)
Darthon: Oh shit… JEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (He cries)
In the entrance of the forest…
Darthon: JEN HELP!!! (Darthon’s voice echoes and Jen hears this)
Jen: DARTHON!!!! (She yells then runs 10 times the speed of light and arrives at Darthon’s house in seconds)
(She barges into the house and sees Darthon chained to the bed and Felicia is on top of him)
(Jen turns into her dark form)
Jen: Get off MY DARTHON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (She yells grabbing Felicia and chokes her and pumbles her to the ground to choke her)
(While Jen chokes her Darthon stares at her dress that’s flying up and blushes)
Darthon: Oh Jen you still have that sweet sexy ass. (He murmurs and then licks his lips)
Jen: Be prepared to die bitch! (She yells then looks up at the opening in the ceiling)
Jen: Perfect. (She says then flicks Felicia which sends her flying into the air; never to come back)
Jen: Goooooooooooooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalllllll!!!!!!!!!!!!! (She yells watching Felicia fly out of the Earth’s atmosphere)
(Jen the turns around and stares at Arenus)
(Arenus gets scared)
Arenus: Oh shi…
Jen: FALCON PUNCH!!! (She yells and uppercuts Arenus sending him flying after his mother)
Jen: Oh Darthon I missed you. (She snuggles the chained hedgehog tied to the bed)
Darthon: I missed you too Jen baby. (He says then kisses her)
Darthon: And I like that ass of yours. (He says blushing and smirks at her)
Jen: Do you want me to send you flying like them too? (She says madly while blushing)
Darthon: Oh Jen I missed you. (He says then kisses Jen)
Jen: I love you too; and since your already chained up. (She giggles while taking off her clothes)
Darthon: Holy Sheezus! How groovy; let’s have some fun tonight baby.
(Maria attacks some trees with bone knives)
Maria: Stupid lady! I hate her!!! (She yells slashing the tree)
?: Oh my niece come to uncle your daddy is such a pain isn’t he? How about I become your new daddy and we’ll be a family you and me and also with your beautiful mommy Jen. (The strange figure says then comes towards Maria)
(A black hedgehog with blue stripes appeared)
Maria: You look like my daddy.
?: You haven’t met me yet have you? Well, I’m your uncle Storm; your dads bro. (He says to her nicely)
Maria: I just want to go to my mommy… (She says depressed)
Storm: I’ll take you to your mommy. (He smiles to her)
Maria: Really? (She says cheering up)
Storm: Sure why not.
Maria: YAY! Thank you uncle Storm. (She says hugging him)
Storm: No prob Maria; now hold on tight. (He says as dark clouds begin to appear and rises them up)
Maria: Whoa. (She says in awe at the scenery of the whole forest)
Storm: Nice isn’t it; we can see everything that’s happening from up here. Look down there; it’s your mommy and daddy; wait here. (He says putting Maria on a cloud and heads towards Darthon’s house)
(Darthon and Jen comes out of the house)
Jen: We haven’t had that much fun in a while. (She says blushing and kisses Darthon)
Storm: Well; well, well. If it isn’t the happy couple Jen and Darthon. (He says staring at Jen and Darthon)
Darthon: What do you want Storm. (He growls at Storms and keeps Jen behind him)
Storm: Well; I do want your girl. How about a little fight to have her. (He says smirking)
Darthon: How groovy; a fight to have MY GIRL!!! (He yells to Storm)
Storm: We’ll see about that; may the best hedgehog win.
Darthon: Yeah it’ll be me! (He yells then pulls out his boom cannon)
Darthon:  Jen; get in the house; things are about to get pretty ugly now that he’s here.
Storm: Not so fast. (He snaps his fingers and a voodoo doll of Storm and Jen appear)
Storm: Come here Jen my love. (He makes the voodoo doll of Jen go up to the Storm doll)
(Jen flies to Storm)
(Storm then makes the two voodoo dolls kiss)
(Jen kisses Storm)
(Darthon gets enraged)
Storm: Oh Jen you taste so good. (He says blushing)
Darthon: Grrrrrr!!!! (He growls as he shots the cannon towards Storm)
(Storm dodges easily)
Storm: Is that all you’ve got!? (He yells moving Jen aside on the heart shaped bed in Darthon’s house)
Darthon: Not quite! (He yells hen punches Storm across the face)
Storm: You little bitch! (He yells then punches Darthon rapidly)
(Darthon then falls to the ground weak and in pain)
(Storm walks over to Darthon with a wide grin)
Storm: Yeah you deserve that you little bitch; when will you ever learn that I am and will always be stronger than you!? Prepare to die you… (Suddenly a large beam of energy hits Storm)
Storm: Ugh… shit. (He says as he sees Jen standing in front of him)
(Jen picks up Storm)
Jen: Listen Storm I like you bro. But hurting your brother crosses the line. I’m going to have to hurt you. (She says getting ready to finish him)
Storm: I wouldn’t do that if I were you. (He says while pulling out a Darthon voodoo doll)
Jen: Give me that. (She says pulling it)
Storm: Not unless you marry me. (He says trying to kiss Jen)
Jen:NO! (They continuouslt fight over the Darthon doll while Darthon gets thrown around like a rag doll and some bones are broken)
(The doll then flies into the air and Darthon flies as well)
Jen: SHIT! (She yells then dives to the ground before the doll drops to the ground)
Darthon: OH SHIT! Nice save Jen baby. (He says almost having a heart attack)
Storm: Give me that! (He goes behing Jen)
Jen: NO! (She yells and hugs it and bends, Storm then tries to grab it while Jen’s ass that’s bended is by his balls)
Storm: Ooooo Jen; I like this position, now give me the doll and then ill fuck you.
Jen: Oh fuck no! (She yells then kicks him in the balls)
Storm: Aaahhh! My kids! (He then remembers something)
Storm: I know where Maria is. (He says before Jen beats him to death)
Jen: Where is she!?
Storm: If you marry me I’ll tell you.
Jen: I swear I will kill you if you don’t tell me where she is now! (She stares at him with flames in her eyes)
Storm: She’s in the clouds above the house and please don’t kill me; I love you. (He says as Jen drops him and flies over the house and into the clouds she searches though the clouds and finds a note)
Jen: Meet me in my lair at 12:00 midnight if you ever want to see your little Maria again; and wear something sexy, signed your forever lover Eggman… Oh god that fat idiot. (She says to herself and facepalms)
(She flies down to Darthon and makes him lye on the bed and begins to heal him)
(Jen looks down at the voodoo doll of Darthon)
Jen: I’m keeping this in my collection. (She snaps her fingers and it disappears)
Jen: I’ll be back soon… Just rest for now, ok hunny? (She kisses Darthon)
Darthon: ok. (He says then stares at her ass as she walks out)
(Jen shuts the door and looks at Storm who was on the ground)
Jen: Now to get Maria once and for all; come on Storm.
Storm: Let’s go.

Will Jen ever get Maria or will someone kidnap her again?

Jen: They better not!

Find out next time on Darthon Returns…
Jen: It’s been a day! We need to find her! (She yells at Sonic, Shadow, Silver, Knuckles, Mordecai, Rigby, and Benson)
Benson: I know Jen don’t worry we will. (He says gripping on her shoulders)
Muscleman: Don’t worry babe we will. (He says moving Benson aside and hugs Jen from behind)
(Jen cries)
(Shadow punches Musleman sending him flying into the sky)
Shadow: Don’t worry we’ll find her; don’t cry. (He says hugging her)
Jen” It’s not only that… (She says as they all stare at her concerned)
Shadow: What else is wrong Rose?
Jen: I GOT H- HIS GERMS! (She yells crying louder)
(They all sigh while Muscleman falls to the ground)
Mordecai: Let’s just find our daughter and make sure that she’s safe. (He says deeply concerned)
Shadow: She will; I mean she does come from the Ultimate Lifeform family. (He says then kisses Jen)
(Sonic snickers at this)
Shadow: What? You think I’m lying faker!? (He growls at Sonic)
Sonic: I believe Jen is the Ultimate Lifeform; but you… No way! (He laughs then Shadow gets ready to attack as Jen stops him)
Jen: We need to find Maria; both of you please stop fighting, for me? (She says begging Sonic and Shadow and they blush)
Sonic/Shadow: Fine. (They murmur looking down to the ground blushing)
Rigby: But where should we look?
Jen: Well; I can track her down…
Benson: Then why didn’t you do that to begin with. (He says staring at her frowning)
Jen: Ehehehehe. (She giggles)
Tails: I guess it’s just a mother’s thing. (He says from behind them)
Sonic: Tails!
Jen: Tails? Why are you here?
Tails: Well I heard Maria was missing so I thought you guys might need a little help. (He says then Rouge, Cream, Cheese, Amy, Espio, Charmy, Vector, and Blaze come from behind him)
Jen: Thanks guys I appreciate i… (Before she can finish she hears a familiar laugh; a certain one that belongs to a certain Egghead)
(The song “I am the Eggman play”)
Jen: Do we really need the music; I mean it’s obvious we know it you!
Eggman: What? It’s catchy.
Jen: Ugh let’s just get on with this cut scene.
Eggman: Ok let’s see… aha! Hohohohho we’ll if it isn’t my princess. (He says looking down to Jen from his Eggmobile)
Jen: What do you want Egghead? (She says impatiently)
Eggman: I’ve overheard you had a daughter with those retched hedgehog’s, echidna, bird, raccoon, and uh… um… (He stares at Benson not knowing what he is)
Benson: I’m a gumball machine Idiot!
Jen: Guess he doesn’t have an I.Q. of 300 as he thought; and don’t you build robots? You should know what the hell he looks like! (She says to Sonic and friends then to Eggman)
Eggman: Well; she must have paid tons of quarters to get some sugar from you. (He then laughed at Benson)
(Muscleman gets up and comes over)
Muscleman: I’m hers also. (He says looking at Eggman)
Eggman: In your dreams tubby. (He says then fires missiles at Muscleman)
Muscleman: Oh no bro… (He says then gets hit with tons of missiles)
Jen: Speak for yourself Egghead! (She yells)
Eggman: Ah ah ahh; I wouldn’t harm me if I were you. I’m the one who knows where that precious reincarnation of my cousin Maria is.
Jen: WHERE IS SHE!? (She runs over to the Eggmobile jumps up and grabs Eggman’s shirt)
Eggman: Well; let’s just say she’s with a certain hedgehog that lived deep in the woods. (Jen suddenly have flashbacks of every precious moment with the one she loves…) (While Jen has flash backs Eggman tries to kiss her)
Jen: DARTHON!!!!!!! (She yells then runs 10 times the speed of sound)
(Eggman falls)
Eggman: DAMN IT!!!
Muscleman: Dude that’s the closest I’ve got to so far too.
Eggman: Aren’t you supposed to be dead!?
Darthon Returns Chapter 21: Finding Maria
What will happen next? Find out in the next exciting chapter of… Darthon Returns….

pic belongs to whoever made it
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: violence/gore and strong language)
I was brought to the park to be taken care of by my 3 fathers, Mordecai, Rigby and Benson. I was happy and upset at the same time. They were very protective of me. If I wanted to get a drink they would get me something healthy. Also Muscleman was being a pain in the ass as usual and would bully my 2 fathers. But this was the day I discovered a secret about me…
(Muscleman came by and threw water balloons at them. Well I thought it was water)
Rigby: Dude, come on!!! We're busy with our child.
Muscleman: HEHEHE! YOU KNOW WHO ELSE HAS TO TAKE CARE OF A CHILD!?!? MY MOM!!!!! (He laughs as Mordecai sniffs himself)
Mordecai: Awwwww sick!!! What's that smell!?!?
Muscleman: Heheheh! IT'S DEFINITLY NOT MY PEE!!!!
Both: SICK!!! (They say in disgust)
Muscleman: HEHEHE!!! Everyone knows you two will never be good fathers!!! HAHAHAHA!!
(My rage got the best of me. I suddenly morphed my arm into a giant hammer and wailed over to him and slammed him into the sky)
Both: Woooooooooooahhhhhh. (They say in awe)
(Mordecai instantly remembered the morphing trick. It belonged to that super hedgehog... Darthon)
Mordecai: MARIA!?!
Maria: What!?
Mordecai: When did you learn how to do that?
Maria: I learned it a day ago; why?
Mordecai: I think I need to talk to your mother; Rigby watch her. (He says as he runs towards the parks house to call Jen)
(Mordecai walks into his bedroom and grabs his cell phone and looks through his contacts to finds Jen number)
Phone Conversation…
Jen: Hey Mordo.
Mordecai: Uh; hey Jen… we have a problem with our little Maria.
Mordecai: Jesus Christ woman calm your tits; she just morphed her arm into a hammer and sent Muscleman into orbit; that’s it.
(Jen gasped in Shock. In brought back so many memories of her and the one she loved… Darthon)
Jen: I’ll be over in a few.
Mordecai: Ok I wove you bye.
Jen: I wove you too bye.
1 second later…
Jen: MARIA THE HEDGEHOG!!! I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU DID THAT; as much as I Iove beating up muscleman. You shouldn't have used those powers. You are in so much trouble, young lady! I told you not to use those powers! And you disobeyed me! You're own mother! (She scolds at Maria)
Maria: That fatty deserved it, he said that daddy wasn’t a good father. (She says in defense)
(Jen growled)
Jen: Maria the Hedgehog… YOU ARE GROUNDED!!!!
(Tears ran down the young hedgehog’s eyes)
Maria: You can’t do this! It’s not my fault; I HATE YOU!  
(Jen gasps in shock while Maria runs out of the park and into a forest, she stops in the middle of the forest she then cries to herself while holding her knees)
Maria: Stupid mommy thinks it’s all my fault for that stupid fatty calling daddy a terrible father. (She mumbles until she hears a familiar voice)
?: Oh little Maria; what happened? (The familiar voice asks in concern)
(The figure comes out of the shadows and it’s Darthon)
Maria: What do you want? (She says whipping her tears)
Darthon: I saw you crying and I knew what happened. That bitch hurt you, didn't she?
Maria: Yeah; heh… mommy says I can’t use my powers until I’m twelve…
Darthon: And I know you’re only 6; do you want to learn how to control your powers as quickly as possible?
Maria:  Whenever I use my powers my mommy would scold me and take away my stuff…
Darthon: Man, what a bitch. (He says now sitting next to her)
Darthon: You’re a little kid… (He says as Maria gives him a dirty look)
Darthon: But… (He continues)
Darthon: I think you’re old enough to harness your incredible powers.
Maria: Incredible power? But I can’t even do much right now.
Darthon: That's because you're weak. (He says and Maria glares at him)
Darthon: But… Maybe I can teach you how to master them; let’s go back to my place. (He says as Maria shivers at the thought)
Maria: Mommy said to never talk to strangers and to never go back with them to their house. (She says remembering)
Darthon: Mommy said not to talk to stranger meh; meh. (He says mimicking her)
Maria: Hey! That’s not nice! (She yells at him)
Darthon: I can teach you the potential of your powers; don't listen to that bitch, she’s the one that always puts you down,  after all, she didn’t trust you with your powers; I can see your true potential and if you stay with me kid; you’ll be more powerful than your mother. (He says smirking at Maria evilly)
Maria: I could become more powerful than mommy?
Darthon: Well, not more; but close.
Maria: Awww, but I’ll do it.
With Jen and the others…
Jen: Do you think I was a little too hard on her? (She says feeling guilty)
Mordecai: Well…
Rigby: You were kind of a jerk to her. (He says cutting off Mordecai)
Jen: Maybe we should find her.
Rigby: Eh, maybe we should let her go.
Mordecai: Yeah remember when we used to go out and run away from our parents when they were mad at us and we used to go to our tree house until we cool off. (He reminds Jen as they all remember)
Jen: Yeah… maybe we should; but we’ll have to find her later. (She says with concern)
Back with Maria and Darthon…
(They arrive at Darthon’s house)
Darthon: Ok kid, were here and… (He throws one of his bone knives at her; Maria’s instincts quickly kicked in and she quickly dodges)
Maria: Why’d you do that for!? (She scolds at Darthon)
Darthon: Your training… has begun.
At Eggman’s lab…
Eggman: That retched hedgehog; his fighting skills is very impressive, more impressive than my machinery… and how he gets the most beautiful lady out of Mobius, I hate that hedgehog. HATE! HATE!!! Hmmm… maybe I should send out one of my mini robots to go spy on him to see his impressive moves, and then Jen will love me more, yes; yes. But who to choose… (He scans the room to see one of his little robotic bug)
Eggman: Aha now let’s turn it on and see if it works. (He says to himself while turning it on)
Eggman: Ok my little masterpiece go! Watch the one they call; Darthon…
Meanwhile with Darthon and Maria…
(Darthon still teaches Maria how to master her powers; but she’s gotten wounded a lot and she finally falls unconscious; Darthon then carries her inside and puts her on his bed and tucks her in and he looks at her with a smile, remembering all the good times he had living with her and Jen… He then walks out of the house to find some food for Maria)
Deep into the forest…
(Darthon sees a small robot and it stalks him)
Darthon: What the hell? It’s not nice to stalk people you little fucker. Now get lost before I turn you into scrap. (He says madly at the little robot as it continues to stalk him)
Darthon: Ok that’s it. (Darthon says as he kicks the small robot up into the sky and throws one of his bone knifes at it making it explode as Eggman appears from behind a tree)
Eggman: Well, I see you’ve found one of my little robots. (He says smirking at him evilly)
Eggman: Would you like to see one of my other creations? He’s stronger than you, you pathetic wimp. (He says chuckling)
(Suddenly Metal Sonic slammed into Darthon and rapidly hit him hard in the face and finally sent him flying through a few trees)
Eggman: You see, hedgehog. I improved his abilities over the years as young Maria grew up. I planned to take her as a hostage for my favorite hedgehog.
Darthon: I've delt with enemies like this before, Eggman. Nothing you do can stop me.
Eggman: Oh, yeah? (He says in disbelief)
Darthon: You have no idea who you're dealing with.
Eggman: Enough talk. METAL SONIC, CRUSH THIS INSOLENT LITTLE HEDGEHOG!!! (He orders as Metal sonic slammed his first into Darthon and threw him into the sky and shot him, sending him into several pieces)
Eggman: Perhaps you didn’t know who you're dealing with, Rodent. HOHOHO!!!!
(Suddenly metal sonic is grabbed by the face and stabbed by a large blade)
Darthon: You just don’t get it, Eggman. I... CAN'T... DIE!
(Darthon blew up the rest of Metal Sonic and teleported in front of Eggman)
Darthon: GOODBYE! (Darthon kicked Eggman's machine hard, sending it flying)
Darthon: (sighs) No surprise. I guess I’m to powerful.
(Maria woke up in Darthon's bed. She looks at her arms and legs and sees herself all bandaged up.)
Maria: Wow. He’s quite a healer
(Maria jumped out of the bed and quickly fell to her knees)
Maria: (groans) I guess I’m not fully healed.
(Suddenly Maria saw pictures in the fireplace. She managed to walk over to them and grabbed something to pull them out. she managed to see what they were and she gasped in shock. pictures of him and Jen holding her as a baby)
Maria: (whispers) He's my father...
Darthon: I see you've discovered the truth. (He says from behind her)
(Maria gasped and turned around to see a very depressed Darthon)
Maria: You're my...
Darthon: I'm your father.
Maria: But…
Darthon: She has chosen Shadow over me. I would have killed that weakling if it wasn’t for her; and then... she just went too far. She chose him over me. That was the last mistake... SHE WILL EVER MAKE!!! (He yells madly at the memory)
Maria: Is that why you're training me? To be a rebellion against my mommy?
Darthon: No. I wanted to help you learn to protect yourself against Eggman and anything else. I love you Maria. You're the only person I love in this world now.
Maria: I love you too... Daddy (They hug for a few seconds) I'm never going back to mommy. I want to go with you.
Darthon: Okay... but you have to follow every order I say.
Maria: I will.
Darthon Returns Chapter 20: The Betrayal
What will happen next? Find out next time in Darthon Returns…

Pic belongs to whoever made it
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My name is Maria the hedgehog. I'm the daughter of Jen the hedgehog. Queen of Mobius. I have many fathers. But my true father is named Shadow the hedgehog. The ultimate lifeform. You may think being the princess of Mobius is cool. But its not. Most of my fathers and my mother are always fighting Eggman. My overprotective mother would either send me to the park with my father’s Mordecai, Rigby and Benson or send me to my aunt Amy. Although they were fun to be with. I felt like someone was missing…I snuck out of the castle that morning when my mommy was asleep. I didn't know what was in store for me…
Eggman: Hohoho!!! It seems like our dear Maria decided to go for a little walk in the morning. Well perhaps I could use her as my hostage
(Maria walked through the woods until suddenly a giant robot appeared in front of Maria, shocking her. It grabbed her with one of its mecha claws)
Maria: Eggman...
Eggman: That's right my little Princess. And my young hostage
Maria: Hostage?
Eggman: That's right, child. You see, I made this new device called the egg drainer. With this I can absorb your mother's powers and truly become unstoppable!!!
Maria: You'll never get away with this! They'll stop you!
Eggman: Hohohoho!!! I don't think so...
(Suddenly a strange knife impaled the machine hard in the chest)
Eggman: Who threw that!?
?: I did
(Maria and Eggman looked up and saw a strange hedgehog floating. He wore strange makeup and had very long quills)
?: It's not nice to capture little kids. I didn't think you would go that far, Eggman.
Eggman: What do you know, you insolent little hedgehog?
?: I know how to treat kids.
(The figure disappeared and reappeared near Maria and cut the arm that was holding her, setting her free. He then grabbed hold of Eggman's machine and sent it flying)
Maria: Wow. He's amazing.
(Eggman flew away on his Eggmobile)
(Maria walked over to the figure, who had slumped his head onto a tree)
Maria: Um... thanks…
?: I was just doing what I had to…
Maria: That was awesome. You really showed him. You're almost as good as my father, Shadow the...
(Maria took a few steps back)
?: I'm sorry. It's just... I hate your father
Maria: Why? He's the...
Darthon: Not so ultimate lifeform. He's not as powerful as me. I've kicked his ass more several times.
Maria: Who are you, anyways?
?: Who I am is not important. And I know you will tell your family about me.
Maria: Aren't you gonna stop me?
?: No. They need to know that I'm back
Maria: But...
Jen: MARIA!!!
(Maria turned to where Jen's yell came from and she looked back at Darthon's direction, but quickly notices he's gone)
Darthon Returns Chapter 19:FatherandDaughterUnite
That concludes it for this chapter toon in next time on Darthon Returns…
My very best friend :iconimajenink: has amazingly awesome art! Go watch her!! Shes so awesome and funny! I <33 her!

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