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   We drive the streets of U.K. The girl I had nicknamed Felicia was sitting on the passengers seat next to me. We later arrived home…
  “Felicia, wake up.” I then whistled for her to get up and of course, she was still sleeping. I then proceeded to wake her up by poking her face.
   “Eh?” She looks around, confused by her surroundings. My plan worked… YAS!
   “We’re home.” I then get out of the car as she does the same. We then head for the front door. “Wait here.” I command. She nods to confirm to stay put until I return. I then proceed to open the door and was greeted by my pugs, Maya and Edgar.
   “Honey, I’m home!” I yell out. Almost a second later I hear my sweetheart yell out a gleeful “Yay!” Followed by loud footsteps. She came down the stairs, jumping into my arms and giving me a kiss on the cheek.
   “I have a surprise for you~” She seemed pretty damn excited, god she was adorable. “What is it?” She asks me bouncing up and down excitedly.  Before I could say anything the door opened and Felicia stepped in. The pugs looked pretty happy seeing her, as the run around her in circles. “Hi Marzia.” Felicia smiles and waves at Marzia. I face palm. I look up and see Marzia smiling and waving at her. Good she wasn’t mad. She then narrows her eyes at me. “Can I please talk to you in the kitchen, Felix.” She tried not to sound angry. Well gad damn it. I was well in for it now…
   I then followed her into the kitchen, leaving Felicia to play with the pugs. “Felix, you can’t just bring some random girl home!” She snaps at me. “I thought we could take care of her…” I hanged my head low. “Felix, us and the pugs are already enough.” She draws back a bit, sighing in frustration. “You have your heart in the right place Felix, but she can’t stay here. I…”
   “I can take care of her! Marzia… she’s already been through enough bullshit already! J- Just give me about a week, to prove to you… I can raise her as my… I mean our own…” I then look down and scratched the back of my head, I was a bit sad and worried to let Felicia go and be out on her own again…
  Marzia then holds my cheeks, my face looking towards her. She gives me a quick kiss on the cheek. “Okay, one week .” She looks into my eyes with concern, trying to make me feel better about the situation.
Marzia’s POV
Oh Felix~ I’m so glad to have you, you’re such a wonderfully nice person… But what exactly are you up to…?
Felix’s POV
  I walked out of the kitchen and headed towards Felicia and the pugs. I kneeled down besides her and petted Maya. “Marzia said it was ok for you to stay.” She responded by looked at me and then smiling. She seemed really happy to finally be at a great home again. It filled me with great sorrow… I began to think ‘What if this doesn’t work out? She’ll have to leave…’ I shed a tear at the thoughts of loosing her. I began to feel a warm embrace. I looked down to see Felicia hugging me, her face burried in my chest.
   “Everything’s going to be ok, I promise. I’ll behave.” I guess she heard our conversation in the kitchen… I began sobbing and hugged her tightly. Not wanting the little one to go… How can I be so attached when I only met her?
Marzia’s POV
Did she just make Felix cry!? And why is she hugging him!!!??? No… no Marzia, you need to get a hold of yourself… soon… soon, you’ll have you way…
My Savior Chapter 4 Meeting Marzia
Aloha everyone! Sorry this one took long to get out. I really love writing these types of Fanfics and I really do hope you all like it and if you do, I appreciate it. It takes effort to make stories. Anyways, ill make more of this when I can. Again, thank you all for reading and ill see you all in the next one. Buh-Bye!
  “Raspy Hill…?” I gulped and quivered in fear.
   “I’m sure you’ve heard of it before.” He looked down at my computer. Wait was he spying on me?
 “Yes.” He answers my question.
  ‘Oh great, he can…’ “Hear everything you think? Great ain’t it?” He tells me happily, squeezing my hand. “I also know you like me… well… no… Jack or “Sean” as he would like to be called.” He mimicked Jack and put quotations when saying his real name. He then looks at me kind of evilly.
   “So about Raspy Hill…”
   “Why must I go?”
   “To see the king of course.”
     “Or we can…” He then grips me closer to him, causing my whole face to go red.
   “Ok, ok. Raspy Hill it is then.” I quickly said, causing him to let out a laugh.
   “You’re so adorable.” He grips my chin. We then began melting into the green goo I saw earlier, which in my case of what I’ve come to know of Jack the term for this goo would be ‘Septic goo’. It was a weird sensation turning into goo… but hey! Were made up of about 80% of water… THANKS INTERNET/SCIENCE!
I could hardly see where we were going but, the Jack imposter knew exactly where he was going…
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Eventually we stopped and ended up a long way from what seemed like a castle of some sort. “I’ll meet you at the castle!” the Jack imposter runs off ahead and turns into his septic goo; before I could yell in protest, he was long gone. ‘Guess I best be walking.’ I thought to myself before taking in my surroundings. I then looked around, the trees look decayed… The whole scenery looked like it came out of ‘Slender man’.
   I traveled forward, following the path that would surely lead me to the castle. Or somewhere for the matter… I think someone… no, I was sure  someone was watching me.  It felt like millions of eyes were on me…
   Suddenly I hear the grunting of a man beating a dog into a bloody pulp; I’m sure he killed it. I heard him say “I told you, Wilford Warfstache don’t take no shit from NOBODY.”
    ‘Wait, wait, wait… is that really… no, it cant be’ I went towards the man wearing a pale yellow shirt with grey suspenders that attached his beige colored khaki pants; hopefully he’s wearing a pink mustache…
   “Psst! Warfstache!” I called out to him. He turns around to face me and shoots a bullet from his golden pistol; luckily I knew he would do that, so of course, I dodged. “It was an accident I swear!” He told me, holding his gun on his index finger like a pansy.
   “Of course you didn’t.” I scoffed at him while rolling my eyes. “Hey! As you may know I am…” “Wilford Warfstache and you don’t take no shit from nobody. Yeah, yeah, I know.” I interrupted his speech and mocked his pansy self while doing it. He seemed like he was going to rebuttal back, but he stopped in midsentence. “I!... you’re alright kid, say where are you running off to anyways?” He asks while putting his pistol away back into his pockets. “The castle.” “Why yes, “the castle”. He was mimicking me. “ Let’s go shall we?” He then takes out his hand for me to place mine in. We then proceeded onwards.
   He talked to me about the dangers lurking in these woods; most of them I was already aware of: Mannequins, animatronics, crazed butt stabbers, and of course Slenderman.
   Warfstache told me he was in these woods to get some “Juicy scoops” on the Slenderman. He showed me some of Slenderman’s “diary entries” as he would like to call them; he told me it contained Slender’s confession of love for Markiplier, and it did. Warfstache has also told me that Slenderman was a child molester, and not only that but he does heroine.
   We’ve gotten to get to know each other a lot more while walking around these dark woods. Warfstache looked up to Mark and seemed like a total fan boy; of course he would, Mark made him up and he IS one of Mark’s alter egos after all. I’ve grown very fond of him and I could tell he was fond of me too.
   After walking long distances for what seemed like hours, collecting most of Slenderman’s diary entries; we’ve stumbled onto the eight page. ‘Finally!’
   After grabbing the final page we turned around to see Slender and all his companions he’s made in these woods. Warfstache gets in front of me and guards me. “Run.” He commands. “but…” before I could protest any further he kisses me and then shoves me back to run. “You’re the best gal I’ve ever met… I love you…” he said this as his back faced me. I could see tears dripping from his face onto the ground.
   “Warfstache…” He then turns back at me sadly, he’s telling me to run from this hell hole. “One day… I hope we can meet again…” He pulls out his gun and runs into the heaping pile of monstrosity that lied ahead of him. “NOBODY FUCKS WITH WARFSTACHE!!!” He was gone in a flash.
The Dark Side Chapter 2: The Forest
Have I ever mentioned how much I loved writing fanfics? To lure the outcome of users and make everything seem really hyped, to make the ending either a good or bad one? Yup playing with yee emotions is fun! So anyways, hope you all enjoyed this one! I’ll see you all in the next one. Buh-Bye~
Even the nicest of people HAS A DARK SIDE
   Thank you everybody, so much for watching… and I will see YOU in the next video… Buh-bye!
   I closed my laptop, setting it down to charge. I couldn’t help but to fan girl over Mark, Jack, and Felix… They were all just too cute and extremely funny and not to mention the nicest people on earth! Or… so I thought…
   After reading some Markiplier/Jacksepticeye/Pewdiepie X Reader fanfictions. I eventually ended up knocking out. I couldn’t help but dream of them.
   I wake up the next day, not having a clear remembrance of my dream. All I could recall were the words “I hope you come to meet us, and enjoy your stay in Raspy Hill…” It looped in my head over and over again. What could this mean…?
   I hopped onto my computer going onto Mark’s channel, the game he played surprised me. It was named… ‘Raspy Hill’. I then proceed to watching the video, he seemed like his normal self throughout the video. Until I got to the end… “I don’t quite feel like myself…” Mark tells the audience. He suddenly looks to the right and the sounds of his screams fills the computer, with him saying “No! Don’t come any closer!” Or “No! Stop!” after hearing his cries for about a good minute, the video went to static, causing me to jump in fear and surprise, then the video ended…
   I then look at the date of the video… Friday the 13th  I thought maybe it was just a prank, but I looked for another video on his channel, due to him always putting two videos per day… He only posted the ‘Raspy Hill’ video… I then proceeded to Pewdiepie’s and Jacksepticeye’s videos to find out they did the same as Mark… Bob, Wade, Yami, Cry, and Ken didn’t post anything that day, but why? I just couldn’t wrap my head around this… A voice echoes in my head “Enjoy your stay at Raspy Hill.”
   Hours passed by without me noticing… I’ve been searching up what all this was about… every social media sites I’ve searched were filled with theories as to what happened, but they were all wrong; as to what I’ve thought… Eventually I got tired and drifted off to sleep.
   I felt something slimy climbing up from my leg to my torso, it then slithered down from my arm to my fingers. I awoken, feeling the touch of a hand… wait, a hand? I can see the green glowing gooey slime morphing into a person… no… it wasn’t just any person. “Top of the mornin’” Is that who I think it is? No. No… it can’t be…
    I stare him down. He looked exactly like Jack, but his sclera was black and his corneas were green instead of blue. He had big circular earrings that had a septiceye in the middle. The only thing he didn’t have was his hat. His green hair was a darker shade of green, too.
   “What pretty eyes you have.”  I quiver a little. This is definitely NOT Jack. His voice was deeper and darker.
   “Come with me…” I blush at his words.
   “To where…?” My voice was shaking in fear.
   “To Raspy Hill.”
End of part 1
The Dark Side Chapter1 Come with me to Raspy Hill
Hello everyone, this is just a new random story… I’ve been reading too much Darkiplier fanfictions that also involved AntiSepticeye and Whatever the name is for Dark Pewdiepie X the reader, so that kinda inspired me to make this… This is supposed to be kinda like that. If you couldn’t tell already. I hope you all enjoyed this. Ill make more Asap so I will see YOU in the next one Buh-Bye!
Bttw the art belongs ro whoever made it!
Felix’s POV
We walked from the alley way to get to GameStop. We reached the entrance, Felicia figits trying to trying to fix her hair, she seems fluttered by her appearance.
Felicia’s POV
I tried to fix my appearance. The man next to me is dressed up better than I am. With his blue sleeved shirt and dark blue jeans. I put up my hoodie over my head, hiding my face so no one would notice me.
Felix’s POV
I see her  looking down, her hoodie was on. I could tell she was ashamed of how she was dressed. I pulled down her hoodie ensuring her that her appearance was ok. “Don’t worry, you look fine.” She seemed happy by that.
Felicia’s POV
He seemed to not notice there were some girls and boys  whispering to each other about me and him. I can make out some of what they’re saying… “Marzia?” one of the boy’s asks his friend next to him. “A new girlfriend.” The friend replied. “Make a wish foundation kid.” A girl stated. “Was she adopted by him?” I can hear the last girl suggests to them clearly.
Felix’s POV
She seems kinda nervous about coming in here. I can hear those kids giggling and talking shit about her… she seemed depressed. Maybe buying her a game might help. “Would you like a game? I’ll pay.” She seemed quite happy about my offer. She seemed like she hadn’t had a game in years. Seeing as she runs around the store looking at all the different games and systems, old and new. She looked like a kid in a candy store or a videogame store for that matter. She reminded me of me when I was a kid. A few minutes later after finding my game, I can see Felicia looming over an anime rpg game. Heh? So that’s the kind of games she likes… “Can I get this game?” She runs over to me excitedly. “Sure” I tell her.
~A few minutes later~
After finally getting to the counter from waiting in line so fucken long I paid for our games, and apparently Felicia’s game had a psp bundle. She seemed happy while playing her game. It REALLY must’ve been a long while since she played a game for her to be super happy and overexcited over a single game. ‘Eh, who am I kidding. I get overexcited for these types of games too.’ I think to myself looking down at my GameStop bag to see my ‘Evil Within’ game. I then see some girls whispering at each other about Felicia’s appearance. ‘Maybe I should get her some new clothes and something to take those tangles out of her hair…’ Suddenly one of the guys by a curling iron booth pulls Felicia over into a chair. He’s probably asking her if she wants her hair done.
I walk over to him, giving him a friendly smile. “Is she yours?” He asks me. I look over to her while she looks back at me. “Yeah, she’s my kid.” I tell him. ‘What did I just say?’ I think to myself. It striked a bit of hope and excitement in me… to think of this girl as my own…
~Another time skip~
After he did her hair, I was impressed. Her hair was tied back curled nicely and it seemed bouncy. “Volah~ She is magnifique.” The man joked in a fake French voice. I mimic back “ Yes, yes, she is very magnifique isn’t she.” Then I threw a kiss into the air, making Felicia and he man laugh. Felicia gets off the chair and stands next to me. I tip the man and off we went.
“Where are we going now?” Felicia asks me. “Why don’t we get you some new clothes?” “Sure.” Felicia says happily.
~Le clothe shopping time skip~
After going through various clothing stores we’ve got a good amount of clothing that can last her, maybe about 3 weeks, if not then she can borrow Marzia’s clothes, she looks like she’ll about fit. Felicia stops in front of a gown clothing store. She looks through the window at all the prom dresses in awe. “Would you like one?” She seemed pretty gad damn happy. She nods at me and runs into the store. All the clothes she got earlier were all cute and fancy. My thought was that she would’ve like some tomboy clothes, due to her appearance earlier… ‘Ah~ every girl needs to dress up fabulously once in a while.” I thought.
After what seemed like hours of searching for the right gown for Felicia. She finally came out with a salmon prom dress, there were bits of dots and sparkles on it. It really flattered her appearance. She then proceeded to the jewelry and hair pins. She sees a hibiscus hair pin, the color of crimson red. She looked like she has a vague remembrance of those sorts of flowers… Was she from Hawaii?  Maybe she was from O’ahu like Markimoo.
“Would you like this one?” A lady asks Felicia. I jumped a bit from not noticing the lady’s appearance. “Do you have more than one color?” She asks happily. “Why yes, we have gold, blue, purple, pink, and various amount of other colors.” Felicia then looks at me, a feeling of want and desire fills her look of determination. ‘Wow she must really know what she wants.’ I thought to myself chuckling. “Go ahead and get them all, but you have to let me wear some too.” I said jokingly. She nods then runs over to pick out all the hibiscus’s. “You must really spoil that girl.” The clerk lady told me. “Ah well, she deserves the best.” I told her. “She’s been through a lot…” Felicia then bounces on over to me with a bunch of hibiscus’s bundled in her arms. They all looked too big for a normal pin, ‘Maybe she wanted to stand out.’ I exclaim to myself. We then proceed to the counter.
After we  got her clothing and went out of the store, both of our stomachs growled at the same time, I chuckled. “I guess we should get something to eat.” I said continuing to laugh. “Let’s go there.” She points towards a Mexican restaurant. “Sure.” I LOVED spicy food. I just hope they have a challenge for me.
~Another time skip brought to you by me :D *derp*~
After we ate our food, we ended up watching a movie. The movie was pretty good. It was an animated-comedy movie, those are my favorites. After we got out of the movie theater, we then proceeded to my car. “Where are we going now?” Felicia asks me yawning and rubbing her eye. Of course she’d be tired, after all we’ve done A TON of shopping today… “Home.” I tell her hopping into the car. Her shopping spree reminded me of Marzia at Goodwill’s. Speaking of Marzia, I wonder how she would react…
My Savior Chapter 3: Hang out with Pewdie
Huzzah for chapter 3. Reading fanfics filled me with determination. I shall make more, but ill see all you dudes in the next story Buh-Bye
Felix's (Pewdiepie's) POV

I went out of the house to get the new game called 'Evil Within', as I walked to the store Cry called. "Hey Pewds." The sexual deep voiced man said. "Hey Cry!" I yelled out eagerly. Cry was one of my best friends that I've done a lot of collabs on YouTube with. "What are you up to?" Cry asks me. "I'm going to get the new 'Evil Within' game." "Speaking about that… Hey Cry, are you getting the new 'Evil Within' game?" I ask eagerly as I turn the corner.

Just as I turned the corner I look down the alleyway next to game stop; I see a teenage girl sitting on the ground crying, she's near a cardboard box that she obviously took from the trash, its all filthy and shit. At first I thought, 'Wow she looks so ghetto.' Due to her hair a mess , that filthy hoodie and torn up pants she's wearing, and also her conditions…

It was raining hard. Her box looked damp and water was leaking inside. I cant leave her like this…."Pewds!?" Cry yells into the phone bringing me back to reality. Oh shit I forgot Cry was on the phone! "Cry I have to go." I then hang up the phone.

I thought about some bad things like 'What if she try's to mob me? Or kill me? OR WORST! Be a total bitch…' With all of these thoughts scrambling in my mind, suddenly my feet started to move towards her. Something made me want to help her…. But what and why?

I looked down at the helpless girl. It looks like she hadn't noticed me. "Hey are you ok?" I kneel down to her level. She looked like she knew me, due to her looking up at me in shock, confusion, and a bit of lighting up. "Pewds." She asks me wiping the tears from her face and struggled to fix her self up. "What are you doing out here all alone?" "Where are your parents?" A thousand of questions popped up in my head and why of all thing am I trying to help her in the first place? I question myself. She can tell that I'm puzzled. "Would you like to her the whole story?" She questions me thinking it will help me better understand her "positing".

She began to tell me her past. How her mother would abuse her and how she deals with a lot of bullshit at school due to her ex-boyfriend being a douche to her. It seemed typical for someone her age for that matter. She also told me things weren't always like this, before her father died everything was happy and she said her and her father were best friends and used to go to arcades and to the movies together, like any normal father and daughter.

She began telling me that she has a best friend named 'Jin'. I thought she was joking when she said that but, she corrected me by correctly spelling his name and saying his name means "The innocent one." And he is certainly NOT an alcohol. In my mind I couldn't help thinking 'innocent beer'. Ken would've love that joke.

All the things she told me wanted me to take her and raise her. She seemed so sweet and innocent and mostly has a personality resemblance to Ken's. "So you have no where to go?" I ask her like the idiot I am. 'Of course she has no where to go! God damn Felix! She hopped on a plane down here and she has no family here, obviously!' I yell at myself. 'No…' she answers with a very cute depressed face. I felt really bad for her.

'If I took her to an homeless shelter she would probably have to deal with more bullshit and maybe a creepy or shitty family… anyone could adopt her… but can I really take care of her?' I ask myself, looking at the teenage girl hanging her head down like Edgar does when he done fucked up. "Why don't you just live with me?" I finally blurt out, cutting the silence. She then looks up at me; not believing what I asked. "R- Really?" She seemed excited. "Yeah, but I got to buy a game from game stop first." I point to the wall to her right.

She seemed that she would wait here until I get back, but I ensured her to come with me. "Come on lets go." I told her eagerly, cheering her up a bit. I held out my hand to help her up. She looks at my hand; kind of frightened but the takes my hand ensuring me that she'll follow.

"Alright, alright, alright, lets go to the game stap!" I chant out idiotically, making her giggle. "Oh I almost forgot, what's your name?" I ask her feeling like an idiot not asking about her name in the first place. "My name…?" She seems like she doesn't want to say. "How 'bout I call you, Felicia?" I ask her cheerfully. "Sure." She seemed happy about that name… maybe she knows that my mom called me that when I was little…
My Savior Chapter 2: The Girl (Felicia)
Yey! Reading fanfics made me want to do more fanfics
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