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Chapter Two: His Mistress's... Unfortunate Lifestyle

Several years have passed by. The sight of the one who wanted to kill Y/N. Had not been revealed, nor did they ever come back since that day. Y/N had been living a normal like of a Nobel. She had playmates with Sir James, ever since she had been born.
“Ow!!!” The five year old cried out as James pulled on her hair.
“Excuse me, not to be rude, Sir James… But, that is no way to treat a lady such as the Mistress herself, or any woman for that matter.” Sebastian scolded at the young black haired child.
“Ah, there he is… Sebastian!!! Alois had come to pick up his son.” Ceil stated as Alois was at his side. “Daddy!!!” James launched himself into his fathers arms. “Good day, kiddo!!! Let’s get going. Your mother is waiting for you.” He chuckled out as he turned away from Sebastian.
Sebastian watched intently as James stuck out his tongue. Sebastian got a bit taken aback at James rude gesture. “Tch… Damn child…” Sebastian then went over to Ceil while carrying Y/N.
“ Quite a troublesome child…” Ciel stated a bit worrisome. “I wish I could pumble that bastard…” Sebastian growled out lowly. “Now, Now, Sebastian, you’ll get what you want in all due time and language…” Sebastian had a rather confused face. Ciel gestured towards the child in Sebastian’s hands as he grabs her. “Ah, why yes of course, Master. I am terribly sorry for letting my anger get the better of me.” He fixed his composure and went off.
As Ceil went inside with Y/N in his hands a woman called out for them, “Ciel!!!??? Oh Ciel!!!???” The blonde haired woman with long curled pigtails chanted out. “Over here, darling!” Ciel called out. The blonde rushed over to the two. “Ah, there you are. We must gather more clothing for our beloved child.” She stated as she played a bit with Y/N. “Yes, of course darling.”
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
They were escorted into the wagon as Sebastian was the shofar.  They went into town and began shopping in a fancy looking children’s store. They had bought Y/N a bunch of fancy looking dresses, picked by her mother.
Almost buying the whole store… The baggage was set in the back of the wagon. They were on their way home.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Arriving at a corner of an alley way that was empty… It seemed as if someone took a shot at the wheel of the wagon. “Ciel… what was that!?” Elizabeth yelled out as she stared at Ciel with a frightened expression as she gripped tightly upon her child.
“No need to worry… I believe Sebastian and I got this.” He stated as he got out of the car to see Sebastian going after someone, who which he assumed was the one who took a gunfire at the wagon.
Sebastian then came back, a few minutes afterwards with the suspect tied up. “Sorry for the wait, Sir.”He bowed, in apology at Ciel. “Now, now, it’s quite alright. Now Sebastian, unmasked this murdering fiend that dared tried to harm my family and myself.” He commanded, a bit angered at the murdering fiend. “Of course, Master.” Sebastian knelt down and unmasked the murderer to see a lock of long ragged red hair, a sinister smile upon their face. “Hello, Bessy~” The woman stated while looking at Sebastian with quite longing eyes. “Tch… I should’ve know…” Ciel stated. Sebastian got up and held her over his shoulders. “What shall we do with her, my Lord?” Sebastian asked as Grell became flustered and started rambling on about the situation in quite ‘dirty’ ways. Ciel rolled his eyes, “Who sent you, and what is your purpose your after?” He commanded for the red head to talk, glaring a bit of a ‘death stare’ in the process. “Well, I was sent by… someone you might know.” She chuckled as a voice chimed out, “No, Y/N, sweetheart!!! Come here!!!” Elizabeth called out as Y/N ran out of the wagon to go somewhere. “Aha~ There’s my girl~” Grell called out and made her way out of Sebastian’s arms and towards Y/N; pulling out her chainsaw in the process.
Y/N stood in fear as the female Grim Reaper made her way hurriedly towards Y/N. “Y/N, NO!!!!” Ciel and Elizabeth called out as Sebastian ran after Grell. Grell was a few inches towards Y/N. She drew back her chain saw and swung it at Y/N. Elizabeth gasped at the scene and stepped in front of Y/N before the chain saw could swipe at her. The chain saw struck at Elizabeth as memories started to pour out of her. Everyone stared in shock, as Y/N and Ciel grew a bit traumatized at the scene. “Oops, wrong target~ Oh, how bothersome...” She chimed out while trying to take another swing at Y/N. “That’s quite enough.” Sebastian stated as he drew back her armed arm. “What? Let go, Bessy!!!” She struggled to get her hand free from Sebastian. Sebastian growled lowly and flew her into the daylight sky. “Never come back, you bothersome Reaper…” He growled as he watched her fly towards the sun.
“E-Elizabeth… My love…” Ciel knelt down at the limp body of Elizabeth. He stared at her lifeless body as he laid it upon his lap, he started weeping as Y/N came on over. “Mommy…?” Y/N looked at Ciel, then Sebastian in confusion. Sebastian put his hands on both Y/N’s and Ciel’s shoulders. “Let’s take her to a burial sight, Master…” Sebastian said a bit sadden on his hard face. “Yes, of course…” Ciel whipped his tears away as he carried Y/N. Ciel made his way to the car with Y/N as she stared back at Elizabeth’s lifeless body; Sebastian throwing a coat over, before picking it up. “Mommy…?”
~~  ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
I was too young to even realize what was going on… I thought my mother was ‘just resting’… I didn’t realize that she was going to rest eternally until later, as I started to ‘mature’…
~ ~ ~  ~ ~ ~
Ciel and Y/N loomed upon the grave of Elizabeth, both having no emotion upon their face as they laid out a reddish-pink rose upon her grave. “Let’s go.” Ciel stated as the two headed over to the wagon that Sebastian was standing in front of.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~  ~ ~ ~  ~
We would always visit my mothers gave on few occasions of the year… Her burial grave was quite lovely. Although, my father said she had gotten injured due to an ‘Accident’; I couldn’t help to believe it was my fault. That lady was after me, wasn’t she…? I couldn’t begin to think why my father would try to hide such things from me… Maybe it was for him to forget? Maybe stop me from feeling guilt through my entire life? Or maybe it’s to ‘Hide’ something from me?
I just don’t know…
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
12 Years AFTER the ‘Accident’…
I ran down the stairs as fast as I could, I rode down the railing. Almost knocking the dishes from Mey-Rin’s hand, “Oi, please watch where you’re going young Mistress!!!” She hollered as I went on by. “Sorry!!!” I called back. I wondered over to the garden to play with Pluto. “Come ‘ere Pluto!!!” I hollered as our ‘dog’ came wandering by, jumping upon my dark dress, specs of dirt began to go on it as he continued to beg for attention. “Oi, you wanna play a game of fetch?” I asked him as he happily nodded his head, as if to say ‘yes’. I grabbed a nearby ball and threw it, “Fetch it, Pluto!!!” I hollered as he ran for it.
I watched as the ball went into the garden Finnian was attending to. “Oi, Pluto!!! Please reframe from harming the garden. I just trimmed em…” He said a bit sadden as Pluto made his way back to me, ball in his slobbering mouth and all.
“Oi, Mistress!!! May you please ‘play’ elsewhere!!! I have to attend to the garden, on your fathers behalf!!!” Finnian hollered over at me. “Oh, alright…” I dropped the ball and sluggishly made my way back inside, leaving Pluto in quite a bit of a ‘sadden state’.
I went on in and smelt something rather scrumptious. I wondered on over to the kitchen and seen a bunch of freshly baked crumpets upon the counter. I looked around, seeing as no one was there to claim it, I ate some. I mean, I was rather hungry; and Bakdroy could always make more, can’t he?
I then heard him yell out, “Oi!!! Who ate the crumpets!!!” A few minutes as I was chowing down upon my almost finished piece of crumpet. I laughed as I hurriedly made my way upstairs. I couldn’t help but notice my father left his studies a crack bit open. I then peeped on inside. I had seen my father and Sebastian discussing something. I leaned on the door, upon further inspection I could hear their conversation. “My lord... I believe she needs to find such a suitor that meet HER OWN expectations…” I then heard some movement. “ Sebastian… I don’t think she should find a suitor… I mean, she’s still just a child… She even acts like it too…” “I know you see her as that, Master… But, she does exceedingly well in her studies and-“ “Now, now, Sebastian… You know our contract is soon to be ended… I must make sure she is well off… I hate to do this, but… Sebastian go find her a suitor. Preferably Sir. James Trancy…” I gasped at my fathers statement. “But, my lord-“ “Now, Sebastian!!!” “Yes, Master…” I went to my room and quickly shut my door. I slid down the door with my hands on my head.
“I have to marry James…?”

Author’s Note: Now, take this as a notice, you or ‘Y/N’ don’t know about ‘demons’ and such. Also, you don’t know that Pluto is a were wolf and such. How couldn’t you have known for 17 years? Well, let’s say Sebastian is one HELL of a butler. XD
Anyway, hope you all enjoyed this. See you all in the next one, Buh-Bye!!!
Chapter 9: Great Uncle Ford!!!

Dipper's P.O.V
'Time's ticking, Pine Tree~' Those words were haunting me ever since, I returned home to further investigate the where about of Bill and Y/N...
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Your P.O.V
"Bill!!!" I shouted out at Bill who was on my phone, talking to someone. I walked over to him with the hot and ready pizza he wanted. He signaled me to wait as he mumbled something I couldn't quite hear. "Bill!!!" I scolded at him. He then smacked the pizza out of my hand. "Bill!!! Are you freakin kidding me!? Now look!!! I have to clean it up before there's a stain on the carpet!!!" I shouted out as I went off to go get something to clean up BILL'S mess...
I gathered some cleaning supplies and suddenly Bill came behind me, giving me a bit of a scare. "Hey, what cha doing Kid?" He chuckled as he seen me a bit frightened at his appearance. "I have to clean up YOUR mess, remember?" I told him off. "It's already clean." He stated as he throws me my phone, taking the cleaning supplies from my hand.
"Who was that, you were calling?" I asked him a bit madly as he placed away the supplies. "Not important, now, let's get going!!!" He dragged me out of the house and into the forest. "What? Bill, where are we going!?" I yelled at him as I tried to pry myself from his extremely strong grip. "Let's go on a date~" He chimed out happily, picking up the pace, leaving me to stumble behind. "Date...? I thought you were sick!!!" I yelled at him. "I got better!!!" He called out. I just rolled my eyes and walked along with him.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Dipper's P.O.V
I was all out of ideas... I don't know where Bill would've taken her off to... I ran out of leads that would make any sense...
I sighed out heavily as I walked along in the path in the woods. I kicked a rock as it landed in the bush. I then heard some laugher behind the bush. "W-what...?" I moved towards the bush.
Now, I know this is kind of a cliché thing in movies and books and other types of medias, but I'm a child of 'exploration'. I need to look into these sort of things...
I looked pass the bush and to my joyous surprise, I had seen Y/N and Bill. They were talking about something as they sat by a pond...
"Now, we need to think of a way for me to escape from that necklace of yours..." Bill pointed out something I haven't really token note of before. Upon further inspection, I had seen Y/N pull out some sort of triangular necklace.
Ah, of course!!! That's the thing she could've been communicating him with. But, how did she get it? What else does it do, besides having Bill to be communicated with...?
"I don't know, but this thing sure does hurt my neck..." Y/N stated as she rubbed the back of her neck. "All part of the deal." Bill stated, shooing off her thought.
Wait... Deal...?
"I want it to get off my neck already, it's leaving rashes and junk." She stated a bit frustrated at Bill. "Don't you think I would've taken it off if I knew how to!?" Bill scolded at her. He then sighed out, "Just help me thing of a way to get out of that stupid necklace."
So, she cant take off her necklace...? I think I might know someone who could...
I looked down at my Uncle's journal. I then ran back to the house at a fast pace.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
"Great Uncle Ford!!!??? Great Uncle Ford!!!???" I called out around the shack, but to no avail, I couldn't find him... "Great Uncle Ford...???" I called out. Grunkle Stan walked by with a coffee mug in his hand, "Ford's gone, kid." He stated as he scratched his back with his free hand. "What!? Where did he go!?" I shouted out a bit flustered and worried. "Eh, he went off on some sort of trip to discover weird things in the Bahamas or something." He rolled his eyes and shooed off that idea. "When will he come back!?" I hurriedly asked him as I grabbed his inner shirt. "Geez, calm down kid. He wont be back for weeks, maybe months... I don't know and I don't care." He stated as he walked off into the living room.
Oh no, who's going to help me now!? No one wants to believe me...
I looked to the ground in defeat. "Hahaha, I knew you couldn't do it kid." Bill's mocking voice chimed on in my head along with the words, 'Time's ticking Pine Tree...' What does he mean? I don't think he's harmed Y/N yet... Wait... YET!!!
"I have to save her!!!" I hurriedly made my way up into the attic and pulled out the other two journals from under my bed. "There must be something in here that talks about that necklace..." I mumbled out as I scan through the various pages of my Great Uncle's journals. "Nothing in plain text..." I then scanned over it with the purple light that can emit texts from the invisible ink my Great Uncle would use, in order to contain secrets from a certain 'someone'. "Nothing there either..." I sighed out as I plopped onto the bed, the journals and light bouncing as my body did also.
I better just watch them until he get's back...
I hopped off my bed to once again, find the whereabouts of Y/N and Bill...
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Weeks... No... Almost months passed by as I watched Y/N and Bill intently. My gaze never breaking away from them. I followed them everywhere and I mean EVERYWHERE!!! Nothing seemed to be happening with them, though. I just left to go back home... "I don't know what Bill wants..." I sighed out as I opened the cabin's door into the Mystery Shack.
"Hello, young Dipper." A familiar voice called out to me. I looked up and lo and behold Great Uncle Ford stood in front of me. "Great Uncle Ford!!!" I shouted out as I hugged him. Ahem... due to my relief in stress is all...
I moved back and coughed a bit embarrassed. "Oh yeah, kid. I forgot to tell you HE was back..." Grunkle Stan walked passed us.
We just ignored him. I hurriedly grabbed his hand and tried to move him to where Bill and Y/N resigned, "Whoa, whoa, Dipper. What's the rush?" He chuckled as he stood still in his place. "Well, you see... Bill has this girl and she has a necklace that Bill is contained in and they both have no way of being separated and-" I rambled on. "Wait... did you say necklace...?" Great Uncle Ford stopped me in my tracks, "Yes and-" "And it's shaped like Bill...?" He butted in again. "Yes, and if we don't hurry-" Great Uncle Ford put his hands upon my mouth and dragged me down to the hidden basement. He then placed me on a chair and sat across from me.
"Dipper... We need to talk..."
Author's Note: I wonder if I should work on the next chapter now, even though I'm sick.... Hmmmmmmmm..... I KNOW!!! I'll leave it up to you guys to decide XD
Ya ever had that feels that you had the right idea of what to make your story then suddenly it vanishes when you're about to begin? Yeah, that happened to me more than once :/ This is the finishing piece... Not that great, now is it?
Hope you all liked this one, see you all in the next one!!!
Chapter 8: Oh, I LOVE Prank Phone Calls~

“But it was right here…” Dipper stated as everyone walked passed him, giving him a pissed glance as they pass. “Not cool, dude.” Both Wendy and Soos stated as they walked pass him. “I think I made up a new attraction for the shack!!! Rapid hormone teen goes nuts!!!” Stan says as he day dreams about the new attraction. Mabel was about to pass by Dipper before he grabbed her arm to stop her. “Mabel, you believe me, don’t you…?” He stated as he looked in his sister eyes. She looked back and then down as she moved out of his grip harshly, “I want to believe you Dipper… But, maybe she just left…” She stated as she ran off in tears.
“Wait Mabel!!! How does that… explain why the cabin is gone…?” He mumbled before throwing his hat on the ground and stomping his feet. “I’m going to get to the bottom of this, if it’s the last thing I do!!!” He yelled out into the heavens. A few moments later her dropped his hands and looked hazily towards the ground. “If it’s the last thing I do…” He sighed and walked off.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
“Yes, yes; Pine Tree. If it’s the last thing you’ll do~” I chuckled out as I stared at that stupid kid walking off in despair. Y/N then walked in with some sort of get up. “I’m going out!!!” She called from the door way. “Oh, how bothersome…” I mumbled to myself.
What am I going to now…? Ah, I got it!!!
I coughed out loud as if I was ‘dying.’ “Oh no, Y/N!!! Please don’t go!!! *coughs out harshly* I think I’m dying!!! Please stay here and take care of meeeeee~” I said being a bit over dramatic. I chuckled as I stated the word dying. I was acting as if some sort of teenager or child was sick. She then looked at me with a ‘really? -.-‘ face. I gave her a pleading look as she sighed out, “Fine…” She then came over by me and sat on the couch next to me. “Thanks, Kid!” I chuckled out as I put my arm around her. “Tch. Whatever, so ya want some soup or something?” She asked as she moved my arm away.
Geez, she’s so heartless~ How wonderful~ Wait, no… Bill don’t fall in love. Remember what happened last time? No, just don’t.
I practically hit myself at my own stupidity. “Bill?” Y/N called out to me as she rolled her eyes. “Ah, no, no, just some pizza and such.” I shooed her off as she groaned out and walked off into the kitchen to make me some grub.
“Humans are soooooo dumb.” I stated as I looked at my nails. I then looked towards my side. “A phone~?” I picked it up and examined it. “Ohohoho~ not just ANY phone, it’s Y/N’s!!!” I quietly cheered out and looked through it thoroughly.
I wanted to make some prank calls so, I looked through the list of names; “Hmmmm… who to pick, who to pick…? Parents? No... Ice bag? No… Shooting star…? No… Glasses? No… Pyronica? What? How’d her number get in here? No. No. No. NO!!!” I got a bit ,ad at the fact there was no one ‘good’ enough to give a prank call to. Then I looked at one name that caught my attention, “Pine Tree~” I called the number and the phone began to ring…
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Dipper’s P.O.V
My phone rang began to ring. I got a bit jumpy there… I was walking through the forest, so of course I’d get scared!!! Don’t judge me… I hurriedly grabbed the phone from my pocket, “Probably another spam message.” I mumbled to myself before I looked at the screen. It was Y/N!!! “Hello, Y/N!!!???” I hurriedly answered, awaiting to hear the sweet serenity of Y/N’s voice. “Well, hello, Pine Tree~” That voice… Really…? I sighed out, “What do you want, Bill?”
“Oh, I think it’s more of what YOU want, Pine Tree” His sadistic voice chimed out through the phone, “What do you mean…?” I asked in bemusement. “I know you’re looking for us, rather her. Oh, you hurt me so bad, Pine Tree…” He said a bit sadden before he chuckled out like a mad man. “Speaking of hurt…” He continued as I heard Y/N scream out, “Bill!!!” I gasped, was Bill harming her…? “Bill, you leave her alone!!!” I screamed. “Time’s ticking, Pine Tree~ Better hurry and find us~” He laughed out as I heard Y/N screaming something that I couldn’t make out; then, the phone got cut off…

Author’s Note: It’s so short, but I wanted to cut it off here. So much suspense *o* But, don’t worry. I’m making the next chapter as we speak, I’ll have it out soon. Ya know how it is, just trying to get the reader ‘hooked’ and such. See you all in the next one, Buh-Bye!!!
Chapter 2: The Bully
The Next Day


Today was my first day at school I was so excited to see Jack and Mark again!!!
I got ready and headed too school

TimeSkip *to when you are at school*

I got to the outside of my classroom door. I kissed my mommy and daddy goodbye before heading on in.
" Today we have a  new student, class!!! " The teacher gestured for me to go to the front of the class as I entered the classroom.

TimeSkip *to lunchtime brought too you by SCREW YOU BILLY!!!!!!!!!!! ( Sorry any Billy's out there )*

Me, Mark and Jack all sat together, we talked about random stuff like what we want to be when we are older, etc. Everyone was crowding around Mark and Jack making me a bit upset and awkward. I didn't really listen too what they where saying until I heard the girl with long blonde hair tied up, say, " What are you two cuties doing with a ugly girl like her " When I heard that I jolted up and pinned the girl too the brick wall nearby with my fist up ready too hit her, " DONT YOU DARE EVER CALL ME UGLY AGAIN OR YOU WILL REGRET IT!!! " I let go and put my hand down, people just started laughing so, I was going too do the same thing too them but, I tripped over a spilt carton of milk while walking. I fell down onto the concrete and I was bleeding. I could barely hear it but I heard Jack and Mark yell " WHAT THE HECK GUYS!!!!!!!!?????? " then I blacked out.

*Waking Up*

I woke up in a white room with Mark and Jack on either side of the bed. Jack was on the right and Mark on the left " Where am I? " My voice still weak. Jack and Mark's frown instantly became a huge smile; I didn't really understand why, " Y/N ya up lassie!? Well, remember those girls? " I nodded yes. " Well, uh...  Me and Mark beat them up pretty bad and we took ya to the nurses office. " Mark nodded yes at Jack's statement ," Oh yeah, Lassie; you've been knocked out for a year. " " WHAT?! " My squickey voice yelled out. " Ah, I'm only messin with ya Lass; it's still the same day. " I lightly punched Jacks arm " YOU SCARED ME HALF TO DEATH JACK!!!!!! " Jack and Mark just laughed, then I just hugged both Mark and Jack whispering in both their ears. " Thank You ..." That made both of them blush.
We got back to class, we had history ( BORINGGGGG!!!! ) and also math ( BORINGGGGG!!!! ) Although, I couldn't pay proper attention since " 21 years " kept echoing in my head. Someone threw what felt like a concrete rubber at my head. ( this had happened too me before and it f****** hurts ) It must of hit hard, like really hard, cause the next thing I know I blacked out again... ( IM SEARIOUS THAT STUFF HURTS )

( Heyyyyyyyyyyy whad up doc its meeeeee the aurthour ( ANTIDARK ) I just wanted too say I will try too update everyday and like always I WILL SEE ALL YOU DUDESS IN THE NEXT CHAPTERRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also jenny hope ya enjoyed this as well as YOU! The reader of this tale SEE YA DUDE INNNNN THEEEEEE NEXTTTTTTT CHAPTERRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!! )
Chapter One: The Two Boys at the Park

I just moved to California. My parents said I was to attend a 'Private school' here. I was about the age of 5 when I moved to Burbank. I was to attend a school named, 'Thomas Jefferson Elementary School'. I stared out the window as the packers unpacked huge crates of boxes, containing all of my family's clothing and such.
I sighed having the remembrance of leaving my old friends that I made back home. My father and mother took note of my action, "Hey kiddo, ya wanna go to the park nearby our house?" He smiled at me, feeling guilt for the 'big move'.
I would say "It's your fault, daddy!!!", but it isn't his fault he had to move due to his work, now is it? I tried to compose a convincing smile upon my face; "Of course, daddy!!!" My high pitched voice squeaked out.
We then drove past the house; it was about less than a 5 minute drive to the park. There wasn't much kids there. No... There was NO kids there... I sighed secretly as I made my way out of the car, my happy expression turned grim as I heavily paced my way over to the park's jungle gym.
I started playing by my lonesome self. Drawing some images of my friends in the sandbox, sliding down the big slide, going upon the bars, only to fall off of it. I had gotten a cut in the process as I made my way sluggishly to the swings.
I started pushing myself on the swings; I looked over at my parents who were happily talking amongst themselves as I was here on my own. "At least they're happy." I mumbled out to myself.
"Who's happy?" A voice asked me. I gotten a bit of a jump scare. I didn't know anyone else would be joining me upon the swings. The small boy, who had a bit of a crew cut like black hair sat upon the swings next to me. "Ah!!! Oh, it's nothing." I stated hurriedly as I tried to regain my 'cool' from my flustered state. "Haha, you're funny!!!" The boy laughed at my state. I just looked at him as he continued to laugh. He finally calmed down, "My names Mark. My friend Jack or 'Sean' as he'd like to be called; calls me Markimoo~ Especially my mommy, calls me that as well!!!" He chuckled a bit embarrassed. "Y/N." I stated with a huge smile plastered upon my childish face.
Something about this kid makes me light up like a shinning star; I just didn't know what...
"Hey, Jack!!! Come here!!!" Mark called to the other crew-cut like boy playing in the sandbox, making some sort of cake like figure.
"Yeah!?" The boy called back towards us. "Come here for a second, will ya!!!???" Mark called out to his friend. I just sat upon the swing feeling a bit awkward and flustered as the brown haired boy came towards us. "What do ya..." He then stared at me and blushed while turning his attention to Mark. "Who's this, lass?" The boy or Jack asked to Mark while pointing over at me. "Her names Y/N." Mark chimed out happily. "Aye, good name." Jack chuckled as he sat on the swings with us.
~ ~ ~  ~
We began talking about random things. I got to found out more about the two. Mark and Jack had lived rather close to each other, they told me their parents go back a while. Jack talked about how his parents were originally from Ireland and Mark from Hawaii. They then told me of something I was rather happy about; they were attending the same school as I was about to!!! I spoken about how I just arrived here from my original home and I would be attending the same school.  We were all happy about that. We began talking a bit more...
~  ~ ~ ~  ~ ~ ~
My parents gathered themselves in the car. It was soon time to leave the park, the clouds began growing a rather dark color as the sunny skies were now darkened. I was about to leave before a dark smoke caught the attention of Mark, Jack, and myself. "The heck is that!?" Mark yelled out as the smoke showed two figures of men.
"Mark and Sean..." The man with pale skin and a rather raspy voice called out to the two boys. "Do ya know him?" Jack asked Mark. "No clue..." Mark stated back a bit frightened. "You've kept me in your mind for far too long, isn't that right Anti?" The man gestured at another man who had dark green hair and he had razor sharp teeth, he looked at them with a big scary smirk. "Of course, Dark." His Irish like accent was chuckling lowly. "One day we will rise." The man who is named Dark, chuckled lowly. "Yeah, but does it have to be focken 21 years from now? That's a big pain in me arse!!!" The man named Anti groaned out in displeasure. "All in due time, Anti. We will rain upon this world and become GOD!!!" Dark chuckled out in a scary manner. We all drew back a bit, cowering in fear at these new faces. "More like SATIN am I right?" Anti chuckled out.
The two then stared at me; "Hey, Dark!!! Look, a wee lassie~" Anti began poking at me rudely. "Hey, fock off will ya!!!" Jack stood in front of me as Anti drew back a bit. "Oh, look at the wee lad, protecting his lassie~" He then chuckled. "Don't be a hero lad, this is what happens to ya 'heroes'." He then pushed both Jack and Mark to the ground; new cuts and bruises forming upon the both of them. I rushed over to them to help them. "Don't forget, 21 more years." Dark stated as he stared at the three of us in amusement. "Yeah, we'll be coming for ya lassie~" Anti chuckled out as they seemed to have disappeared in the black smoke we had seen earlier.
"21 more years..." That statement had haunted my mind ever since....

Author's Note (JennyGirlGaming): Oh me geeeeeeerrrrrddddd!!! Such suspense!!! Such drama!!! Such action!!! Woowie wow wow!!!! Hope you and AntiDark like's the first chapter I made!!! More from us coming soon!!! Buh-Bye~
I just realized, looking back upon South Park episodes. Cartman is stated for being a 'Sadistic asshole' and since I'm so good wit stories like that... XD

I was wondering if you'd all like me to write that?

it would be fun to 'experiment' with that sort of thing, wouldn't you think?

Comment down below if you'd like to see that!!!

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Thank you very much :)
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you are such a good artistTomoya Okazaki (Good Job) [V2] Akari Akazaki (Good Job) [V3] 
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Thank you :)
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Your welcome! :D
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APH Prussia tackle hug 
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Your welcome :D
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