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Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes and strong language)
A year has gone by; Sonic and Jen lived together in peace and harmony. Ever since Sonic killed Eggman there were no big problems in the world. Jen had to cook and clean and Sonic helped. Jen finished school, and Sonic wanted to celebrate and have his “Big night” with her.
At Jen’s graduation…
Many people had gotten their diplomas; Jen was the last one on stage, Sonic knew she was so happy and he was proud of her. They kept their gaze as she walked upon stage to get her diploma. She was about to receive her diploma until BAM! Metal Sonic kidnaps Jen. Sonic was shocked. Metal Sonic should have shutted down ever since Eggman had passed. Sonic then took action and ran after Metal Sonic; taking off his sun glasses and his bandana around his face. Sonic then arrived to where Metal sonic was in seconds.
?: Hello, Soniccu. (A figure laughs)
(Sonic knew this voice from anywhere)
Sonic: Amy? (He asks in shock)
Amy appears out of the shadows and holds Jen by her throat making her gaps for air.
Sonic: Jen! (He yells seeing Jen passing out)
Sonic: Let her go! (He runs towards Amy)
Amy: You better stop, Soniccu. Or else she gets it. (She says putting a knife to Jen’s throat causing Sonic to immediately stop)
Sonic: Amy, she’s your sister. (He tells her)
Amy: I have no sister. (She yells putting the knife closer to Jen)
Jen: Sonic… (She then faints)
(Sonic then stares at Jen in shock, tears runs down his face along with his blood)
Sonic: Fine… you win. (He says dropping to the ground, surrendering)
Amy: Good. (She smiles and drops Jen)
Amy: Metal! Take her to the dungeon!!! (She commands)
(Metal Sonic takes Jen)
Sonic: Jen… (He says to himself sadly)
Amy: Oh, don’t worry about her; she’ll just rot in the dungeon. (She says smiling evilly)
Amy: And look what she’s done to you. (She says looking at Sonic)
Sonic: She didn’t do this! (He growls)
Amy: Didn’t she? (She says sliding a book near Sonic)
The book read Jen’s diary, and it explained how she used Sonic and turned him into an exe. Sonic knew this wasn’t true, he knew Jen had no diary and she told him everything and what really happened and how he actually turned into an exe from a car crash.
Amy: Don’t you think it’s stupid that you had gotten turned into this from a “car crash”. (She tells him)
Sonic: So what if it did!? (He yells)
Amy: Just keep reading! (She commands)
Sonic continues to read through the diary and it says… “I then injected him by an exe shot that the tails Doll gave me. Sonic knew this wasn’t real, but this wasn’t neither Amy’s nor Jen’s handwriting.
Amy: You were injected with an exe shot. (She tells him)
Sonic: Amy, I know this isn’t her hand writing!!! (He yells at her and she stares at him in shock)
Amy: You shouldn’t be mean to a girl who has the antidote. (She says holding a tube bottle with a glowing pink liquid inside)
Sonic then looks at it; he knew that isn’t an antidote; but what if it was. It means he could return to normal and start a new life with Jen. Sonic then remembered someone. If he couldn’t get it he knows who can.
Sonic: Well Amy, I’ll bow down to you and be your husband. (He tells her)
Amy: Really!? (She yells out happily)
Sonic: Nope. (He then whistles loudly as the Tails Doll jumps Amy and tears her apart and takes her soul)
Sonic and The Tails Doll then runs to the dungeon.
Sonic: Which cellar is it? (He asks looking over to The Tails Doll)
Tails Doll: Metal Sonic should be guarding it. (He tells him)
Sonic then closes his eyes and sees Metal Sonic looking at a cellar with Jen laying in it. Sonic then looks up and sees the number 626 on the cellar.
Sonic: She’s in cellar 626. (He tells him as the Tails Doll nods and disappears)
The Tails Doll then reappears in front of Metal Sonic and tears his circuits apart; letting Sonic breaking the cellar open to rescue Jen.
Sonic: I got her! (He yells picking her up)
The tails Doll then stops and teleports all three of them to their house. The tails Doll then leaves while Sonic walks into their house and lays Jen on their bed.
Sonic: Please awaken, Jen. (He says holding her hand tightly, praying)
Jen then wakes up seeing Sonic worried.
Jen: Sonic… (She groans)
Sonic: Jen! (He yells out happily and kisses her)
Sonic: I’m so sorry. (He says hugging her tightly)
Jen: It’s alright. (She tells him)
Sonic: Jen… I’ve been meaning to ask you something for a very long time now. (He tells her nervously)
Jen: What is it Sonic? (She asks sitting up)
Sonic: Will you marry me? (He asks opening a black box containing her Black Chaos Emerald in it, but it was modified into a wedding ring)
Jen: Oh Sonic, of course I will! (She cries out happily)
Sonic: Oh Jen, I love you so much! (He yells out happily hugging her tightly)
Sonic: Oh and also…
Jen: I know what you’re thinking. (She tell him) You’re a perv. (She smiles and kisses him)
Sonic then slowly takes off her dress, unstraps her bra exposing her breasts and then Sonic playfully bites off her panties.
Jen: You know… I’m not experienced with this; I’ve been saving myself for someone special. (She confesses)
Sonic: And I’m the first one to take your virginity. (He smiles at her) Oh and my lovely Rose. I’m not experienced neither so you’ll also be the first to take my virginity. (He then kisses her)
Jen: Then why do you ask? (She asks Sonic blankly)
Sonic: Because I love you. (He says touching her nose)
Sonic: Now… let’s do it. (He says shoving his penis into her)
Jen: Sonic, it hurts. (She groans blushing)
Sonic: Shh, Jen. It’ll be over soon. (He says continuing)
Sonic then continues to thrust in and out of her multiple times picking up the pace. Jen moans and screams a few times; Sonic hits her with full force and pops her cherry, she screams loudly.
Jen: Sonic. (She moans and blushes)
Sonic: Say “ahh”. (He tells her)
Jen: Why? (She asks)
Sonic: Just open up. (He commands as she does)
Sonic then puts his sperm into her mouth; she didn’t like the taste of this and Sonic stares at her.
Sonic: You don’t have to swallow it. (He tells her)
Jen swallows it to please Sonic. It was so sticky and hard to swallow down her throat. When it all goes down she breathes heavily.
Sonic: I’m sorry. (He tells her)
Jen: No, it’s alright. (She says catching her breath)
Sonic: I’ll do the same for you. (He says flipping her over and goes into a 69 position)
Sonic closes his eyes and sticks his tongue into Jen’s vagina; she blushes heavily at this and moans out Sonic’s name. She then wanted more of Sonic; so she sucks on his dick as they both cum on each other’s face. Sonic then stops, gets up, and licks the cum off of Jen’s face and so does Jen to Sonic. They then tongued each other; their cum all over their mouth and tongue. Sonic and Jen loved this; they wanted to do this forever, so they did it ever night. Sonic then started to peep in on Jen whenever she’s showering.
Sonic: Her body is like a goddess’s. (He moans)
A month later…
Jen started to feel nauseous; she had headaches and emotional problems. Jen knottiest what this means, so she went out and had a pregnancy test.
Doctor: Yes you do have a child. (He tells her)
Jen didn’t know how to explain this to Sonic. She didn’t know if he even wanted a kid; what if it’s the gender that he doesn’t want, what if he wanted a certain number of kids and it’s more than the number he wanted. She was so worried to tell Sonic.
Sonic: You ready to fuck? (He asks trying to take off her clothes)
Jen: Sonic… There’s something I’ve been meaning to tell you… (She says nervously)
Sonic: What’s wrong? (He asks concerned)
Jen: I-I-I’m… pregnant. (She blurts out)
Sonic: Oh Jen! I’m so happy! (He yells out happily, kissing her many times)
Jen: You’re not mad? (She asks)
Sonic: No; why would I be? This is our kid, Jen. OUR KID! (He says happily cuddling her)
Sonic: Hello my child. (He says rubbing Jen’s stomach)
Sonic: We need to think of names. (He tells her)
Jen: I always wanted a girl named Maria. (She tells him)
Sonic: it’s not because of Shadow is it? (He asks madly)
Jen: Maybe. (She giggles)
Sonic: Fine, but if we get a boy were naming him SONIC jr. (He tell her strictly)
Jen: Yeah, yeah. (She says kissing him)
Several Months Later…
(Jen screams)
Jen: Sonic! I think our baby is coming!!! (She screams in pain)
Sonic: Oh shit, oh shit; what do I do? (He asks frightened)
Jen: Take me to a god damn hospital!!! (She commands)
Sonic picks her up and runs to the hospital as quickly as he could. He then goes to the emergency room and places her on a hospital bed.
Sonic: I’ll get a doctor. (He tells her)
Jen: No! Sonic you’ll get caught. (She says pointing to his eyes)
Sonic: I don’t care!!! (He yells running to find a doctor)
Sonic: Please help!!! My wife is about to have a baby!!! (He screams)
Some random guy: I’m a doctor!
Sonic: Ok hurry and go to room 103. (He tells him)
Some random guy: Alright. (He scurries over to the room Jen is in)
He then starts to bring Jen and Sonic’s baby into the world. He commands Jen to push and breathe, and she screams many times in pain. She pushes as hard as she can and about an hour later their baby comes out.
Jen: GOD DAMN IT SONIC THE HEDGEHOG!!! I AM NEVER DOING THIS EVER AGAIN!!! (She screams and scolds at him)
Sonic: Hehe. (He chuckles nervously)
Nurse: Here, it’s a baby boy. (She says handing their baby to Jen)
Nurse: But I have to warn you that this baby is an Exe. It’s not a child to be messed with. Raise him well… or he could kill us all. (She informs them)
Sonic: Alright; thank you. (He says as she leaves and shuts the door)
Jen: Sonic look! (She calls as he comes to see their baby boy)
Sonic then looks at their baby. He looked exactly like Sonic but was light blue and had Jen’s bangs and his eyes were black with bloody red pupils and blood flows from his eyes like Sonic’s.
Sonic: Hehe; he looks like me. Hi Sonic jr. (He smiles at his son)
Jen: He looks cute like his father. (She says smiling at her son)
Sonic: Let’s go home son and start a new life. (He says picking Jen and his son up and runs home)
Sonic Exe Chapter 5: The Birth of Sonic Jr.

H- H- How’s it going bros?  Favorite if you enjoyed;  Hope you bros liked it and stay awesome. I know its new and not what you were expecting out of Sonic Exe; but I’ll try to make it more Sonic Exe related. Thanks for reading!

Pic made by whoever made it

It’s been a week since Silver past away; Sonic knew this had been all his fault, if he hadn’t killed Shadow then Jen would have been better off with him. Jen has been crying for so long by the death of a son she never would have guessed she had; Sonic felt guilty and he couldn’t shake the feeling of guilt away. He tried everything to cheer up Jen, but she couldn’t be happy; so Sonic gave up.
Sonic: I’m sorry Jen; it’s all my fault Silver has passed. You should just leave me; let me die for my wrong doings. I could never make you happy, can I? (He says sadly)
Jen: I can’t lose you, Sonic. I love you. (She says grabbing his arm)
Sonic: I love you too, but I want to see you happy again, Jen. (He tells her)
Jen: I’ll be happy as long as you’re with me. (She says smiling at Sonic)
Sonic then kisses Jen; Jen then stares at Sonic, seeing his cuts and bruises healed, but his eyes continuously bleeds. The only time it stops is when he’s asleep.
Jen: Sonic…
Sonic: Yes? (He asks)
Jen: Are you ok? (She asks concerned)
Sonic: Of course, why wouldn’t I be? (He asks curiously)
Jen: Well, for one thing your eyes are still bleeding, and another is that your voice is still deep. (She tells him)
Sonic: Oh… You’ll still love me even if I’m like this, right? (He asks, not wanting her to leave him)
Jen: I’ll never leave you, Sonic. Even if you’re an Exe. (She tells him)
Sonic: An Exe? (He asks her) Everyone keeps saying I’m an Exe; I don’t even know what the hell an Exe is! (He yells madly)
Jen: Come Sonic. (She says with a cd in her hand)
Jen the goes to the computer and puts in the cd and Sonic sees his normal self, then he turns into an Exe and blood flows everywhere. Sonic then watches her playing as Tails running away from Sonic and Tails gets killed by Sonic exe and at the end he appears creepily onto the screen saying “I AM GOD!!!” Sonic gets frightened by this; he now knows the truth. He’s a heartless monster that kills. He hated this. He didn’t want to be like this, what if he kills the love of his life? Sonic knew what to do.
Sonic: Jen… I want you to leave; go far away from me. (He tells her seriously)
Jen: No Sonic. I know you’re not like this. (She smiles at him, trying to comfort him)
Sonic: Jen; I killed those three girls; I killed your boyfriend, and had the Tails Doll kill your mom and other innocent people. I don’t want to kill you too. (He confesses sadly)
Jen: No, Sonic. She died from a gun fire. (She tells him and sees the look in his eye and knows that he’s telling the truth)
Jen: No, no; Sonic. You can change. I know you will. (She says looking in his eyes)
Sonic: No Jen. I can’t take that chance. Killing you is like me suiciding; I can’t take that chance to hurt or kill you. I love you, Jen. (He tells her)
Jen: No Sonic. I will NEVER leave you, no matter what. (She tells him)
Sonic: Then I will. (He says running from her)
Jen: Sonic!!! (She cries)
Jen then remembers the story about the princess who wields the Black Chaos Emerald; she has the powers of all. Jen then runs to her purse and takes the Black Chaos Emerald out of the black box that holds it. She then feels energy running through her veins. She then runs out the door at supersonic speed. She then sees Sonic in the woods where she ran away to. She then runs to him in seconds; Sonic feels a strong wind when she screeches to a stop.
Sonic: Jen… How did you? (He says amazed as he sees the Black Chaos Emerald in her hand)
Jen: Sonic, you know you can’t leave me. (She tells him)
Sonic: Jen, I have to. I can’t hurt you. (He tells her)
Jen: You’ll hurt me more if you leave; don’t be like Rilee. (She tells him with tears running down her face)
Sonic then remembers Jen telling him all about what Rilee had done to her. He remembers he promised to protect her and vowed to keep her safe, to always be by her side, and to never make the same mistake Rilee did, leaving her and treating her badly.
Sonic: I’m sorry, Jen. (He says hugging her)
Sonic: I’ll always be with you; if I kill you then I’ll die with you. (He tells her)
Jen: I’ll take my chances. (She says smiling at him)
Sonic: I love you, Jen Rose.
Jen: I love you too, Sonic the Hedgehog
Sonic exe Chapter 4: The Truth of the Exe

H- H- How’s it going bros? Favorite if you enjoyed; Hope you bros liked it and stay awesome. I know its new and not what you were expecting out of Sonic Exe; but I’ll try to make it more Sonic Exe related.

Pic belongs to whoever made it

Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: violence/gore and strong language)
Jen: Hi Sonic, I’m home! (She yells as Sonic comes to greet her)
Sonic: Hello beautiful. (He says kissing her head)
(Jen giggles)
Jen: I never pictured myself being with you. (She says) I was thinking I would be with Shadow. (Sonic then gets mad at this)
Sonic: What’s wrong with me? (He asks offended)
Jen: Let’s see… You’re not black and red, no chest fur, no sexy voice; shall I continue? (She says fangirling over Shadow)
Sonic: Well then; I guess you don’t want to watch a movie with me tonight… (He says to her)
Jen: A movie… like a date? (She asks about to faint)
Sonic: Of course, Jen. (He says smiling to her) Since today is Friday, I was hoping to watch a scary movie; and when you get scared you can cuddle me, my love. (He says happily)
Jen: I’m not scared, Sonic. (She confesses) I’ve watched every horror movie in existence and I’m not afraid of any of them. (She tells him)
Sonic: Hmm, we’ll see about that. (He smirks)
Sonic: I’ll go and make the popcorn. (He tells her)
Jen: What are we watching? (She asks seeing the trailers go by)
Sonic: It’s a surprise. (He smiles and then runs off to get popcorn)
Jen: Hmm, Sonic is taking this way too seriously. Well I guess I should be scared for his sake… and for God’s sake I was hoping to do this with Shadow. (She says sadly to herself)
Sonic: I’m back! (He yells coming to her with the popcorn)
(Sonic then lets Jen lay on him as the movie starts. The Tails Doll Curse starts to play; Jen then activated her scare mode and acts frightened and Sonic was pleased with this. Then he whistles as the actual Tails Doll appears in front of them)
Jen: Oh my god!!! (She screams) You’re so cute!!! (She fangirl screams, hugging the tails Doll as Sonic’s mouth drops in shock)
Sonic: I thought you were scared of him. (He says disappointedly)
Jen: I told you; I’m not scared. (She tells him)
Jen: God you’re so cute. (She says kissing the Tails Doll’s head)
Tails Doll: Hehe. (He gloats to Sonic)
Sonic: Ok, get out! (He yells madly, grabbing the Tails Doll and throwing him out of the house)
Sonic: Goodnight, Jen. (He says madly, going into her room to sleep)
Jen: Goodnight…
The Next Day…
Jen: Oh my god! Sonic!!! (She screams)
Sonic: Jen!? (He says getting up in alarm)
Jen: Shadow!!! (She fangirl screams)
Sonic: Shadow? (He growls coming out of the room and sees Jen watching Sonic X)
Sonic: What the? (He says seeing her hug the t.v. with Shadow in it)
(Sonic growls, jealous of this, he then goes back into the room to sleep)
Jen: HOLY SHIT!!! SHADOW THE HEDGEHOG!!! (She fangirl screams)
Jen: I LOVE YOU!!! (She screams)
(Sonig grows tired of this)
Sonic: Jen, I- (He then sees that she’s not there)
Sonic: Jen? (He calls out with no response)
Sonic: Jen!!!??? (He screams running around the house; seeing she’s not there)
Sonic then sees a note on the ground that says… “Bring all of the Chaos Emeralds to me or I’ll keep the girl forever!!! ~ Sincerely, Shadow the Hedgehog”.
Sonic: Shit, Shit, Shit; No! No! No!!! (He yells out nervously)
Sonic: If Jen goes near him she would probably want to stay with him and not me! (He yells, then runs out of the house at the speed of sound)
At Shadow’s house…
Shadow and Jen are on his bed. Shadow is on top of Jen so she would not escape, but Jen is knocked out by all the nose bleeding from Shadow being on top of her.
Shadow: She’s very beautiful to be one of my fangirls. You know I need someone like you… and since that Faker isn’t here then maybe I can-
Sonic: SHADOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWW!!!!!! (He yells at him, supper pissed off by what he sees)
(Sonic then sees Jen knocked out, nose bleeding)
Sonic: YOU PUNCHED HER!!!!???? (He yell running towards Shadow ready to kill him)
Shadow: No I- (He then gets torn apart, piece by piece, then Sonic laughs evilly at Shadow’s dead body)
Sonic: Jen is MINE and MINE ONLY!!!! (He growls and picks up Jen and returns with her to their home)
Sonic: Hey Jen. (He says petting her head as she slowly awakens)
Jen: What happened? (She asks touching her nose and sees blood on her hand)
Sonic: Oh, uh… (He says unsure of what to say)
Jen: Did I knock out because I saw Shadow? (She asks)
Sonic: Yeah…
Jen: I’m sorry; I know you love me and all… (She says feeling bad)
Sonic: It’s alright. (He tells her)
Jen: No, I didn’t think about your feelings. I love you, Sonic and I want to make it up to you. (She tells him)
Sonic: Well…
Jen: I know what you’re thinking, you perv. (She says blushing madly)
Sonic: Hehe, well you can’t blame a guy for trying. (He chuckles)
Sonic: How about a kiss? (He asks her)
Jen: Ok. (She kisses his cheek)
Sonic then stares at her not wanting this. Sonic then grabs her and kisses her passionately, feeling a tingly sensation running through his veins. Sonic loved this very much; then suddenly a light flashes as a figure appears in front of them.
Sonic: Silver!? (He says surprised)
Jen: Aww you’re so adorable!!! (She hugs Silver)
Silver: I’ve come back from the future. This can’t happen, Jen and Sonic. (He says seriously)
Sonic: What can’t? (He asks)
Silver: You and Jen; you’re supposed to marry Amy, Sonic; and Jen you were supposed to marry Shadow and rule Mobius and to create ME! (He explains)
Sonic: what do you mean by her ruling Mobius? (He asks curiously)
Silver: Do you still have your Black Chaos Emerald? (He asks looking down at Jen)
Jen then let’s go of Silver and goes into her purse and pulls out a black box containing the Black Chaos Emerald. She pulls the Chaos Emerald out as Sonic stares at her in shock.
Sonic: Jen… You’re the princess!? (He says in shock)
Jen: Sonic, I didn’t know; when you told me the story about the lost princess I was afraid you would only like me for that reason. (She explains about to cry)
Sonic comes near her; Jen was frightened; she thought Sonic would hurt her or hell, even kill her! Sonic comes close to her, she shuts her eyes tightly and feels Sonic’s lips pressing against hers. She blushes deeply; kissing him back passionately.
Sonic: Jen, I will always love you no matter if you’re royal or not. (He tells her, hugging her tightly)
Jen: Sonic… (She then sees Silver disappearing) Sonic!!! (She screams and Sonic turns around also seeing Silver disappearing)
Silver: Looks like this is the end of me… Goodbye… Mom… (He then disappears, banishing from existence)
Jen: Silver! (She cries)
Sonic: Silver…
Sonic Exe Chapter 3: The Shadows of a Date

H- H- How’s it going bros? Favorite if you enjoyed; Hope you bros liked it and stay awesome. I know its new and not what you were expecting out of Sonic Exe; but I’ll try to make it more Sonic Exe related.

Pic belongs to whoever made it

Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: violence/gore and strong language)
Jen arrives home from school and runs straight into her room, seeing Sonic on the bed; she runs to him and sobs in his chest.
Sonic: What’s wrong, love? (He asks concerned, petting her head)
Jen: My mom keeps abusing me!!! (She sobs)
I wish she could just die! And my boyfriend Rilee-
Sonic: Wait… BOYFRIEND!!!??? (He yells in shock)
Sonic: I thought you were in love with me. (He tells her sadly)
Jen: I love you like a brother. (She tells him)
Jen: Wait… you’re in love with me!? (She says in shock) I thought you meant it as something else. (She then blushes heavily)
Jen: Well Sonic… I do love you more than a friend; I always did; ever since I’ve heard about you. (She confesses) But then I knew I could never get you to love me… So I fell in love with my boyfriend. (She tells him)
Sonic: And he’s not talking to you?
Jen: Yeah. (She tells him)
Sonic: How long did he not talk to you for?
Jen: It’s been weeks, and it’s almost our anniversary. (She tells him sadly)
Sonic: Hmph; I don’t think he’s a good boyfriend. You need someone who will always be there for you. (He tells her)
Jen: Like you? (She asks)
Sonic: Yeah; someone like me. (He says kissing her head)
Sonic: So you want your boyfriend and mom dead? (He asks)
Jen: Yeah; they piss me off and they make me heartbroken; I’m sick of it! I want them DEAD! (She says madly)
(Sonic chuckles)
Sonic: You’re so adorable. (He says kissing her head)
Sonic: So Jen, not to be rude or anything, but where’s your dad? (He asks her)
Jen: My dad is a business man, so he doesn’t come home a lot…
Sonic: My dad died from the Mobian wars or “The Great War”, he was roboticized during that war; he was the first one to ever be roboticized. Later he fought Scourge and died, he did it to protect me… My mother also died when I was young. (He tells her sadly)
Jen: Oh Sonic… (She says trying to comfort him)
Jen: Oh, Sonic. I have to go. (She says looking at the clock) I’m going to the movies with my friends; you can come if you want. (She smiles at Sonic)
Sonic: No; I’ll stay home. (He says waving her off)
Jen: Ok. (She then leaves the room)
Jen: Oops; forgot my purse. (She giggles grabbing her purse) Bye Sonic. (She blows a kiss to him)
Sonic: Oh Jen; soon you will be mine; all I have to do is kill your little boyfriend. (He says to himself laughing evilly)
Sonic then walks into the bathroom, turning off all the lights and turns on the shower and the sink; then places a picture of the Tails Doll in front of him and precedes the Tails Doll’s curse by singing “Can you feel the sunshine” backwards. A red light begins to glow as the Tails Doll appears.
Sonic: Hello, Tails Doll. (He smiles evilly to his new companion)
Tails Doll: Finally come to the dark side? (He smiles evilly to Sonic)
Sonic: I have a proposition for you. (He tells him)
Tails Doll: Let’s hear it. (He tells him amused)
Sonic: My lover’s mother is at dinner and many others; if you kill them you can have their souls and her old lover’s one too. (He says promising)
Tails Doll: Hmm; how many souls? (He asks)
Sonic: About 50 or more. (He tells him)
Tails Doll: Deal; and what are you planning to do? (He asks him cockily)
Sonic: I’ll be the one who takes out her old lover, personally. (He says smiling evilly)
(Sonic enters Rilee’s room window)
Rilee: W- who’s there? (He asks frightened)
Sonic: Let me explain this clearly for you. (He says appearing in front of him)
Rilee: Oh Shit, Sonic Exe! (He screams)
Sonic: Bitch you’re too slow and Imma mother fucken too fast; so you can run and hide, but imam catch yo ass; then cut your mother fucken head off and say “I AM GOD!!!” (He raps then cuts off Rilee’s head)
Sonic: Now you’re dead, bitch! You don’t deserve her you mofo!!! (He yells kicking Rilee’s body)
He then returns home and sees the Tails Doll.
Sonic: You came back quickly. (He says smiling evilly)
Tails Doll: I killed and devoured them all at once and planted a gun on the ground, you know; just to be safe. Now… where is that soul? (He asks rushingly)
Sonic: Here. (He tosses Rilee’s soul into the air as the Tails Doll devours it whole)
Tails Doll: I’ll be on my way now; you know how to summon me. (He then vanishes)
(Jen slams the door and comes crying to Sonic)
Jen: Sonic! It’s terrible!!! My mom died along with a lot of other people from a gun fire! (She sobs into his arms)
Sonic: Don’t cry, Jen. Isn’t this what you wanted? (He asks trying to make her happy)
Jen: No! (She cries harder)
Sonic: Let me tell you a story; it might help. (He says lying down then lays her down on his chest)
Sonic: Long ago during the Mobian wars a beautiful queen named Jasmin Rose had two beautiful children one unknown and the other named Amy Rose. Many said that Amy’s sister was chosen to become the new queen since she wielded a Black Chaos Emerald. (He tells her)
Jen: A Chaos Emerald? (She asks curiously)
Sonic: A Chaos Emerald is an emerald that contains unlimited powers, but this emerald was like no other; heck, the Master Emerald isn’t even close to its power. The Chaos Emeralds are shaped like diamonds and the owner of the Black Chaos Emerald holds every power in the world. (He explains)
This feels all so familiar to her; she was shocked. She had a Black Emerald that is shaped like a diamond; could this mean she’s the one?
Jen: So what else happened? (She asks amazed)
Sonic: Well… A bomb hits the hospital and the queen died; but her children didn’t. Amy was raised on the planet Mobius and her sister was raised on earth; but I can’t seem to find her… (He tells her)
Jen: Oh… (Was all she could say)
Sonic: You should get some rest, love. You have school tomorrow. (He says kissing her head)
Jen: Ok. (She says falling asleep in his arms)
Sonic Exe Chapter 2: The Death of Two

Favorite if you enjoyed; Hope you bros liked it and stay awesome. I know its new and not what you were expecting out of Sonic Exe; but I’ll try to make it more Sonic Exe related.

 Pic belongs to whoever made it


Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: violence/gore and strong language)
Jen and her mother were driving home. Jen was staring out the window; the scenery moving so quickly. Her hair blows in the breeze, the car moving over 100 mph.
Madison: How was school?
Jen: Alright. (She sighs)
(A blue light appears in front of them)
Madison/Jen: HOLY SHIT!!! (They both scream)
Jen: Mom, stop the car! (She yells as the car screeches coming to a complete stop)
(Jen runs out of the car as Madison stays in the car scared about what just happened)
(Jen stares at the figure; it was so familiar to her)
Jen: Oh my god… (She says finding out the figure is Sonic the Hedgehog!)
(Jen carries Sonic to the car)
Jen: Mom, its Sonic the Hedgehog. (She tells her mom making Sonic’s head lay on her lap)
Madison: Sonic THE Hedgehog!? (She says in shock)
Madison: But if it were Sonic, then how could we bang him? He could’ve just run out of the way. (She says confused)
Jen: Maybe he wasn’t too fast to get out of the way. (She says looking down at Sonic)
Jen: Please be ok, Sonic. (She whispers to Sonic)
They then arrived at her house. Jen rushes carrying Sonic to her bedroom and places him down on the bed and scurries to grab bandages and covers his wounds with them.
The next day…
Sonic awakens wondering where he is, he looks around the room and sees a picture of Jen; he picks it up and stares blankly at it.
(The door opens)
Jen: Good morning, I just wanted to see if you’re o- OH MY GOD! (She yells seeing Sonic’s eyes bleed)
Jen: Oh no, Sonic your eyes!!! (She screams pointing at his eyes)
(Sonic then touches his eyes and sees blood on his gloves)
Sonic: What the? (He says confused then realizes his voice is different)
Jen: Your voice is deep; do you want me to take you to the hospital? (She asks concerned)
Sonic: No, no; there’s no need for that. (He says struggling to get up, but he’s in pain)
(Sonic groans)
Jen: Stay in bed. (She helps him lay down)
Jen: You’re seriously hurt, but don’t worry. When I get home from- (She then looks at the clock) Oh no is that the time!? I’m going to be late! See you later, Sonic! (She yells grabbing her bag and runs out of the room)
Sonic: Did this girl save my life? I could have died if it wasn’t for her; and what’s with my eyes!? (He looks at himself in the mirror and sees his eyes black and his pupils red and blood flows from his eyes) and my teeth!? (He says touching his sharp teeth) and my voice!? (He says touching his throat) and why do I crave humans now!!!??? (He asks himself)
Sonic: No matter; she saved my life, now it’s my turn. I shall devote my life to protecting her like she’s my own; I won’t let anything harm her. (He says promising)
Jen: I’m home from school… (She sighs dropping her bag and takes off her shoes and slumps over to the living room)
Sonic: Hello… what was your name again? (He asks)
Jen: Jen Rose. (She tells Sonic)
Sonic: A beautiful name for such a beautiful girl. (He says smiling at her)
Jen: Thanks…
Sonic: What’s wrong? (He asks concerned)
Jen: Just a bunch of girls… (She sighs)
Sonic: Are they hurting you? (He asks madly)
Jen: Yes...
Sonic: Well Jen, I like you, and tomorrow I’ll show them what I’m made of! (He yells out determined)
(Jen giggles)
Jen: You’re really cute, Blue Blur. (She giggles as Sonic smiles at her and blushes)
The next day…
Melody: Hey, you there! (She yells to Jen and Jen ignores her)
Ariel: Hey Pinky, didn’t you hear her!? (She yells to Jen)
Summer: Forget this. (She says grabbing Jen by the shirt ready to beat the crap out of her)
Sonic: Hey! Stop this at once! (He yells out, appearing on a roof near them)
Melody/Summer/ Ariel: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh an Exe!!! (They scream running away)
Sonic: An Exe? (He says to himself curiously)
(Sonic then jumps down and help Jen up)
Sonic: Are you alright? (He asks looking at her and sees cuts and bruises)
(Sonic growls pissed off at this then he teleports in front of the three girls)
Sonic: How dare you hurt such a beautiful girl! I’ll make you pay for I am Sonic Exe! I AM GOD!!! (He yells tearing all three of the girls apart as Jen watches in shock)
(Sonic finishes them off, then turns around and sees Jen frightened)
Sonic: Jen… (He says as she runs away from him)
Sonic: Jen! (He calls following after her)
Jen runs to the woods, hiding behind a tree crying out of fear and confusion. Then Sonic finds her.
Sonic: Jen please let me explain. (He tells her)
Jen: No; please leave! (She sobs)
Sonic: Jen… (He carries her)
Jen: Sonic. (She says frightened)
Sonic: Don’t be scared; I will never hurt you. (He tells her)
Jen: I don’t know if I can trust you…
Sonic: I’m telling the truth, I will never hurt you or let harm you way, because I… I… I love you…
Jen: What? (She asks in disbelief)
Sonic: You saved my life, Jen. You’re so beautiful, I could never hurt you; please forgive me. (He says sadly to her)
Jen: I love you too. (She says kissing his cheek)
Eggman: Ohohoho! Your little girlfriend is so beautiful, Sonic! (He yells at him appearing in his Egg mobile)
Sonic: Eggman! (He growls, protecting Jen)
Eggman: Metal Sonic, get my new bride! (He commands pointing at Jen)
(Metal Sonic hits Sonic sending him flying as he grabs Jen)
Jen: Sonic! (She screams)
Sonic: Jen… (He groans getting up)
(Eggman flies away with Jen next to him)
(Sonic stares and gets enraged, then he closes his eyes and sees Jen in Eggman’s bedroom)
Sonic: Oh fuck no! (He yells running past the speed of light and arrives in Eggman’s bedroom in seconds)
Sonic: Jen. (He says happy that she didn’t get harmed or raped by Eggman)
(Sonic touches Jen, but his hand goes right through her)
Sonic: What? (He says shocked, and then the hologram changes into Eggman)
Eggman: Ohohoho; I’ve got her now Sonic! And she’ll be my wife! (He says as Jen appears next to him in a wedding dress)
Eggman: Beautiful isn’t she? (He says trying to make Jen kiss him)
Jen: Sonic! (She screams trying to get out of Eggman’s grip)
Eggman: Stop that, you’re going to mess up the- (The hologram then disappears)
Sonic: Eggman!!! (He yells full of rage and he runs to where Eggman is)
(Sonic bursts through the doors)
Eggman: Ah Sonic, so nice of you to see our wed- (Sonic storms up to him and rips Eggman limb by limb)
(Sonic then grabs Jen)
Sonic: Don’t worry; everything will be alright now. (He says kissing her head and pets her)
Sonic: Let’s go home. (He says carrying her bridal style)
Jen: Ok. (She says hugging Sonic tightly)
Sonic Exe Chapter 1: The Awakening of Sonic Exe.

H- H- How’s it going bros? Favorite if you enjoyed;  Hope you bros liked it and stay awesome. I know its new and not what you were expecting out of Sonic Exe; but I’ll try to make it more Sonic Exe related.

Pic belongs to whoever made it

My very best friend :iconimajenink: has amazingly awesome art! Go watch her!! Shes so awesome and funny! I <33 her!

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