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DanganRonpa: Lover's Game of Despair
Part Two of Two
Chapter Three: Party With The Ultimates
Part One: Ticking Time Bomb
As I began my search, I found him at the park. Seems like he didn't leave...
"Byakuya!!!" I waved at him as he turned his attention to me, "What happened? Are you also searching for the enemy's clues?" He questioned me. "Well, no... I uh..." I began. "Hmph, so you want to search together...? Very well, but try not to slow me down." Byakuya finished my sentence for me. I followed with Byakuya who tried to find clues of our "enemy." We then took a short break and sat down at a nearby bench. I pulled out a package of Chocolate Chip Jerky. Byakuya seemed to be gauging at it with his eyes, "Oh, do you want some?" I offered him a piece, "Yes, I would. Thank you." He grabbed the whole bag from me. I chuckled, I new this might happen. So, I prepared other snacks. I pulled out some ramen and began eating it with my chopsticks. "Hey, Y/N. Let me ask you one thing." Byakuya muttered. "Yes, what is it?" I questioned at him. "There's something I've been wondering for a while, and I'd like to purge that question from my mind... So, let me ask you! What is your body fat percentage!?" Byakuya asked me. "Huh...? Well, the last time I checked it was..." I began. "Last time you checked..?" He questioned me. "Well, yeah it was..." Byakuya then butted in, "You should know it at ALL times. It's like saying you have no intention of understanding the ratio of fat stored within you...! I swear... This is why I dislike commoners." He muttered out before going back to the jerky I gave him.
Byakuya seems a bit... abnormal. He made me think something do trivial as body ratio is important. Well, if we're stuck in Antarctica with hardly any clothing. You can come back to me about fat being stored within me.
"However, just by looking at you, I'd say you're a nine... no, maybe an eight..." He began examining me thoroughly. "Regardless, it's probably just one digit." He looked away a bit snobbishly. "Be grateful this is a tropical island. If you were somewhere less hospitable, you'd freeze to death." He stated as a mater of fact, at me.
Totally called it.
"Anyway, you said your talent was a programmers, is that correct?" He questioned at me. "Yes, yes it is." I looked at him suspiciously. Is he trying to pin this all on me...? "I see... Well, it doesn't really matter what anyone's talent is, I believe... I will protect you all from downfall and that's a promise." He chuckled and stared at me for a moment. He then began to fix his glasses, "The Togami Corporation is famous worldwide, but a it will grow even more rapidly under my command... You should feel lucky that someone as talented as me is here." He stated a bit too full of himself. I wanted to rebuttal about me being a famous programmer, engineer, etc. Considering I'm a big part of Junko's plan of world domination, I'd consider myself higher ranked than he is. But, he then said something that caught me off guard, "But, your talent is worthy I suppose..." He blushed a bit as I stared at him in disbelief, he then noticed me gazing at him and coughed, "Just believe in me. If you do, everything will turn out fine." He assured me.
So, this is the famous Ultimate Affluent Prodigy, Byakuya Togami huh?
"Just make sure you don't get in my way. A commoner should know their place and stay put. However... if there is anything troubling you, I don't mind if you rely on me." He tried to comfort me with a reassuring stare. I just laughed a bit, "Alright then." I smiled and watched the clouds go by.
Getting to know Byakuya, I feel as if there's a soft side through that tough act of his...
"I wonder why the organization behind this matter kidnap us...? I'd like to think about it... but there just aren't enough clues..." He looked up at the sky like I did. Wondering about our "current situation". "Sure is a mystery." I stated a bit dazed by the serene sky. "The chicken in my hands... is far tastier than the beef inside the freezer..." Byakuya caught me a bit off guard. "Breakfast." He stated.
Oh, of course he was talking about that. But, does Monokuma not now that chicken and beef isn't apart of a breakfast meal, more than it is of lunch and dinner?
"No, I was just kidding. It was a German proverb..." He chuckled lightly. "So, what do you mean by that?" I questioned at him. "It means something inferior that's nearby is better than something good that's far away. But why would the chicken be inferior to beef? Aren't there times when you'd obviously want to eat friend chicken instead of steak? And furthermore, why is pork not even mentioned in this comparison? Is pig meat unattractive to Germans?" He threw a bunch of questioned at me. "No... that's impossible. When you think of Germany, you think of sausage... And if you think of sausage, you're thinking of pig meat." He began rambling to himself, only to answer his own question...? "What does this mean!? What is this conspiracy!?" Byakuya got a bit frightened.
Oh great, am I befriending a lunatic Well, I shouldn't say much... I was friends with someone who liked the occult and a girl who loves seeing people die and enjoys their suffering... And my boyfriend is a bit out of it himself... Not to mention I'm the same way...
"Y/N..." Byakuya snapped me out of my thoughts. I looked intently at him, "Yes?" I asked. "Do you know which meat is the most efficient source of energy..? What meant contains the most vitamin B1 for converting glucose to energy!?" Byakuya was being serious with me... "Well, I'm no food fanatic or expertise, but I'll say... Pork...?" I was a bit confused at my answer. Ah well, whatever will make him happy I suppose. "Correct... The same amount of pork has ten times the energy efficiency of other meats." Byakuya stated triumphantly. "Do you understand...? TEN TIMES!!!" Byakuya urged at me as he came closer, leaning his body near my own. "Alright, alright, I get it. What are you on about?" I playfully pushed him back as he began again. "There's only one thing I want to say to you... Y/N, become my assistant." He commanded at me more than just a simple question. "What?" I stated a bit taken a back. "The situation surrounding us and this island is even more complicated then I had thought. Even if it's just a commoner's assistance, it's better than having nobody at all..." He blushed a bit. "You sure I'm up to the task?" I joked at him. "Of course, even though your talent is quite expertise, you just have to be yourself. That is ore than enough for you to be my assistant." He stated assumingly.
Myself..? What really is "myself"...? Being trapped between the lines of being good and evil. What really can I call myself..?
"As you stand before me, I... will believe in your potential." Byakuya began. "Besides, if you don't think your up to the task, then throw that penniless pass aside, create a new you. Forget about the past and move forward. We all need to do that to continue living, it's a natural tactic in survival. I was powerless once... but look at me now." He chuckled as he gestured at himself. "Anyway... think about my offer." He stated patiently. I began to think before he caught me off guard again, "By the way, Y/N... Do you like chicken or beef?" He questioned at me. I laughed and gave him a really? Face. He chuckled and calmed himself. "I'm only kidding, now, do you still have those Chocolate Chip Jerky? Those we're delicious. Only such a magnificent creation should be made by the Togami Family Company." He tried to rummage through my bad like a hungry wolf. I chuckled, "Here ya go." I gave him a bunch of packs of Chocolate Chip Jerky. "Thank you, Y/N." He praised me as if I was his god. I chuckled, "No problem."
"You know... What's the point of searching for what this means...? We hardly found any clues and we've searched how many times?" Byakuya asked as we stared at the sun setting. "About 10 or more times..." I then seen Byakuya look down in disappointment, "I mean, come on Byakuya have a little hope in your heart. We'll find out this case soon. I'm sure of it. Besides, you make a wonderful leader." I assured him with a heart warming smile. "You really think so...?" He looked at with a small gleam of hope in his eyes. "I do." I stated as he sighed out loud and gave me a real smile. "Seems as if you should have been the leader to lead this group. Myself and everyone looking over such potential..." He sighed out loud. "We should really be searching for a way to safely escape this place with everyone though. Since, we can find no clues and such..." He muttered out, staring off into the distance. "Though... There's something important missing from this island... You should also know what that is, right?" Byakuya questioned at me. I thought for a moment. Thinking about what he wants to hear... "There are no fast food restaurants...?" I flinched a bit, no knowing how he'd respond. "That's right... Don't you think it's strange too? Despite all these facilities, why didn't they bother to build even one fast food location...!?" He questioned at me. "I'm just surprised you'd like junk food, you don't seem like the type to enjoy such a treat." I chuckled at him. "Hmph... how foolish. Your shallow beliefs are typical of an ignorant commoner. Do you know how much the body pat percentage of the upper class increases every year due to fast food?" Byakuya questioned me.
Well, do you know how much people get diabetes and heart burn from them?
"From Hollywood celebrities to presidents of industry... Even Bill Gates is fascinated by that clown with an afro." Byakuya and I shared a laugh. "Also, it is common knowledge that many professional athletes eat an unbalanced diet." He looked away and muttered out. "Damn... if only this island had some means of communication... I would have various fast food companies establish franchises here... Including the afro clown, the bespectacled Kentucky colonel, and the red haired girl with pigtails." He told me. Believe me buddy, I already know you would... "You wouldn't understand, would you..?" He looked down. "What...?" I questioned at him. "You always find the same things waiting for you wherever you go. You'll never know what a relief truly is... For someone like you who has lived a fortunate life... You'll never understand." Byakuya stated with a bit of sorrow in his voice.
Me... Fortunate...? That sounds like... I'm better off compared to Byakuya... I wonder why...
"Oh well. If there's anything worrying you, just let me know anytime. No need to hold back." He gave me a reassuring smile. "Listen well, there are three types of affluent progenies in the world... Despite their intellect, there are useless progenies who only have their smarts... Despite their good looks, there are useless progenies who only have their looks... But the one who is superior in both aspects is the most powerful affluent progeny of all..." He then looked at me and then looked down, blushing a bit. "Which is...?" I questioned at him. He looked up a bit flustered, "What..? O-Oh...Well, it's me of course. Byakuya Togami." He stated a bit triumphantly. I giggled, "I see." I smiled. "Y/N... I will tell you and only you the secret of how the Togami family has prospered." He informed me. I nodded, "Go right ahead." Byakuya fixed his glasses and smiled, "It is based on a special hereditary system. The head of the Togami family doesn't have a wife... Instead, he has countless children with excellent women through the world... The children are forced to compete with one another, and who remains standing as the winner... will become the next head of the Togami family." He finished.
Is he telling me this because...?
"Wait... you mean. He kids all have to fight each other...?" I questioned at him, trying to steer away the thought of him wanting me as his wife. "During my time... 108 of us, boys and girls, fought to become the next head of the Togami family." He nodded. "Holy fucken shit, dude, 108 people!? And they were all your siblings!?" I got draw back by the insane amount of kids his dad adopted. "That's right... and we were ranked based on our strength. The most powerful affluent progeny is gold... The one below that is silver. I was ranked the weakest of all: bronze..." He muttered out. "But in the end, I defeated every last one of them. I even defeated the affluent progeny of darkness... And from there, I finally reached the top. It was the first time in the history of the Togami Family that a bronze win their way to the top..." He chuckled. "It's the history of a battle that will continue for many ages. Isn't it horrifying?" He looked at me questionably through his glasses. "And now, Byakuya Togami is standing atop that history. How about it? Isn't it amazing? As expected of the Togami line, right? As expected of... Byakuya Togami, you mean?" Byakuya then thought to himself. "Hmhm... Compared to any other person, his was the most absolute existence I'd ever seen." Byakuya stated. Was he taking this from a third point perspective...? "Huh..?" I questioned at him. "Y/N... If.. if by any chance... If you could become anyone other than yourself... Who would you want to be?" He questioned at me. I thought for a moment, "I'm defiantly fine with who I am. Right now, I'm more focused on what I'm supposed to do." The words we're splurged through my mouth.
I didn't want to choose those words. I didn't want to say those things... I wanted to become... Junko Enoshima. My friend who I held so close to my heart for many years of my life...
"I see... That's perfectly fine. Especially if that's the real you..." Byakuya smiled at me.
N-No... This isn't the real me... I'm living a lie...
"H-hey, Byakuya... Who's the real you..?" The questioned splurged from my mind from my mouth. He got a bit taken aback. "So... You figured it out...? I guess what I've been saying would be a bit suspicious. Wouldn't it..?" He the got up. "We'll save that for another time, it was nice talking to you." The look of longing and loneliness escaped from his hard expression as he began walking away.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Monokuma's P.O.V
"Grrrr... This is all so frustrating... Seeing her with another and me watching on the sidelines... that's not how I roll!!! And what's with all the mushy crap that those two are splurging out from their mouth holes!?" I bite hard onto the pillow I rested my neck upon. I then examined Y/N running after him. "Wait... What is she...?"
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Your P.O.V
I grabbed a hold of Byakuya's arm. He then looked at me with a expression of shock and dumbfound before it gently died down to a bemused one, "Y/N... What do you think of me as..?" He questioned at me, his eyes gazing into my own. "Huh...?" I questioned at him. Letting his hand go. "Do you... like me?" He crossed his arms. "Hey, I'm just asking if you like me or hate me. It's a simple yes or no question." He chuckled at me.
He was toying with me...
"If I have to choose between liking you and hating you, then... well, I don't hate you." I scratched the back of my head, feeling a bit awkward. "I defiantly consider you a friend, and there's no way I could ever imitate your leadership... The truth is... I think you're amazing." I rambled on. "I see... Such a hesitant... no, kind answer. As expected of you." Byakuya seemed happy.
As expected of me...?
"But, that's how you feel about Byakuya Togami, right?" He questioned at me. "What if I wasn't a Togami? What if I never had my birthright, my name, or my ability? What if I was more handsome and more disagreeable? Would you still feel the same way that you do right now?" He questioned at me. "Of course I woul-" He then cut me off. "The exterior is very important. From a person's name and appearance, an impression is already being formed..." He then sighed out and stared intently at me. "Let me tell you an interesting story about a certain man..." He seemed serious. I nodded. He let out a sigh, "The man was born with nothing. No name, no birth certificate, no family... He had nothing... He was nothing... Absolutely nothing at all. Do you understand?" Byakuya seemed to feel a little pity for himself. "I understand..." I nodded.
Poor Guy...
"His existence was completely invisible... He was a person whose life had no meaning whatsoever... The only thing he has was... a desire to live a normal life..." Byakuya looked down in sorrow. "Bya-" He then stopped me again. "So, what did he have to do in order to live..? What did he have to do to have his existence acknowledged, to receive that affirmation...? There was only one way. His only option was to become someone else. He had to lie to everyone. He had to lie to the entire world." Byakuya stated a bit guilty.
"Byakuya... I don't know how you're going to take this... But, the only Byakuya Togami I know is the one standing right in front of me." He got a bit taken aback by my words. "Y/N... Thank you. I... always wanted someone to say that to me." He smiled. "I see... So, I'm really here..." Tears flowed from his face. "I'm really... here." He smiled. "If... if by any chance everything that's happening here is resolved safely... There's something I would like to tell you. I no longer want to... lie anymore... Not to anyone... not to anything... not even to myself... I want to live as myself, the person standing before you right now. I've never told anyone this before, but... I want you to... hear what I need to say..." He looked at me with such hope in his eyes. "Yes, of course." I drew near him.
I felt a strong bond between Byakuya and I... Even though we just met... we knew a lot about each other.
"I'll see you around." He smiled and brushed my bangs away from my face. He then noogied my head, causing my hair to be a mess. "And hey..." He muttered. I looked at him, our gaze towards eachothers. "Thank you... I never had anyone make me feel this special to the world... I think you can make someone else's day as great as you've made mine. TeruTeru seems a bit in denial. Could you maybe... talk to him. It seems as if you'd be the best thing for him." Byakuya smiled at me before walking off...
Byakuya... For you... Anything...
I began walking around and found TeruTeru in the hotel's dinning hall. "Hey, TeruTeru..." I to him a better non-energetically. "Mmhmhm... What sort if business do you have with me?" He trailed his hand around my waist line. Before he could touch anywhere else I grabbed his hand to stop him. "I came to hand out with you." I smiled a bit nervously. "That's fine with me! How about we start by getting to know each other?" He smiled playfully, eyeing me up and down. "If you'd like, we can get to know each other with our bodies. Why don't you come to my cottage!?" He seemed a bit too energetic. "Ah, why you little... I mean, let's not get too ahead of ourselves now." I chuckled nervously. We then took a seat at a nearby table after getting some tea. "I was wondering... Do you specialize in a particular style of cooking?" I questioned at him as he examined me as I sipped my tea. "Mmhmhm... what a ridiculous question." He chuckled to himself. "Why would you kill the possibilities of your ingredients by limiting yourself to a specialty?" He chuckled before shrugging. "Well, if you say so... I don't know if it's right to say all cooking is creative... Chefs have the right to be called "chefs" because they create dishes. It'd be simple for a true chef to create something from nothing!" He stated a bit too confident of himself. "I... I see." I chuckled pitifully. "Anyway Y/N, I've been wondering this for a while..."
Oh great is he going to ask me something ecchi..?
"Don't you think dishes resemble "that" a lot?" I got surprised he didn't talk about something unclean.
Wow... He must really be passionate about food then.
"That...?" I questioned at him with a smile. I haven't really paid any much attention to what he stated before. "You know, "that"! It can only mean one thing!" He chuckled playfully.
Alright, I'm going to slap him. Damn me for feeling sorry for Byakuya...
"Juicy, succulent meats intertwined... The naught sound of squishing and splashing ringing each time... At times it's gentle! At times it's forceful! You gotta rub it! You gotta tease it! You gotta just hammer it in!" He thought out loud. I tried to hold in my laugh of how pitiful he is.
This dude REALLY needs to get laid if he keeps talking about sex like this... He'd probably die a virgin...
"See...? You understand, right?" He smiled lustfully at me. I wonder who or what he thought about. His nose is bleeding... It better not been of me stripping or something.. I'm going to pound his face in... Uh... No... Not like that...!!!
"..." I decided not to say anything. "... Phew... I guess it's unavoidable. At least I know now that your body is pure." He examined my private area.
Heh... No, I just decided not to stoop to your level with that kind of thought...
He then began mumbling gibberish to himself. I let him talk, it would be too bothersome for me to figure out what the hell he was talking about. "Well, if you ever decide to cook, you should know some simple advice! They say there's a fine line between cooking and screwing!" He smiled so simply when stating that.
Who the hell has ever said that!?
"I- I don't really want to think about it, but... don't tell me that's the reason why you started cooking?" I looked at him a bit disturbed. "I see... that sounds plausible. After all, both actions appeal to a human's instincts." He thought to himself.
Of course they do...
I rolled my eyes. "But to be honest, it's much simpler than that. I was destined to become a chef the day I was born." TeruTeru bragged.
The day he was born..?
"After all, my family's restaurant back home is a diner... Ahem, I mean, a fancy, upscale restaurant." He tried to woo me with his charms. "Ah, I see. So, you decided to become a chef as you were helping out your family's business." I nodded and smiled at him politely. "Helpin' out..? It weren't somethin' dat easy..." His accent changed...? "The rise of family restaurants... Constant attacks by cheap chain joints... The bullying from a rival store... A grief-stricken mother... and frightened young siblings who were born to different mothers... To stop that crisis, I ventured alone and competed in a cooking death match hosted by the Shogun of Taste..."He then looked at me with a confused look. "...Juuuuust kidding. A dirty tale of hardship like that doesn't suit an attractive urbanite like me!" He chuckled nervously as he combed his hair. "Yeah. Riiighhhttt." I muttered out. "You'd rather hear me talk about my splendid and glorious life as a first-rate chef, right? Right?" He pried at me.
Hmm... I'd rather hear about that cook off...
TeruTeru began talking to me about living a fancy dream life that I hardly could believe is true.
He then stopped and thought to himself out loud. "You know, I went to the supermarket earlier and... The ingredients sold there aren't very good... They only stock mass-produced goods here. If they're not fresh off the farm, my urban palate won't be satisfied at all." He muttered a bit disappointed. "Hey, so what was that about your place being a diner?" I questioned at him. "Huh? What? What happened? If you're looking for Robuchon, he's sleeping besides me." He tried changing the subject. "Or are you talking about his apron? Ah, just as I thought, you noticed it!" He seemed pleased as if his "Senpai" had finally noticed him. "A Chinese acquaintance of mine told me that he's karaoke buddies with a Versace designer. So, he had this specially made for me! Plus, it was the low price of only 490 dollars! By the way, he also got me this shirt. It was designed by Gaultier!" He cheered out happily. "If I remember right, I paid him back with a... barrel of Shaoxing rice wine, I think?" he thought to himself.
He keeps changing the subject. It seems as if he think I'd be displeased about the whole "diner" thing. "I'm going to serve first-rate customers in a first-rate restaurant, I need to be mindful of my appearance." He then began to comb his hair. "I've discussed this with my siblings and they agreed with me... But... they're also, you know, people who've made mistakes due to the folly of youth. Jeez... it has to be a mistake for them to admire a job like that." He chuckled to himself in pity. "A job like that...?" I questioned at him. "I haven't seen them for a while. So, I don't really know, but it sounds like they're being scouted by restaurants. Apparently... they're candidates for the title of Ultimate Male Escort and Ultimate Female Escort." He informed me.
Male and female escorts..? Aren't they a little underage for that sort of thing..? Plus... his siblings still have *that* face, right?
I looked at TeruTeru's perverted face a bit disturbed.
"Hm? What happened?" He questioned at me.
They must have some serious techniques... I guess that's probably why they're called "Ultimates".
"Jeez... it's obvious they're just exploiting their youth to make a quick buck! So what if they make a hundred million annually or whatever..? That much money doesn't mean a thing... That's right! Money isn't everything! You gotta think about the big picture! They think they're so great earning more money than me!" TeruTeru exploded with a rage of jealousy and a bit of worriment. "But still... didn't you become a chef just to make money?" I questioned at him. "I-It's not just for money... My... dream is..." He looked down a bit nervous. "Ah! That's right! I want to own my own restaurant! Of course, that's not all! Obviously, I'd want to appear in a lot of TV shows, and it'd be nice to put on a dinner show too! Maybe partner up with some convenience stores and fast food places too, don't you think?" He seemed so confident that he's going to achieve his dreams in the future. I smile and nodded, "But, doesn't that mean. That in the end, you only want fame and fortune?" I asked him. "Y-You're wrong! M-My real dream is, you know...! Having a cute, sommelier wife...maybe...? You'd probably fit that position, I mean, you are pretty cute and all..." He muttered out.
He seemed confused. I wonder why he was hiding his true intentions from me...
"Anyway, some of the ingredients in the supermarket that had mold on it... It concerns me... They don't even keep their freshness at all... I need to do something about it soon... What would you do, Y/N?" He questioned at me. "There's no other option but to throw it away... right? If you eat the mold then you'd get food poisoning or something along those lines, right?" I questioned at him. "That's exactly right...! If you want to cook a safe, tasty dish, that's the only way..." He noded. "Jeez, such disrespect towards ingredients!" He looked pretty mad... I guess he's really serious about ingredients. "Regardless, I guess it's understandable since this supermarket is on some island... Compared to the market in Aoyama that I always visit, this store is horrible." He thought out loud. "Is the ingredients really much different from Aoyama then it is here? I thought they had almost everything that is popular branded here... But, the end result usually looks tasty anyway..." I muttered out loud. "Y/N... You poor thing. From the bottom of my heart, I feel so bad for you." He gasped and patted my hand that rested upon the table. "You've never seen the sparkle released by quality ingredients... The countless miracles... The sexy shimmer of a fish's eye! The seductive shine of oil dripping from the meat's fat!" He stroked my hand lightly before gripping onto it. "Fresh, ripe vegetables with their smooth limbs..." He quivered at the thought. "Ahhh... just thinking about them makes my loins quiver." He blushed. "I really do miss my darling, tender ingredients..." he then drew circles on the back of my hand. "With my own hands, I want to reshape them as gorgeous and beautiful dishes...! Mmhmhm... how about it? Are you getting turned on, too?" He intertwined his hand with my own. I moved my hand away from his, "Umm... instead of eating amazing dishes like that, I'd rather just eat normal food... But that might be because of... the current situation." I gestured him to take a look out the window. Where Monokuma was watching from behind a tree. He looked pissed that he tried to touch me. His claws leaving slash marks upon the tree. Monomi is in the back of him, yelling at him for probably hurting the tree... Well, at least I know whose going to die now...
"Then... that's what I'll make you the next time I feel like cooking for you." He looked back at me with a flirtatious smile. "Huh..?" I questioned at him. Since when the hell did he feel like making a dish for me...? "It's ok if I make an obviously clichéd meat and potato stew with no fun flavors at all, right? I think it's a perfect dish for you, since you sort of look like a potato yourself." He chuckled. "Excuse me, what...?" I almost chocked on my tea at what he said. "Well, that all depends on if I feel like making it, so just wait patiently and look forward to it!" He smiled at me.
I feel like he slid in a snide comment of me. But... A meat and potato stew made by the Ultimate Chef... I'm totally looking forward to see the end result, let alone taste it!!!
"Thanks TeruTeru." I smiled at him with joy. "No prob' sweet potata'~" He had that accent change again... "Oh, looks like you're all out of tea. I'll go get you more." He wondered off to get me more tea. I looked intently out the window, trying to find out where Monokuma ran off to... I looked at the cottages and I seen Komaeda step inside Byakuya's cottage... I wonder what he was doing. Letting my thoughts wash over my reality. TeruTeru interrupted it with setting aside coffee down in front of me. "You seemed troubled. Is something wrong...?" He looked concerned at me. "Oh, it's nothing." I smiled. He then chuckled and stared lustfully at me, "Well then Y/N... are you ready?" He smirked at me. "Wh-What's this all of a sudden..? What do you mean, am I ready?" I drew my chair back a bit. "Who cares? Just answer...! Are you ready?" He seemed enthusiastic about whatever he wants me to be ready for... "Um.. Sure...?" I nodded. "I knew you would say that, Y/N!" He seemed giddy... "But... what am I ready for?" I questioned at him. "Well, isn't it obvious? You're ready to eat my specially made dish!" He cheered. "Wha-? Since when did you have time to make it!?" I was surprised. "When you we're day dreaming of course. I was pretty sure you couldn't live without my body next to yours. So, for making you wait for the tea. Since, we oddly ran out... I mean a tea for you too!!!" He smiled. "Ah yes, you know what they say. When food is so tasty that it melts your mouth and tongue... Try imagining that realistically!" He then thought for a moment. "Oh, the horror...!" He screamed out a bit petrified.
If something like that really happened... That would simply be one HELL of a dish weapon.
"Oops, if we keep chatting about pointless things, my wonderful dish will get cold." He then ran back into the kitchen to retrieve the food. "Now then... here you go." He set the plate besides my tea. He got back in his seat and examined me. "My most proud masterpiece: "Versailles-style Meat and Potato Stew queue de boeuf"!" He smiled at me then the dish. "Go on, try some!" He eagerly watched me. I took one bite, my face lit up and I was scarfing the whole food down. That shit is good!!!
"It's delicious...! It's extremely delicious!" I shouted out in between mouthfuls. I havent tasted anything like this. I mean, Monokuma can cook up a good meal, but this..! This isn't ANYTHING like the food he cooks!!! Steamy potatoes that fall apart so delicately... Carrots seeping with such gentle flavor... Onions that had nearly melted... Tender meat with the perfect amount of fat clinging to it... Everything had combined to form such perfect harmony...! Monokuma's curry is NOTHING compared to TeruTeru's meal!!! I've never eaten such a delicious stew in my whole life! No wait... didn't I before...?
"Well, obviously it's delicious. After all, I'm the one who made it!" TeruTeru chuckled at me, wiping some food off the side of my lip and tasting it with his finger. "That... that maybe obvious, but it's not just delicious. This taste... How should I put it..? It reminds me of something I forgot..." I thought for a bit while chewing my food. After I quickly finished eating, TeruTeru silently stared at me for some reason. " sure say such interesting things. Yep, I think I have a general idea of what you like, so what should I make you next time!?" He then began listing things, "Zodiac-style boiled etouffee", how about "Aztec-style mackerel simmered in miso de Poche"?" He thought out loud.
His specialty seems to be home cooked styled meals... Is that what his diner serves?
He then started talking to himself. It got extremely quiet. I looked at him and he looked up at me. "What's up? Why are you looking at me with such passion...?" He chuckled. "Oh, I get it! You've finally awakened! Then let's go right ahead and start planning our future together! All through the night, of course... and in bed, obviously!" His nose started bleeding as he looked at me lustfully. "Why do you always do that...?" I questioned at him. "Hey, I've been thinking about something... What you said... about being reminded of something you forgot. That meat and potato stew I made you...was actually my mom's recipe." He smiled. He changed the subject again, oh well... "Ah, that's probably it. It felt...really nostalgic somehow. It was sort of lie...the taste of a mother's home cooked meal." I nodded. "That's right... A pure, nostalgic taste. For me, it's the taste of my mom's cooking... The flavors she's always be cooking in the kitchen of our rundown country diner... Seeing you eat and enjoy it so much made me... remember, too." He smiled down warmly. "Why I started cooking..." He then looked up at me with a cheerful face. "Just because a dish is gorgeous and uses first-rate ingredients doesn't mean everyone will like it. Taste change depending on likes and dislikes...feelings and emotions... memories and perceptions... It depends on each person to determine what they believe is tasty... I didn't really want... the sparkling city-life or my stunning success...I just... I just wanted to cook for someone important to me." He looked at me warmly. "My cooking was just...for the sake of making the person most important to Why did I forget something as important as this...?" He face palmed. The feeling of sorrow and regret washing over him. "But... you remember, right? So all you have to do now is never forget that again. That's probably your dream or something along those lines, don't you think?" I smiled warmly at him as he looked up. "Well, it's not like it's my place to say that." I shrugged. "Y/N..." He looked at me a little too heartfelt for my liking... "Just as I thought, you're quite interesting! It's be great if you'd let me thoroughly inspect you just once! Of course, I'd like to thoroughly inspect you while you're naked as the day you were born!" He leaned near me, over the table. He then leaned back and laughed, "I know! To thank you for everything, I made something to make you happy! Try eating this!" TeruTeru pulled something out of his pocket... A white rice ball...? The glossy white rice perfectly matched my refreshed state of mind, which sharpened my appetite. "Then I won't hold back... Thank you for the meal." I smiled at him.
I unwrapped the foil and bit into it... The sweetness of the rice spread throughout my mouth. It seemed unseasoned at first, but when I bit into it I could tell it was slightly seasoned with something. Something different than what's normally used to bring out flavor... Wh-What in the world is this...!? I-It's no use! I can't stop stuffing this rice ball into my mouth!
"I-It's so good! It's just too gooooooood!" I shouted out loud in awe at the small snack of his rice ball. "Well, obviously! I gave my all when I made it! More is it? Are you feeling it already? Are you starting to feel a little weird...? Or maybe you feel your core getting strangely warm..?" He looked lustfully at me. "Hey, what is this seasoning?" I questioned. "Mmhmhm, well obviously... That's a trade secret!" He chuckled.
"H-Hey... I'd like to give you something too." I rummaged through my small bag I found something to give him. "For being so kind and serving me with great hospitality. I'd like to give you this." I pulled out a pair of glasses and handed it to him. "Ah, Passion Glasses!? This is legendary!!! Don't tell me you're really giving this to me!?" He seemed happy. "Thank you Y/N!!! I'll return the favor with my body...!" He smiled.
As we said our goodbyes, I decided to take a walk around the island. My phone exploding with several notifications. I went to the report cards labeled under Byakuya and TeruTeru. I filled the blank space of a star like figure up to it's maximum potential.
Height: 6'0" Weight: 286 lbs
Chest: 50in Blood Type: B
Date of Birth: May 5th
Likes: Coffee
Dislikes: Commoners
Special Notes: Ultimate Affluent Progeny
His presence is overwhelming and he exudes self-confidence. He's very condescending when he talks about taking care of us, but he doesn't seem like a bad person.
He asked me to be his assistant because if my potential. He used to be powerless, but not anymore. What does all this mean..?
If something is always there for you, like fast food, it makes you feel safe. Because I take that consistency for granted, he says I'm much more fortunate than he is.
He was once weak, but he rose to the top by fighting his way through the Togami family's "special hereditary system". Still, the way he talks about it seems strange to me...
He had to survive by becoming someone else because his own life had no meaning. He wants to tell me something when this is all over, so he can finally live as himself.
Height: 4'3 Weight: 152 lbs
Chest: 35in Blood Type: A
Date of Birth: September 2nd
Likes: Momma
Dislikes: Junk food
Special Notes: Ultimate Cook
He's extremely passionate about cooking. He was born to be a cook and his family runs a diner. He claims he competed in a cooking death match to help his family.
TeruTeru says there are more important things than money, but it seems like he only became a cook for the fame and fortune. I feel like he's hiding his true feelings.
His behavior is strange, but his attitude about ingredients is on the mark. He said he would cook me a "clichéd" meat and potato stew next time he feels like it.
When making me a cup of tea he decided to go right ahead and make the meal he promised me. The meat and potato stew he promised me was the greatest thing I'd ever eaten. The taste made him remember something he forgot. Could his cooking style actually be...?
The stew was actually a family recipe from his diner. TeruTeru was reminded of the real reason he started cooking, and because of that, he now thinks of that as his dream. '
As I entered my room I was greeted with two pairs of men's undergarments. One that looks like a speedos and another that's a boxers. They both had fancily written cards upon it, "TeruTeru's favorite briefs. It's a pretty expensive pair of underwear, perfect for someone who whishes to be seen as a cool, adult man." "Byakuya's favorite high-end underwear. It comes from the only brand that the truly elite wear." I grabbed it all off of my bed and headed over to my dresser to stuff it into one of my drawers.
Damn Monokuma putting this kind of thing in my room... they'd take me as some sort of perverted freak if they seen me with this sort of thing..! TeruTeru would probably enjoy himself though... "UGH!!!" I groaned outloud.
*ding dong bing bong*
"Um, this is an announcement from Hope's Peak Academy's Field Trip Executive Committee... Yoohoo! It's time for your long-awaited recreation activities! What kind of exciting activities await you bastards? It's too late to- wait, that's not it. I can't wait to find out! We realize this us getting tedious, but for now- come and gather at Jabberwock Park!" The monitor then turned off.
Gather at the park? What the hell is he planning, at this time of night?
"Although I want to sleep. I can't just ignore the announcement. People will grow suspicious of me... In other words... I have no choice but to go. Shit! What does he want this time!?" I groaned and walked out the door and into the night.

Author's Note: Sorry it took me so long to make this DX I had to focus on some of my other stories. I ignored them for far too long T.T Anyway, I'll be taking a break from all of my stories and roleplaying for a bit. It's summer for me and I go back to school in a month. I want to enjoy my summer break before I go to school. And working on stories each and everyday for more than an hour straight and keep getting asked to do them when it just came out is a little overwhelming for me... Anyway, thank you all for understanding. The dream part with Kage is one of my friends ocs and we did a collab story on DanganRonpa: Welcome to Despair Mannor. Go check her out, she's really such a sweet person,… . Thank you all so much for reading and dealing with me. I greatly appreciate everything you all do for me. I'll see you all on the next one. Buh-Bye~
DanganRonpa: Lover's Game of Despair
Part one of Two
Chapter Three: Party With The Ultimates
Part One: Ticking Time Bomb
As I closed my eyes and drifted off into slumber, I seemed to have engulfed in a bright white light, similar to what I seen when I first got into our little game. I shielded my eyes and the light seemed to have faded a bit. I moved my hands away from my eyes and focused on a figure, it was Junko.
"Hey buddy, sweetheart, my pal, my amigo." Junko was waving a small Monokuma doll towards my face. "Where are we?" I looked around into the white empty void. "This is where I'm taking you every time you sleep. I like to think of it as... "A behind the scenes server." Anyway, check out your boyfriend, he's wallowing in his own despair. How marvelous!!!" Junko tossed the Monokuma doll aside and put on her crown, clasping her hands together in joy as a screen appeared in front of us with Monokuma looking at a picture of myself and eating ice cream from it's tube. I looked at the side as Monomi seemed a bit worried for her brother. "What the..?" I watched a bit as I cringed seeing my own creation crying over me while eating ice cream like some dysfunctional girl after a break up... Well, he does have Junko's and my own souls in him... "I know, rich isn't it!?" She said in her British tone, " But, seeing your own creation acting like such a girl is kind of bad, isn't it?" She stated a bit sadden, mushrooms replacing the crown on her head. "Anyway, enough of that for now." She muttered out. "Hey, you want to see the future!?" Junko stated in a cute voice. "Uh... what..?" Before she could realize my statement was a state of me being confused. She shown me a screen of a teenage girl who has black hair, but white underneath the top strands and Komaeda sitting down with a waffle and a bagel. " I love bagels they're so full of hope!!!" He chimed out while nibbling onto his bagel. " No, waffles are FULL of despair, they're Sooo much better, right Zetsuboneko?" The girl chimed out while nibbling on her waffle. "That's right Kage!!!" The black cat chimed out while spinning like a ballerina. "Oh, you think so..." Komaeda then let out a smile, standing up from his chair. "Yeah, that is right." Kage continued to eat. "Bagels are the warriors of hope!!! Their white fluffy softness is surly the guide to hope!!! The hole in the middle help seeks the pathway towards the future, unlike that waffle that makes you only see darkness if you try to look through it." Komaeda muttered. "Well, at least I'm not a person that annoys everyone around then with all that hope crap you keep bringing to the table." Kage rolled her eyes. "Oh really." Komaeda got up and chuckled. "Really." Kage let out a flirtatious smirk before throwing cake at him. "Have some of the disbelieving cake while you're in denial." She chuckled before walking away. Leaving Komaeda to fall on the floor, covered in bits of cake and icing.
"Enough of that... Anyways, this ends our talk for now. I'll see you soon." Junko stated, giving me a wave. Everything began to fade around me. "Wait... no... I need more information!!!" I began screaming before a bright light engulfed me, bringing me back into reality.

*ding dong bing bong*
I heard the sound of the morning announcement. I rubbed my eyes as I seen Monokuma appear on screen. "Um, this is an announcement from Hope's Peak Academy's Field Trip Executive Committee..." I got up and stretched a bit as I listened intently to Monokuma's announcement. "Good morning, you bastards! It's another perfect tropical day! Let's enjoy it for all it's worth!" Then the monitor turned itself off. I gathered clothing from my drawer and walked over to the bathroom to change.
Just as I walked out of the bathroom after changing my clothing, I can hear a scream from Hajime's cottage. I peeked out my window to see Hajime talking to the floor boards, he seemed a bit ticked so there's only one assumption... "Monokuma..." I sighed and rolled my eyes. I then walked out of my dorm.
I shouldn't worry about it too much. I stepped out of my dorm and I seemed to run into someone. "Oof, oh, I'm terribly sorry!!!" I bowed, but before I could frantically apologize I heard a girlish scream, "GYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!" I looked up to see a terrified Kaizuichi, "...Oh, it's only you, Y/N. Don't surprise me like that." He let out a sigh and calmed down a bit. " I should say the same to you, now, what are you doing outside of my dorm?" I stared at Kaizuichi a bit weirded out. "... You seen it yet?" He seemed a bit frightened of something again. "Ahhh... It's such a pain... What's up with that?!" He questioned at me. "W... What are you talking about...?" I questioned at him, a bit confused at his statement. "The bridges, y'know? Massive? Gates? Five of 'em? Central Island?" He had spoken to me as if I was some sort of idiot. I sighed out, "What happened to those bridges?" I questioned, a bit bored of this dweeb. "Somethin' sure did! That's what I'm trying to tell you! T... Those "monsters" are standing in front if the bridges... They're blocking them..." Kazuichi pointed off into the distance, the way which the bridges in the central island were. "They're not monsters, they're Monobeasts." Monokuma appeared. I watched as Kazuichi got a bit too jumped scared as he made his appearance, "GYAAAAAAAAAA! HE'S HEEEEEEEEEEEEERE!" Kazuichi screamed, my ears began ringing. "The Monobeasts are Jabberwock Island's guardians. They're there to help me keep you bastards in check and prevent you from crossing over to the other islands." Monokuma then disappeared after giving his speech. "So, they're gatekeepers. In that case, we probably shouldn't go near those bridges, unless you'd want to be teared limb from limbs and brutally murdered in other means." I chuckled a bit. Kazuichi started crying a bit and hid under his hat, his skin going a bit too pale, "Uu... what a pain... Can't take it anymore..." He stated sadly. "Hey, I was only kidding. Don't go pale, are you alright!? Keep yourself together!!!" I shouted out, shaking him a bit. "I can't... I can't keep it together." He then moved away. "How can I enjoy a tropical vacation when monsters are probably about to eat me...!" He shouted out a bit delusional. I looked around to see Hajime walking out of his room and talking to Peko. I watched as she waved him off and came on over to us. "...What's all this noise you're making?" Peko appeared behind me. "GYAAAAAAA! SOMEONE ELSE'S HEEEEEEEEERE!" Kazuichi screeched. "Yeah, dude, didn't you see her come up from behind me...?" I muttered out. "I came all the way here just to call you. Don't treat me like a monster..." She said a bit peeved. " You came to get us?" I questioned at her a her confused. "I've been asked to. The two of you didn't seem like you were going to show up, so I went looking for you. We're having a meeting. We're waiting at the hotel restaurant. Come quickly." Peko then wondered off. "Uu... I'm out... I want nothing to do with it..." He then began running. "I...I'M RUNNING AWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!" He shouted out. "Oh what a bother, I was hoping he'd sing 'Fuck This Shit I'm Out.' That would've been much entertaining for my liking... Oh well..."
As I began my way to the hotel's restaurant. I was greeted with Chiaki playing at the machine next to the stairs. "Hey, aren't you supposed to be at the meeting?" I watched her play the game. She was pretty good. She then looked at me a bit before turning back to her game. "I thought I could get a game in before everyone got here..." She then sighed as he character died. "But... I guess it's time to go." Chiaki went up the stairs, leaving me to trail along shortly after. "You're late, Y/N... and what about Soda? Weren't the two of you together?" Byakuya gave me a bit of an attitude. I looked around to everyone muttering while smiling at me. "You think the two of them are dating?" Hajime asked Komaeda. "I doubt it, Ms. L/N is too good from someone such as Kazuichi..." Komaeda muttered out a bit mad. I then coughed, a bit embarrassed, "He... ran off somewhere." I muttered out. "Huh? Where to?" Akane questioned at me suspiciously. "He... said he was running away, but..." I scratched the back of my head before Mikan interrupted, "...Running away...? Is there somewhere we can run away to?" Mikan questioned with a bit hope in her eyes. "He's just a biiiiiig weirdo! There's nowhere to run away to!" Hiyoko teased. "We cant blame him, though... Not after what we've all witnessed yesterday." Nekomaru stated in understanding. "Eh? What was that? Did something happen yesterday...? I won't believe anything. I mean, that couldn't possibly have been reality. Yep... there's nothing to be gained by believing." TeruTeru combed his hair a bit nervously, trying to catch his breath.
I wish the poor bastard would accept the fact...
"So, why have you gathered all of us here?" Mahiru steered us back into the topic as to why we came here. "We will not start talking until Soda is here." Byakuya crossed his arm and spoken. Everyone hushed up, "Ah, wait a second... So, it was you who gathered us here...?" Hajime finally figured it out. I already called it, only he would... "Oui! It seems Byakuya-chan over there has something he wants to talk to everyone about!" Ibuki stated to Hajime as she pointed at Byakuya. "What... is there to talk about?" Hajime seemed confused as all holy hell. "Isn't it obvious?! It's a strategy meeting about how to take down those monsters!" Akane hit her fist in her other hand, showing she means to fight. "W... We can't fight them...! They're equipped with heavy firearms, aren't they?!" Mikan called out a bit frightened. "BULLETS CANNOT PIERCE SPIRIT!!!" Nekomaru shouted out in encouragement. "A keen observation, and well put... But let me offer some... advice... spirited one. A truly strong person... also knows how to keep quiet." Gundam gave a smugged look. "Heeeey! Let's just get started already!" Hiyoko got a bit impatient. "Besides, it's probably going to be someone worthless pep-talk." She rolled her eyes. "I'm not going to repeat it anymore... I will not begin talking until everyone is here." Byakuya stated as a final warning. "Oh, fine! I get it! I'll just go get him, then! Wait here! I'll bring him over even if I have to tie him down!" Mahiru stormed out of the restaurant to find Kazuichi. "Hoh hoh... I'm a little jealous. I wouldn't mind being tied up to Koizumi-san... Maybe I should run away too." TeruTeru let out a seductive groan. We all stared at him a bit disgusted, "Juuuuuuuuuuust kidding!" He chuckled. Whatever... I hope you die first you disgusting pig... You're worst than Akemi... If that was even possible... "Disgusting..." Fuyuhiko looked at TeruTeru like he was filth. Glad someone agrees with me... "Well, then. Until everyone is here, I suggest we make use of time and have breakfast. Let's eat!" Byakuya stayed and then walked over to the tables and devoured the mountains of food upon them. Everyone began getting what they could. "... Wait, where did all this food come from?" Hajime questioned as he looked at the pile of food everyone else was eating. "When I cam here this morning, it was already here." Komaeda chuckled. "Ah, they have shrimps and crabs!" Mikan smiled as she gauged the shrimp and crabs. "Eating shrimps and crabs is such a paaaaaain! I hate them! Almost as much as I hate Tsumiki's shady face." Hiyoko bullied Mikan. I knew this would be bothersome to watch, so I went over and grabbed whatever food I could and pulled up a seat in the corner. I watched as Chiaki, Hajime, and Komaeda joined me at the table. "Are you really going to eat that...? I mean, you couldn't know who made that..." Hajime tried to talk me out of eating my food. I examined it a bit, "It doesn't seem raw or poisoned in anyway." I told him, reassuringly. "Ah, my, my, looks like you have an eye for seeing if the food is poisoned or not. What a exquisite sight, only people with such good taste with foods would know about that sort of thing." TeruTeru leaned onto the table and looked at me with such lustful eyes. I stood up, "Well, lucky I have better taste in men than you." I poured my water over his head and walked towards the stairs. "Ah, she's quite the hard one to get. I like that. Also, look at the way her hips move, it's like the ocean gentle crashing it's wave to the shore." TeruTeru stated out loud as Komaeda and Hajime told him to stop. As I made my way down the stairs, I heard loud footsteps drawing near, then someone grabbed ahold of my wrist. "Where do you think you're going?" Byakuya asked me. "I don't want to be near such a creep like TeruTeru." I stated a bit peeved. Byakuya rolled his eyes and sighed, "If I make him stay away from you, will you come back?" He questioned a bit understanding. "Fine." I sighed as he dragged me up the stairs like a child. He then dragged me back to the table, "You three look after her. TeruTeru come help me test the food for any poison." He pulled along TeruTeru. "I'll be back for you babe!!!" TeruTeru called out to me as I sneered at him in disgust. "So, do you think Monokuma had anything to deal with this food?" Komaeda asked me. I thought of what to say for a second, "Since you said it was before you were here and I believe you'd arrive before, because you seem like the type of guy to do such a thing. Anyway, yes I do believe it was him. You would've known TeruTeru cooked it if he was here and in the kitchen. And you said you seen it here before, right? Then anyone BUT Monokuma should've cooked the meal set out for us." I explained to Komaeda. "Ah, just as I expected from the ultimate programmer who had been friends with the ultimate analytical." Komaeda muttered out softly into my ear, only audible for me to hear him. "Wait... what did you say?" I questioned at him as Hajime and Chiaki began talking amongst themselves. "Oh, nothing." He chuckled. Before I can further discuss what Komaeda had stated before. Mahiru came in with Kazuichi, "Have I kept you waiting? I brought him!" Mahiru let Kazuichi go, he began trembling badly. "Hey, don't tremble like that! Aren't you embarrassed as a man?!" Mahiru began scolding at Kazuichi. "Kyahaha! He looks tough, but he's really a scaredy-cat!" Hiyoko giggled while poking at Kazuichi's stomach. "L...Leave me aloooooonnneeee!!!"Kazuichi cried out. Shortly after we heard a loud crash, "KYAAAAAAA!!!" We all turned our attention to the girl who got caught in wires while letting out a rather erotic pose... "Hawa... hawawawa...! I... I fell down and I can't get up!!!" Mikan cried out. "T... That goes a bit beyond "fell down"!" Hajime shielded his eyes, not to looks at Mikan's pose. "How can you fall down... and end up like that!?" Byakuya got a bit taken a back. "Oh, but I am happy! So happy!" TeruTeru looked intently at Mikan. I was about to smack him before Byakuya held me back, "Trust me, it's not worth it. You might catch his filth." He whispered in my ear. "Nooo! It's too embarrassing! S...Someone, help me!" Mikan screamed. I went over to help her. "Squeeeee! That embarrassing face is soooo cute! It'z too moe! Ibuki is rendered speechless!" Ibuki cheered out happily. God, she's just as worst as that TeruTeru. "A...Anyway, let's help her!" Mahiru came next to me to help untangle the wires attached to her ankles. We helped her up and Komaeda came over. "T...Tsumiki-san... are you alright?" He asked with concern. "Uyu... I feel like my head split open... but I'm fine..." She held her head. She must've cracked it on the wood... "But...that went far beyond being clumsy. They way you fell down takes some skill." Mahiru stated a bit of pity in her voice. "More importantly... everyone is here now, right? Shouldn't we begin?" Chiaki then yawned. "I've... gotten tired, you see." She rubbed her eyes sleepily. "As do I." I stated out loud. "They're right. Loathe as I am to interrupt breakfast, it's time to start this meeting." Byakuya stated out loud. "Can I eat while listening to you talking?" Akane questioned out loud, eyeballing the food hungrily. "No." Byakuya stated firmly. "But, but, I packed so much on my plate already!!!" She looked at the vas mountain of food on her plate, sadly. "Hmph..." Byakuya looked a bit annoyed. "What are you so annoyed about?" I nudged him. He stepped aside a bit and fixed his glasses, "Look at that plate of hers. It's a mess. The way she stacks food on it is vulgar. There's no theme or order to it at all..." He seemed a bit disgusted. Well, not shit Sherlock. She just wanted to stuff her face with food, she's probably starving. And who the hell could stack their plate orderly, if it's freakin filled to the top? I just gave him a look of what the fuckness. "And furthermore... That's what you call "packing" your plate?" He asked Akane. "W... What did you say!?" Akane seemed a bit ticked by Byakuya's rude gesture towards her. "Let me warn you. Don't try to imitate me. Someone like you is nowhere near capable of managing that amount. That amount of food is possible only for one who has overcome the hardships I have..." He scolded ay Akane. Hardships...? What the hell is he talking about? Being a hare what "hardships" does he have to deal with? Well, besides not seeing his parents all day. "Oy! Don't expect me to stay quiet while you insult me like that!" Akane seemed pissed. "Akane-chan, you should just step down..." Mahiru stepped in. "If you try to compete against him, you're just going to have that nice figure of yours go to waste." Mahiru pointed out the beauty of Akane's fit body. I rolled my eyes. What a sexist prick, let alone she looks like a MAJOR lesbian... "You fool... Do you have any idea how much money it took to get my body this way?" Byakuya seemed as if he was about to explode. He then turned away, "And yet, you think I should loose weight." He scoffed. He then regained his posture and fixed his glasses, "First, I'd like to pose a question to you all. We've ben ordered to kill each other by that Monobear, but... If we wish to live through this extraordinary ordeal, what do you think is of the utmost importance right now?" Byakuya questioned as everyone began to think about it. "Feh, how should we know? Just hurry up and get to the point." Fuyuhiko stated a bit impatient. "If you want me to get to the point, answer my question." Byakuya stated simply. "Of the utmost importance? You don't mean food and sleep, do you?" Akane thought about it. "Ku... you forgetting bowel movements." Nekomaru seemed a bit mad. "EAT WELL, SLEEP WELL! SHIT WELL! THERE'S YOUR ANSWER!" Nekomaru screamed out. Alrighty then... "Are there any serious questions?" Byakuya looked around the room, not amused. "Are you perhaps... talking about "bonds"?" Komaeda questioned. Ah yes, that thing Monomi applied in the rules before Monokuma changed it. "Bonds...?" Hajime seemed a bit out of it. I hope TeruTeru isn't thinking about bondage at a time like this... "I've been thinking... If all of us Super High-school Levels work together, there's nothing we can't do..." Komaeda then had the looks of determination upon his face, "Together, we can give birth to hope that can overcome any despair! So... the thing we need the most in order to escape this island... is to stick together!" After his inspiring speech, Hiyoko started to burst out in laughter. "Wahaha! You managed to keep a straight face! Aren't you sooooooo embarrassed?" She giggled. "Sorry, sorry... Too hammy?" Komaeda put up his hands in defense and began to chuckle nervously. "Nevertheless, he has a point. Monokuma designed those rules to make us paranoid and suspicious of each other- to stop us from working together." I stepped in to back up Komaeda. Poor thing seemed so pitiful... I just HAD to back him up. "Indeed. That is a splendid answer." Byakuya bravo my idea. "As you say, in this kind of predicament, one can't possibly stand alone. We must fight as a unified group... But, the thing a group needs most is not something as naïve as "bonds"." Byakuya looked at all of us. I knew he didn't want that answer... "So... what is it?" Komaeda asked in a bit of a confused trance. "What we need most right now is a gifted leader to be in command!" Byakuya shouted out loud. Of course... I'm assuming he's going to do it. "I see... every team needs a captain, that much is true." Nekomaru agreed with Byakuya. "And you will be delight to hear that I will take on this responsibility myself." Byakuya stated a bit too full of himself. Of course... "Huh...?" Hajime seemed a bit confused. "And, now that we're done with the preliminaries, we can address the main issues here." Byakuya was about to continue before Mahiru interrupted him, "Wait just one second!" Mahiru yelled. "What's wrong?" He looked at her a bit impatient. "W... What's wrong? You're being way too aggressive! Don't just decide you're going to be out leader...! Why should it be you, anyway!?" Mahiru looked a bit ticked off. "Is there anyone more fit for the job than me? I'm the Super High-school Level Heir of the Togami family. Since my birth, I was destined to lead." Byakuya stated a bit triumphantly. "B...But...! Nevertheless, your attitude is just too aggressive!" Mahiru scolded. "Koizumi-san, wait a moment. You're right.... Togami-kun is a little aggressive, but... considering our circumstances... I think... to lead in a situation like this... you'd need to be somewhat aggressive . Don't you agree?" Komaeda made Mahiru think about this, she then sighed out loud. "I... guess you're right, but... if we're looking for someone born to lead, what about Sonia-chan...?" Mahiru pointed at Sonia. "No, I would not at all be fit. My role has always been more like that of a decoration." Sonia smiled. I would suggest I lead, but I don't want to get killed by what I'd tell them to do... "Well, at the very least, to even volunteer to lead in a situation like ours... that counts for something, doesn't it? " Komaeda chuckled. "If everyone's okay with it... I guess I am too..." Mahiru sighed, looking a bit embarrassed. "So, it's decided. Don't worry. As long as I'm your leader, there will not be a single victim. I shall lead you well. That, I promise." Byakuya finished. What a drama queen... "Ukyaaa! That's soooo reassuring!!!" Ibuki cheered. I looked over to Hajime, that same in text box appeared in front of him, 'It is little reassuring, but... That was unexpected. I didn't think he was the kind of person to say things like that. I thought that, since he's a "Super High-school Level Heir" used to living in high circles, he's just see the rest of us as insects being trampled.' Byakuya then spoken up, "Well, then. Let's actually get to the main issue this time... There is something I want to show you." Byakuya began to turn. "What is it?" Hajime asked. "It's at Jabberwock Park, over at the central island. Come quickly." Without waiting for a reply, Togami stomped his way out of the restaurant. "Aggressive" is right..." Hajime agreed with Mahiru's statement from earlier. "Sigh... We probably failed in picking a leader..." Mahiru sighed out a bit disappointedly. Everyone started to leave. I was about to walk out before someone I didn't expect to grab ahold of me. "Hey, you want to walk with us..?" Hajime seemed a bit flustered before quickly letting of my hand. I looked behind him, seeing Chiaki staring off into space and Komaeda smiling and waving at me. "Sure." I smiled, he sighed in relief. "Great, let's go." Komaeda butted in between us and we began to set off to Jabberwock Park.
We arrived and seen a big black ball ontop of several gears, the head looks much like Monokuma's, and upon it had a timer. Oh you persistent little bear, what are you up to? I chuckled lightly as we stood among the rest. "Bah. For a bunch of thin people, you are all hopelessly slow." Byakuya stated, seeing the rest of the people from the restaurant gather into the group. "I think it is you who is too fast, Togami-san." Sonia stated a bit out of breath. "A fatso who can move, who'd'a thought..." Kazuichi muttered a bit in disbelief. "So, what is there to see over here?" Akane looked at Byakuya, unamused. "What is there... to see"...? Hrmph... You... really haven't noticed? Truly, a parade of simpletons..." Byakuya then pointed at the thing he wanted to show us... The ticking time bomb. 21 more days...So, that's how much time he's giving us... "It looks like a clock... but it isn't, is it?" Hajime sighed out and examined it again. Nope, sorry Hajime. "It seems that... it's counting down to something...!" Hajime shouted out as he pointed to the time on the bomb. "Was this... here when we came to the park before?" Mahiru looked a bit confused. "Ku... I don't believe I saw it back then...!" Nekomaru seemed a bit peeved. "This morning... I walked around the island again and I found it. It's unclear exactly when it was installed here." Byakuya began to think for a bit. "It must have been Monokuma who installed it..." I muttered out, loosing myself to my thoughts. "What does this countdown mean...?" Peko questioned. The day you all die... "Hmmm... Ibuki can't even begin to guess!" Ibuki shouted out, leading me out of my dark thoughts. "Hoh hoh... it's another inexplicable mystery to put on the pile... But, it has nothing to do with me. I don't believe any of it, after all." TeruTeru began combing his hair, probably to take him mind off of this despairingly mess... "Could it be... a bomb of some sort?" Nekomaru suggested. Ah, finally someone got it. These imbeciles cant tell a memory drive to a hard drive, I swear... "A... A BOMB!?" Kazuichi screamed out, petrified. "If they wanted to destroy the island, they would have done so by now. Why bother with the flashy countdown?" Byakuya seemed a bit befuddled. "So... what is it counting down towards." Mikan questioned. "It's a mystery." Akane sighed. I sighed out loud at the stupidity of these new players. "Cuwioser and cuwioser..." Monomi began to think. "Kya!" Sonia screamed in surprise. "Kyaaaa!" Monomi screamed shortly after. "Monomi, why are you here?" I knelt down to her level. "I was patwolling the area and heard everyone's voices, so I came to see what was going on..." Monomi explained. "That's not it... Didn't Monokuma killed you or something?" Hajime questioned at the rabbit. "Oh that's what you're all so surpwised about! Hee hee hee! You shouldn't have wowwied! I can't die, after all!" Monomi giggled at the way everyone was overreacting over something so trivial such as this. Don't they know that there's multiple creations of them? No one would only make one of their creations, they would become destroyed so they made more to keep the creation "alive", such as creating another season as a favorite t.v. or anime show. "I see... You are an undead being resurrected from Yomi, the land of the dead... Ha! Shall I hunt and domesticate you, then?!" Gundam stepped towards Monomi a bit too agitating, as she hid behind me, quivering in fear. "Monomi is probably a mechanical stuff doll, isn't she? You can't kill something that isn't alive, can you?" Chaiki asked as she examined Monomi. "Now that you bring it up... I guess you're right. Long as there's a spares, it's all good." Kazuichi chuckled and scratched the back of his head. "A spare...? I don't like the sound of that word!" Monomi began to cry.
Byakuya then had a sudden realization, "Your timing is impeccable, though. There is something I want to ask you. Answer me. What does this countdown mean?" Byakuya asked her firmly and pointed at the large bomb behind her. "Hoeh? Countdown?" Monomi questioned and turned around to see the massive bomb behind her. "Howawa, are you talking about that thing?!" She flailed her arms in fear. She then turned to us and looked down, "U... Um... I'm vewy sorry... That's... a little difficult for me to understand..." She muttered out.
What is there not to understand though? It's a freakin time bomb her brother created. Does Monokuma not update her on the things he does!?
"Are you telling the truth? Do you really not know...?" Peko began growing suspicious. Monomi began to grow a bit anxious, "I... I'm sorry... I'm not pwivy to everything Monokuma is doing..." She stated a bit sad. "You're his sister, and you don't know?!" Hiyoko stated a bit confused. "I am not big bwother's little sister!" Monomi shouted out. So, is she accepting that fact or not... She is a bit confusing... "A... Anyway... Let's figure it out together! Let's drive that meanie Monokuma off this island!" Monomi cheered outloud. "If you don't know anything about this timer, you're useless. Go away." Byakuya was a bit peeved by Monomi. "Um... But, together..." Monomi began. "Go. Away." Byakuya's voice grew deep, he meant it. "Kya! I... I'm sowwy!!!" Monomi flinched before running away. "Um... I think we treated her a little too harshly, do you not agree? I feel a bit sorry for her..." Sonia watched as Monomi ran off, sobbing. "Sonia-san! May I call you Sonia-san!? I'm going to call you Sonia-san!" Kazuichi began his ramblings. "You shouldn't sympathize with that bunny. She's probably in cahoots with Monobear." Kazuichi stated a bit worried. "Let's forget those stuffed toys... the issue of this clock is far more important, isn't it?" Fuyuhiko tried to steer everyone away from Monokuma and Monomi. "It is ominous, is it not? How could someone install the large construction in just a single night?" Byakuya stated a bit befuddled.
That's my Monokuma, unless he had prepared it before I ever met him or without my noticing. But, how can that possibly be... Maybe Junko stashed a bunch of them on this island... It certainly is a possibility...
"Hmmm... I can't even imagine..." Hajime stated a bit confused. "In other words, this isn't reality! This is the ultimate proof!" TeruTeru stated.
Wait... "This isn't reality"... Not reality...
I began to ponder before Byakuya's booming voice pulled me out of it, "But, that's not the only thing that's difficult to imagine... Everything that occurred in the last 24 hours has been a giant mess of unimaginable things... For example... how did the sixteen of us get to this island...?" Byakuya asked everyone.
Maybe, it was because you were all stolen away on the boat and Monokuma made Monomi stage the whole thing and erased your memories... Like I said, only a theory amongst many... "It's a pain, so I decided not to think about that... Sure is a mystery." Kazuichi grabbed his head and rubbed it a bit. "And it's only the first. Jabberwock Island is a famous resort location. How come it's been deserted? There aren't any tourists here, not to mention the local population... Is such a thing really possible?" Byakuya seemed a bit too befuddled by our situation. "An extravagant civilization, fated to fall into ruin... Void became existence, and existence void..." Gundam seemed a bit pitied. "Are you saying... they've all been destroyed?" Mikan was frightened. "Civilization is much akin to fruit. Shortly after ripening it will rot, and, without fail, fail. Growing wealth make fanatics of private enterprises. Bureaucrats shape the law into a tool that serves only to keep them in power. As a result, the weight of vested interest sinks the country into conservatism, and all attempts at reform are crushed... It truly is a sad state of affairs." Sonia was a bit sadden. "Um, that kinda went over my head, but I don't think that's what's going on here..." Mahiru stated a bit irritated. "It's simple, you dummies... They used those Monobeasts and massacred eeeveryone on the island, didn't they?" Hiyoko stated a bit like a know it all, like Byakuya... Ahem, anyway, Hiyoko did have a point about Monokuma making his minions destroy life on here, but that isn't it. I'm sure of it... "And that's how... it became an uninhabited island!?" Nekomaru shouted out loud in disbelief. "It's possible, but... we don't know for certain that's what happened... When all is said and done, this mystery is still a mystery." Byakuya stated with a sigh. "Gugigigigigi..! Too many mysteries!!!" Ibuki was about to pull her hairs out. "True. Mysteries are everywhere. So many astonishing mysteries piled together... this isn't the work of some after-school club." Byakuya stated while thinking for a bit. "W... What are you trying to say...?" Hajime questioned at Byakuya. "What I'm trying to say is... this situation is, without question, the work of some kind of powerful organization." Byakuya stated. "A powerful organization?" Mikan stated a bit frightened. "Monomi, Monokuma, the Monobeasts... To construct sophisticated machines like these takes considerable expertise..." Byakuya stated. Of course it does, no amateur can match my expertise. "And not just expertise... It's also extremely costly. The parts you need aren't just found lying around." Kazuichi stated.
Not unless your parents own a company full of metallic hardware and such along those lines...
"In all likelihood, the organization is operating those machines while watching us through the surveillance cameras..." Byakuya stated while looking around. "Are they hiding somewhere on the island?" Peko looked around. "No... it wouldn't make much sense for them to physically be here. They are probably somewhere else. Somewhere safe." Byakuya thought out loud. "And... where would that be?" Nekomaru scratched behind his head. "That I don't know... In any case, it is certain that some kind of powerful organization is controlling our situation." Byakuya stated assuring. "Hmmm... I can't imagine any organization that could set up a situation like this..." Akane asked. "I can. Several, in fact." Byakuya began, I listened intently to see if he got it. "My own family's Togami Conglomerate. The kingdom of Novoselic... And the Kuzuryuu Family... It must be an organization on the same scale as these." Byakuya thought. Well, at least he tried... "Eh?" Sonia gasped as we turned out attention to Fuyuhiko. "I'm used to being a suspect. Think what you want..." Fuyuhiko sighed out, seeming like he doesn't care. "Wait! You and Kuzuryuu are possibilities, sure, but I won't allow any suspicious towards Sonia-san!!! Look at her! She's s golden haired princess! She's nothing like the rest of you commoners!" Kazuichi tried to protect his love. "Yeah, yeah... why are the extras talking so much?" Hiyoko questioned. My thoughts exactly... "E... Extra?! Is she talking about me?!" Kazuichi questioned with a gasp. " Those clothes you're wearing... are you just trying to look cool because your personality is so shallow." Hiyoko giggled. "Hee hee... it's very difficult to survive when you're employed as a disposable extra, you know." Hiyoko teased at Kazuichi a bit too seriously. "I...If this keeps going on, she's going to traumatize me for life!" Kazuichi cried out. "Hey, Togami... Are you serious? Do you really think Sonia's families are involved...?" Hajime questioned at Byakuya. "I was just giving examples. I was not trying to throw suspicions into any of us." Byakuya stated, trying to shake everyone's suspicions from everyone else. "But... they definitely all count as "powerful organizations"..." Hajime told Byakuya. "Even if such an organization exists... for what reason are they doing this to us?" Peko thought about it for a bit, so did everyone else. "By the way, how much longer are we going to talk about this? Why not turn the conversation into something a little more real?" TeruTeru put two fingers up... Making it seem like he'd like to talk about something such as... THAT... Byakuya stared before fixing his glasses, ignoring whatever else came out of TeruTeru's filthy mouth,  "Our enemy's goals are still unclear to me... This will change as soon as we know for certain who they are. In other words, our first priority is to investigate our captors' identity. We shall surely also discover a means to escape if we do. Luckily, according to the Electronic Student Handbook, we are free to investigate this island... There must be a clue here somewhere. We have no time to waste... We have to search as if our lives depend on it." Byakuya commanded to all of us. "Absolutely! Let's go!!!" Akane cheered out, energy coursing through her veins. She then had a befuddled look, "Wait, what were we looking for again...?" Akane chuckled a bit confused. "Akane-chan, haven't you been listening? We're looking for hints to the enemy's identity." Mahiru caught her up. "It will not be a problem. No organization on this earth can stop me. My Four Dark Gods of Destruction will render any who opposes me to ashes!" Gundam shouted out as his four little adorable hamsters appeared. "Whaaa! Little hamsters came out of his muffler! Heh heh. Such cute little hamsters!" Sonia drew near Gundam and stared at his hamsters who played along with her. "Yes, they are rather adorable." I added and played along with the hamsters too, they seemed happy. "Cute... little hamsters...?" Gundam looked down at his hamsters. He then began blushing, "T... Thank you." He hid his face in his scarf. "He looks quite pleased, doesn't he!" Ibuki pointed at Gundam. "How can he speak to Sonia-san in such a care free way? I'll have to give him a beating later..." Kazuichi was peeved. I turned my attention back to my group. They smiled as I came back over. But, Hajime seemed a bit out of it, sort of like Chiaki... I watched as his display box was shown to me, 'Somehow... I still don't think they're being nervous enough, but... I think I feel thankful for this atmosphere now. It's strange, but I feel I can trust everybody with this job. It must be... that self-assurance that people holding a "Super High-school Level" talent have about themselves... But... What about me? Is it really okay for me to throw out my chest as one of them? ................... Shit... I still can't remember... I can't remember what kind of talent I have...!'
Before I could get my thoughts about how much of a dumbass Hajime is before Byakuya started blabbering his mouth again, "Anyway, let me say one more thing to all of you. We have no time for foolish ideas such as murder. We have to concentrate on the things we must do right now. Let us observe, infer, perceive and understand. If that much is possible for any of you, at the very least move your bodies. Most importantly, follow me. I will return us all to normality. You understand, don't you? This is an order from your leader." Byakuya commanded at us. "Whaa, that was super-cool!" Ibuki chimed out. "He lifted his right arm and it's all wobbly! I have a nickname for him that fits perfectly- "Mr. Porkfingers!" Hiyoko teased at Byakuya. "M... Mr.Porkfingers...?" He asked in a bit of disbelief. "Heh... I never thought I'd see the day when someone has the nerve to call me something like that." Byakuya chuckled a bit. "Huh? Aren't you mad?" Hajime questioned a bit confused. "It is nothing to be mad about, is it?" He smirked at Hajime as he looked back in confusion. Byakuya sighed, "She took a good at me, and came up with a nickname that fits. There is nothing deceitful or untruthful there. Or perhaps... it's something I've longed for myself. How ironic that I noticed it only when faced with this kind of predicament." He chuckled a bit.
The hell, is he pleased by being called that kind of nickname? Is he an emotional masochist...?
Byakuya then noticed me staring at him, "Pay me no attention. I was just talking to myself." He muttered out loud. "I... I see..." I stated. "So, just like Togami-Kun said, let's go do whatever we can without letting unneeded thoughts come into our heads! This is certainly a bad situation, but it's not the worst! I mean, we're not alone. We're friends... no, more than that... We're comrades! We're all in this together!" Komaeda tried to fill everyone with hope. "You're being lame again!" Hiyoko seemed displeased at Komaeda's sudden outburst. "Ahaha, of course. I thought so myself." Komaeda chuckled.
Then why make a fool of yourself and do it?
Everyone began walking off and I went over to my room. I sighed and plopped onto my bed. I closed my eyes while putting my arm over my eyes and let out a groan. I sat up and got off the bed, beginning to stretch. I walked over to the mirror and looked at myself.
Comrades, huh? Well, then I guess I should make some new friends and manipulate them to kill themselves, right Junko?
I watched as the mirror of my image shifted into a pretty little blonde friend of mine. "Of course." She chuckled. "Well, off I go then!" I cheered myself on and went on my journey to make a close friend. I looked around.
I would hang out with Komaeda and his friends, but I think we'd grow close on our own... Reminds me of my group back in the last game, Choko, Yuu, and Makoto... I shuddered at the thought of Makoto almost raping me. I decided to shake off that thought and find Byakuya. He seems like a worthy person to befriend.
I woke up. Staring at my ceiling. My phone was exploding with texts from Amano… I couldn’t even find Chiaki’s text she always sends me in the morning, due to the flood of messages Amano sent me… I sighed at my phones intense vibrations… One after another… “Shut the hell up, god damn it!!!” I screamed out loud. It’s 1 in the fricken morning. I should be texting or skyping Chiaki!!! And how the hell did he even get my number!? Well… He does have his future diary on me… Maybe he got it from that..? I sighed out loud as my phone kept buzzing. “Just please stop…” I groaned out loud.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
I began my walk to school alone. Chiaki was sick today… probably from hard core gaming last night… I looked through various messages on my phone. Trying to delete my messages from Amano. So, in the mean time let me lay it down as to what happened yesterday. Junko had given me a future diary on my phone, it gives me everything I jot down before I experience it. But, I’m just one amongst 16 other various students with a similar way of seeing peeks the future. They began picking each other off one by one because, the last man standing gains the similar powers as Junko has, a demi-god. Evidently the girl they call Number Three or Genocide Syo drew the sort straw…
I had vague remembrance as to her dying. Those words pleasing to spare her life, before she got sucked into her own body like vortex… I turned off my phone and place it into the pocket of my jacket.
Did I really kill some one..?
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
I was too hung up in class… Just having such a thing in my possession made me nervous, it made me a marked man having it in my grasp. I mean, it’s not like I can ask anyone for help with this sort of thing… Maybe…
I looked up at Amano who was in the front.
No, no, no… It’s tempting, sure, but he’s stalking me…
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
*Ding Dong Bing Bong*
Everyone began leaving the class room. I walked over to Amano, catching him before he sets off. “Excuse me…” I called out to him, he turned his attention to me, “Can we talk for a sec?” I questioned at him. “Hmm… Now really isn’t the best time… I’m going to be late for p.e. if I do stay for longer than I do now… Just hit me up later today, alright? Try to wait it out.” He then lunged his bag over his shoulders and ran off. Leaving me all alone in the classroom.
Alrighty then… Suppose that’s the best I can hope for…
Before I can get lost in my thoughts, someone knocked at the front door of the classroom, there stood Celestia Ludenburg, she wore a Lolita like school outfit and had long black tornado like hair. I overheard she goes to an underground gambling session in her free time, after school… “Excuse me, but… Can you maybe help me? I am trying to find the faculty longue. Any idea if I am getting warmer to it? I figured some one there might have the answers about a certain student of this class…” She questioned at me in some sort of weird accent. “Uhm…” I was a bit befuddled.
I wonder what her story is…
“They’re in this classroom, aren’t they? Excuse me, but did you perhaps know that they we’re also a killer?” She questioned at me. I gasped, was she talking about… Toko Fukawa…?
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Amano’s P.O.V
I was changing in the boys locker room. “Hey, I’m going to run on ahead.” One of my friends stated, peeking his head from the side of the locker. “Alright. See ya around.” I muttered out to my friend. I then turned my attention to my phone that was spazzing a bit, showing me a message I didn’t want to see…
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Your P.O.V
Celestia walked over to me.  “Word is, your grades are up. And if a gal asks around, seems as if most of your classmates think you have been acting sort of strange the past few days. You think Toko’s absences is a little on the suspicious side? I mean, after all the killer, Genocider Syo, died yesterday.” Celestia drew me near the wall. I looked at her intently, wondering what she might do next.
“Her murder dairy didn’t help much at the moment of truth. Her trail of blood had written out a smeared plan of hunting, First. Before she got upstaged, in case you’re not following me, the girl who wrote romantic novels in the back of the class room was Third.” She drew a bit closer to me. I flinched as I backed up a little more, leaning against the wall firmly. “No way…” I muttered out a bit frightened.
She knows…
She then looked at my phone in my hand. She then grabbed my hand and looked at the phone closely, “ I do say, you certainly have a nice phone.” She stared intently at it. I moved out of her grip and drew back more. “I was dead on. You’re First, aren’t you?” She chuckled. “Pleased to make your acquaintance!” She had a terrifying expression upon her pale face. I then heard static coming from my phone. I looked down at the word, ‘------ DEAD END----‘ I gasped. “No!!!” I heard Amano’s voice scream. He had a fire extinguisher in his hand and swung it at Celestia. She dodged instinctively, “Too late, the name’s Celestia Ludenbrug and if Third was the appetizer, then I believe I am considered the main course.” She got on the window ceil. She was about to jump, “Au Revoir!!!” She stated as she jumped out of the 3 story high window.
We heard an explosion coming near a class room, Amano then dragged me out of the classroom and we started running for our lives. The whole building started to explode, the sound of the fire bell rang. I watched, horrified as Amano clung onto me, everything was on fire… If it hadn’t been for him saving me from the explosion… I would have been a goner for sure… “I’m going to die…” I muttered out, tears filling my eyes. “The message said dead end in three hours…” I muttered out while remembering the text from my phone. “Hey, we’re going to survive this.” Amano then looked at me intently. “She’s not going to get you. Because, I’m going to get her.” He smiled when he stated this… I was frightened at the psychopath boy that knelt before me.
How can he talk about taking a life like some random errand…?
“I’ve got your back. I do.” He then put his forehead on mine.
So he keeps telling me… Well… I need someone too… He may not be stable, but he’s better than nothing…
I stared intently at him, “Yukkii I… I need you to get me through this.” I told him what he wanted to hear. He drew back and let out a heart felt smile, “Hey, for you sweetheart. Anything.” He then drew near me and kissed me. I kissed back because this may be the last time for me to experience something like this. Even if it’s with some random psychopathic dude…
I’m not using him, trust me I’m not. I’m… Utilizing…
“Attention all you prompt-pod snot nose little tadpoles!!! The soviet black eye sore of appending that is keeping you rigged up before your hormones burn out. It’s been rigged. We’re talking demolitions, great explosives, deked out motion sensors.” Celestia’s voice boomed from a megaphone. We could hear screams and gasps from the other side of the building. “Unless you want to blow up, stay where you are. That’s right, ladies and gentlemen. The whole student body is now my hostage!!!” Her voice seemed too pleased by all of this… Amano and I began crawling through the school hallway. I looked at my phone, trying to find any means for us to escape. I noticed Amano looking back at me. Was he… blushing…? “We better keep moving, huh?” I stated out loud, trying to draw the awkward tension between us away. He turned picked up a broken piece of glass, he pointed it at Celestia and the other students in the other building. “Looks like everybody is hold up in the other building. They know she’s serious.” He looked at the glass intently and set it down shortly after. We then moved to the middle of the stairs. I looked at my phone.
‘ 5/02 12:30 p.m. {Stairs} I’m trapped at the stairs.
5/02 2:04 p.m. --------DEAD END------
Have a nice day~ ^▪^ ‘
“Crap… The stairs are going to blow out underneath us…” I muttered out. “Then we find another route.” Amano stated. I looked over to him and he had a determined face. “No need to make this complicated.” He then turned and went down the hallway. I followed as I heard my phone begin to screech.
‘ Everyone us in the opposite building.
5/02 11:15 a.m. {In School} I don’t use the stairs and go down the hallway.
5/02 11:29 a.m. {In School} The walls of the hallway at classroom 3F 2-C are peeled and destroyed. I see no survivors.
5/02 11:31 a.m. {In School} A student’s corpse in the hallway at classroom 3F 2-D.
5/02 11:33 a.m. {In School} Nothing at the hallway at classroom 3F 2-E.
5/02 11:35 a.m. {In School} Nothing in front of the 3F bathrooms.
Have a nice day~ ^▪^ ‘
“The diary just rewrote itself…” I informed Amano. “Well, yeah. You didn’t do what it said, so the future changed. This is why your diary in particular is so useful. You jot down every little thing. It’s called the indiscriminant diary. Because, you basically keep a record of whatever you see.” He informed me. “So, that means…?” I questioned at him. “So, it means. We should be doing now is monitoring the gamblers activities with it.” He stated. My phone then let out another screech. “Now it’s rewriting itself when I haven’t done anything.” I examined my phone. “She’s making a play.” He stated. I gasped and looked at him. “Our movements are interlocked now. If her future changes, so does ours…” He informed me as my phone rewrote itself again.
‘ 5/02 11:30 a.m. {In School} Remote-controlled explosion inside classroom, 3F 2-C.
5/02 11:33 a.m. {In School} Explosion at the end of the hall. Although random, she’s aiming for us.
Have a nice day ^▪^ ‘
“Apparently a bomb is going to go off in classroom 2-C.” I told Amano. He then looked up and gasped. “Look out!!!” He jumped at me. As we both fell to the ground. A large explosion let out and the halls were filled with smoke. “Quick, read the next entry.” Amano stated as he towered over me. I nodded and examined my phone.
‘ 5/02 11:30 a.m. {In School} Remote- controlled explosion inside classroom, 3F 2-C.
5/02 11:33 a.m. {In School} Explosion at the end of the hall. Although random, she’s aiming for us.
5/02 11:40 a.m. {In School} AV room explodes.
5/02 11:45 a.m. {In School} Explosion near fire hydrant in the hallway by classroom 1-F.
5/02 11:46 a.m. {In School} Sequential explosion in the hallway by classroom 1-D.
5/02 11:48 a.m. {In school} Explosion in classroom 1-D.
5/02 11:53 a.m. {In School} ‘
“Looks like it says ‘ there’s another explosion down the hall’.” I informed him. He then got off of me and ran up the stairs, shortly I got up and followed after him. The explosion shortly caused after I ran up to the next floor with Amano.
I’m not going to lie. Amano is really good at this…
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
3rd P.O.V
Celestia was outside, pressing things on her tablet. Exploding parts of the school. While pressing her button. She then looked at her phone. “And the future branches off, yet again. Have I gotten you running in circles, pipsqueak? Heh.” She chuckled while examining her phone’s messages.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Your P.O.V
We were near the corner of sinks. It exploded, Yukki and I covered our ears as it explode. Yukkii and I ran down the halls, I laughed a bit.
I’ve officially made a very good life choice today. This is a breeze!!!
As we made it near the end of he hallway, the classroom we passed exploded behind us. I turned and huffed out heavily. My heart was racing with adrenaline.
Or… not…
Yukkii then lead me down a large gap in the floor. “Ok, what does it say now?” He pointed at my phone. “Oh…” I looked at my phone.
‘ classroom 3F 2-C
5/02 11:33 a.m. {In School} Explosion at the end of the hall. Although random, she’s aiming for us.
5/02 11:40 a.m. {In School} AV room explodes.
5/02 11:45 a.m. {In School} Explosion near fire hydrant in the hallway by classroom 1-F.
5/92 11:46 a.m. {In School} ‘
Before I could say anything, an explosion caused me to go flying off the platform and onto the floor. “Y/N are you alright!?” Amano came over to me as I got up. “Y-Yeah… I think so…” I muttered out. “New tactic, if it’s at all possible… Focus on how it says you react to the explosions.” He commanded at me. “Like… what they do to me…?” I questioned at him. I then looked down at my phone and I had a sudden realization, “I… I don’t really write about my reactions… That’s the whole point… I keep a record of what’s going on, but I don’t really include myself within it… I don’t get involved. My diary doesn’t have anything in it about what actually happens to me.” I informed him, feeling pitiful of myself. His phone then screeched. He looked down at it. He then gasped.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
3rd P.O.V
Celestia smiled and chuckled as she pressed the button in her hand, causing several more explosions through the school. The after effect of the blow made the wind harshly blow in her face. She then examined her phone, “Squirmy little tadpole aren’t you?” She let out a sinister smile.
~ ~ ~ ~  ~
Your P.O.V
After yet another explosion. Yukkii towered over me, he protected me from the blow. He seemed a bit hurt, I looked at him in concern. “No sweat.” He stated. He then got off of me. “So, your diary isn’t much for pertinent details that happens to you. You might say mine kind of except the slack there. I’m good at keeping an eye on my sugar baby.” He then showed me his phone.
‘5/02 11:50 a.m. Yukkii isn’t hurt badly. He has a scratch on his knee, but looks like he can still walk.
5/02 12:00 p.m. Yukkii’s depressed.
5/02 12:10 p.m. Yukkii opens his heart to me ‘
Before I could read anything he shut his phone with sudden realization of something. “You know what… It’s no biggie.” He chuckled. “Anway, come on Pookie use your head!!! We can coordinate the information from your diary with the information in mine to piece together every little thing that’s going to go down within a mile of you. You’ll be invincible.” He stated.
How can some dude like him come up with such a brilliant plan..? And did he just call me Pookie..? What is he, a girl?
“It’s brilliant…” I muttered.
“Y/N, I told you I’ve got your back. Think of me as a survival source you can tap whenever you want.” He smiled at me lightly. I gotten a bit petrified. I started to cry.
“What the hell is wrong with me…? Look at us…” I chuckled at myself. “What is it now?” He asked me with such concern in his voice. “How pathetic am I..? Thinking I was watching everything from a safe distance… Heheheh… I kept a strict policy… To stay out of things . But, the truth is… I would have given and eye not to be so coordinal. I was just so lonely, ya know..? With Chiaki being my only friend and she even had to go to detention all the freakin time. Not to mention my parents are dead… I wanted to be the girl that everyone liked, talk to that one guy.  Deep down, though… I’m too scared of getting hurt…” I say up and tucked my chin on my knees. “Is that irony or what?” I chuckled pitifully at myself. I burried my head in between my arms. I began to cry, “I’ve been always calling myself an observer, when really I’m just a coward…” I muttered out. “Stop talking like your life’s over, silly. You still have at least hour and a half before your ‘Dead End’ becomes a reality.” I looked up at him as he smiled and held out his hand to me, “I say, we nix the mope fest and get ourselves over to the other building.” He gave me a reassuring smile. “I mean, think about it. They’re all your friends, right? They’re bound to help us.” I thought about what he said for a moment. I put my hand in his as he helped me stand on my own two feet again.
Amano’s P.O.V
Though he- I mean she’s scheduled at 2:04 for her dead end… Celestia could have killed ‘em at any given time… I still wonder why she’s holding it off…
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
3rd P.O.V
Siren sounded outside the school gates, people began murmuring about the current situation. “Alright then chief, we got the swats and snipers position on the rooftop.” A young man stated towards the teenager in the car. “Call them off.” The male teen commanded. “Beg pardon sir…? This is Celestia Ludenburg we’re dealing with. What kind of leverage do we have if we don’t put the cross fire on her…?” The young man seemed confused. He sighed, sipping on a cup of coffee, “She’s too clever. We wouldn’t have any leverage either way…” He muttered out. He then examined his file.
‘ Recorded For: Byakuya Togami
Case File: Celestia Ludenburg (a.k.a Underground Gambler)
5/02 12:32 p.m. Snipers are in position.
5/02 12:45 p.m. Sniping take their shot. Celestia Ludenbrug is dead.
5/02 12:46 p.m. Immediately following her death, all the bombs explode. The school is ablaze.
5/02 12:51 p.m. Started working on putting out the fire. Searching for survivors is greatly prioritized.
5/02 2:30 p.m. Fire is still not put out. Looks like a catastrophe. We’ve only found a few survivors. ‘
“Little Underground Gambler, has he bombs to go off automatically the second her heart stops. She’s made herself into the ultimate trigger…” Byakuya stated towards his right hand man. “T-That’s insane…” He muttered out. Byakuya smirked, “Hmph.”
~ ~ ~ ~
Your P.O.V
Amano and I slid along the undamaged walls. Seems like we made it to the other side. I looked down at my phone.
He was right… What I’ve got to do right now is, think about my classmates. They’ll have to take the whole “Future Diary” thing and face value, sure. But, if they can just hear me out, there’s no reason we can’t pull through this.
~ ~ ~ ~
Amano’s P.O.V
I don’t like this… It’s too quiet… Too long since my diary has rewritten itself…
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Your P.O.V
I peeked my head around the corner and seen an unconscious Chiaki on the ground. I sighed in relief that she was here. “Hey, Chiaki!!! I thought you we’re sick at home? Did you just arrive and stayed in the nurses office?” I tried to run towards Chiaki to wake her. I heard a loud screech coming from Amano’s phone. People came from behind the corner, Komaeda, Mikan, and Mondo. Mondo pinned me down. He then gripped onto me and held me a bit too tight. I heard Amano scream out like a girl, “No!!! Y/N!!!” He yelled out. He was gripped by Nekomaru and Gundam.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
3rd P.O.V
“Here’s the deal. I’m after Y/N L/N and if you give her to me like the good little drones you are, and hey, I’ll be happy to disarm the bombs if they come. No one will die if you all being her to me. Strip her up and toss her cell phone out of reach. And watch out for her little boyfriend too.” She chuckled. “Hey, get off!!!” Y/N struggled out of Mondo’s grip while Amano tried to do the same with Nekomaru and Gundam. “Get her down here and we’re even Steven.” Celestia smirked as Mondo brought Y/N to her. She began to cry as everyone watched intently from out the window. “This isn’t real… WE WE’RE SUPPOSED TO BE IN THIS TOGETHER!!! WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS!?” Y/N cried out for everyone to hear. “I’d stay right there if I were you. There’s a mine field between us.” Celestia stated from her megaphone. “Let go of me, please!!! I got to protect her!!!” Amano struggled to break free of Nekomaru and Gundam’s grasps.
“That will do everyone. Much obliged. Motion sensors are back on by the way. So, get comfy.” She chuckled.
~ ~ ~ ~
Amano’s P.O.V
It was my idea to reach out to him… These people... I told him they we’re her friends… This is all my fault… They’re monsters… They couldn’t care less if Y/N lives or dies… They… They’ve made a liar out of me…
“End of the line, First. Too bad, so sad.” Celestia smirked triumphantly while holding onto her switch.
I can’t let this happen… No matter what the cost…
My eyes twitched in insaneness. My blood pressure rising. I kicked Nekomaru and Gundam in their privates and ran out the door. The classroom exploding behind me. “This is what you all get for selling out my poor Y/N!!! Anyone who treats my girl like a bargaining chip can get blown to hell!!!” I growled out as I ran through the hallway at a fast pace. I then turned my attention to the coughing girl on the ground. I swiftly grabbed her and went out of the building.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
3rd P.O.V
“Looks like we’ve got ourselves a loose cannon…” Celestia muttered.
“Chief, look at this!!!” Byakuya’s assistant looked petrified towards the school. Byakuya stood up and watched intently. “I’m going in.” Byakuya got out of his van and made his way over to the gates.
~ ~ ~ ~
Your P.O.V
“Stop it Yukkii… You’re going to kill everyone… It’s all over… I can’t do this anymore!!!” I cried out.
I’m going to die… I’m REALLY going to die!!!
“Hey, I’m not all bad. Your backstabbing friends can go with you. In ten minutes his place will go up like a munitions factory!!!” Celestia shouted out towards me.
In ten minutes… 2:04 p.m… My ‘Dead End’…
I looked over to the clock in a nearby classroom, 1:54…
That’s how it happens…!!!
“You haven’t lived until you seen what I can do with- Ah!!!” She got cut off by a bullet, almost hitting her head, luckily it hit her hair and nothing else…
“You’re at eleven. We need you at a bout a four. Due curtesy when you’re on my turf.” I heard a male’s voice, besides me. I turned to see a blonde male, dress well in a suit, similar to a school uniforms. He held a gun in his hand and looked at me, “How’s it hanging, First?” He smiled at me. “Do I know you…?” I questioned at him. “Not to worry. It’s no surprised that you don’t remember who I am.” He smirked at me. “Stop wasting my time, Fourth!!!” Celestia called out. She smiled warmly. “Stop wasting MINE. We both know what you’re here for.” He stated, seeing her smiled in displeasure. “Did she say..?” I questioned at him before he cut me off. “It’s a little complicated…” He fixed his glasses. “All you really need to know right now is that she isn’t here for you. It’s me she wants.” He pulled out some files to show me.
‘Recorded for Byakuya Togami
Case File: Celestia Ludenburg (a.k.a Underground Gambler)
4/22 09:15 a.m. Meeting regarding the serial kille, Genocide Syo.  Toko Fukawa is raised as a suspect. Two investigators tailed her.
4/22 1:21 p.m. Public Security reports that terrorist and Underground Gambler, Celestia Ludenburg is hiding in Sakurami City.
4/22 3:31 p.m. My agents go around asking for information near the school.
4/22 4:30 p.m. Meeting. No alibi for Toko Fukawa. Ordered them to continue the steak out.’  
“This is known as the ‘Case Diary’ It lets me know how jobs I am on will pan out. Being a god doesn’t do it for me. My cup of tea is bringing homicidal maniacs to justice.” Byakuya smiled as he set his files to his side. “Excuse me!!! Not to break up your little ‘pow wow’ over there. But, I would like to lay out a few demands.” She called out to everyone. Everyone watched intently. “I’ll take your silence as a green light… So, blow the little bastards brains out, then do yourself!!! It’s bad enough that I have to tango with a wimpy teenager. I’m not about to let a suit homicidal cop on the loose.” She commanded at the blonde man next to me. He aimed his gun towards her. “No dice, Nine.” He stated, his finger on the trigger. “Fine!!! You can go to hell!!!” She raised her remote, her finger over the button. I looked at him as he smiled, I smiled in return. He then put the gun in my face, “Don’t take it personally. She’s tainted me into a corner. For what it’s worth, you’re death is going to weigh on me…” He then cocked his gun. I got down on all fours and began crying.
Naturally, how long did I think a wimp like me would last long in this game…? I’m just a wall flower. Terrified of life… When push came to shove, I had to use a crazy dude to make it this far… Death was only a matter of time…
“Please… promise me my death wont be for nothing. Promise me it wont be as meaningless as my stupid life’s always been.” I watched as the guns hole was pointed in my face.
Amano Yukiteru… I’m so sorry…
I watched as the window shattered. Amano with a pipe bashed Celestia on the head. She hen spun around and kicked him in the stomach, causing him to fall to the ground.
“Don’t just sit there, get your diary.” Byakuya stated firmly at me. I gasped in confusion. “If you really want your life to mean something then get off your ass. Show them you’re a force to be reckoned with. Maybe help your little friend? Turn that fear to advantage, dress it up as a game face. Hmm?” He looked over to me. I tried to pull off a sinister smile.
“Sure, that’ll do… Now, go for it.” He commanded at me. I jolted towards my phone. “She’s out of her damn head… The mine field…” I heard Celestia say out loud. Damn right I am…!!! “Y/N left!!!” I heard Amano shout out. I moved instantly, dodging the mine field. “Son of a… Okay, I don’t like where this is going…” Celestia mumbled out loud. “Steer to the right!!!” Amano called out. “Seriously!?” Celestia shouted out. I ran for my phone and retrieved it. “The little tramp is a diary user!!!” Celestia ran towards Yukkii. Byakuya shot at Celestia. “Alright, enough playing cowboy, Fourth…” Celestia shouted. “Now left, then another left!!! And, after that…” Yukkii shouted out. “Shut up!!!” Celestia kicked his phone out of his hand. “Crap… Now what…?” I muttered out. “Fine. I’ll do this manually.” Celestia stated then she got hit on the head with a large text book. I then looked up to see a bunch of items being thrown out the window and land upon her. I heard everyone cheering me on. I ran towards her as fast as I could. She then caused explosives behind me, but that didn’t slow me down. I then brought out the dart set Yuki gave me. He told me to use it whenever I need it most. He said I had a gift at darts. “Die!!!” I jabbed the dart at her. “Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit!!!” She screeched as the needle of the dark went in her eye. “Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!”’ She screamed, taking the needle out as blood trickled down her eye. Yukkii grabbed the device from her. Byakuya walked over to Celestia who was crying out in pain on the floor near me and Amano. “Give it up Ninth. Only an idiot will resist in your condition.” Byakuya geld he gun at her. She screamed, “Screw you!!!” She shot out a bunch of missiles from behind her. She then hopped ontop of a motorcycle and drove off. “My diary has a name too. The escape diary!!!” She called out. Shortly after reaching the gates.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
“Ninth and the others will be trampling all over themselves just to get you kid… When they pounce, I will be there to stop all this madness. Matter of fact, I propose the three of us form a partner ship to ensure exactly that. We can call ourselves the ‘Future Diary Alliance’ or something along those lines… Corny, I know. But, are you with me?” Byakuya let out his hand. “Ah, yes, of course.” I sighed out in pure joy and smiled. We shook hands. “Whaddya say we keep going?” I turned my attention to Yukkii who watched me intently. He nodded and smiled, “I say, sure.”

Author’s Note: Finally finished this chapter XD Took me like 8 hours just to do DX Anyway, I think I’m going to take a break from writing for now. Its all too overwhelming for me and I go back to school in a month or so from now. So, I’ll see you all later and in the next one. Buh-Bye!!!
Dipper’s P.O.V
Bill then let out a laugh. “You’re smart Six Fingers!!! Now, arise Demon Wings!!!” Bill shouted out, Y/N started floating, a mark was shown on her open back shirt. It was… of course, demon wings… “Ahahahaha. Now, attack them!!!” He yelled out, Y/N turned to us. Her eyes were stain in yellow and demonic like pupils. “Run.” Great Uncle Ford muttered at me. “What…?” I turned to him. “Run!!!” He shoved me as Y/N floated near us. I began running as Great Uncle Ford stayed back and struck her with some sort of tranquilizing gun. She fell over and became paralyzed. Bill went over to retrieve her. I felt so bad… Is she really a demon…?
Bill’s P.O.V
Damn Six Fingers hurting her with some sort of machine. I grabbed her and we teleported into her room. I laid her down and examined her, “You know, I like you this way.” I trailed my fingers down her opened back, her mark being visible to my eyes. And what a wonderful mark it was, a sign of satin along with demon wings inside the middle of the star. Truly, amazing. “Why didn’t you save me?” She muttered between her teeth. “Sorry, sweetheart, you’re the one who has to do MY biddings.” I shrugged and chuckled out. She just rolled her eyes at me. Tch, such a brat… “Hey, if we do something fun. Then will you talk to me? Besides, we have a deal!!!” I shouted out a bit peeved. That seemed to spark a bit of bemusion in her, “Where are we going?” She asked a bit snobbishly. “To the place of your origins.” I helped her up out of the bed and teleported to a serene place called, Mount Olympia. “What is…” She looked around at the beautiful palace. “This is the place where your mother, the goddess of time, Kali, and your father, the son of Satin, Lucifer.” I looked at her shocked expression. I couldn’t help but smile, “You see, your parents had a taboo relationship, a demon loving a god… How foolish… Anyway, you had your powers from both of them, making you a powerful being, though, I don’t know if you’re a force of good or evil is entirely out of my mind of knowledge. Though, you couldn’t resign in here for much and your mother didn’t want you to end up in a place like this…” I teleported her to hell and limbo. I watched as her cute adorable expression turn into a frightened one. “So, with your parents having no choice in the matter, they had to send you down to the mortal world. Your mother had trusted you with those two ‘a ray of sunshine’ type of people, though, your father was not in the favor of it. He seen you more of a child with high praise, such as a mistress, or a princess, he wanted you to have a person such as myself as a parent.” I said a bit cockily. She seemed to shocked about the whole thing, she wasn’t able to speak. I just smiled, “So, now you know the past. I consider this your part of the deal.” I chuckled. I then teleported us back home, “Now, if you would stop making your mouth hang. We need to think of a plan of how to kill Pine Tree and Six Fingers…”
Author’s Note: I thought the last one was a bit shitty. So, to make up for it. I decided to make this one, explaining the readers past. Anyway, I still have no idea of what to write for this. So, if you’d please leave a comment as to what you’d like to see. (Pls nothing with ocs or dirty things) Thanks for reading! I’ll see you all in the next one!!! Buh-Bye!!!
“Demon Wings..?” I questioned the floating male who encircled around me with an amused grin upon his crazed face. “Yes, you see… ‘Y/N’ you have a… special power. Not ordinary to human beings… You have the power to… create… re-write time to make it your own.” He looked at my bemused face. He then let out a sigh, “Let me explain…”
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Dipper’s P.O.V
Great Uncle Ford and I ran to the cabin that Y/N resigned in, and there we saw it… A floating mansion… Not only that, but almost everything around it was floating with it. I looked up to see that man that was with Y/N earlier. “Bill…” Great Uncle Ford muttered out. I turned to him, then back to Bill with a growl. I looked at my surrounding and grabbed a large rock that I could throw at him. “Grrrr, Bill!!!” I yelled, throwing the decent size rock at him. He blocked it with some sort of shield. But, he paid no attention to our beings, he looked down at someone else… It was… “Y/N!!!” I called out. “Don’t hurt her…” Bill growled out, his voice booming like thunder. “She’s in a state of Acoma, her mind is slipping away into the dream scape.” Bill continued.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Your P.O.V
“ You see Y/N… Every person in your life you loose, you gain a few more to replace them. Whether it be a friend or foe is mainly up to the faith you decide they should be. For example, your lost of your beloved parents and your friends back where you came from, who replaced them?” Bill questioned at me. “Wendy, Dipper, Mable, Grunkle Stan, and Soos…” I muttered out, the sudden realization got to me and I let out a gasp. “And your beloved ex boyfriend, can you guess who replaced him?” Bill looked at me a bit amused, seeing as if the answer I give is what he wanted. “I don’t know…” I muttered out and looked away. He grabbed my face and made me turn to him, “Oh come on Demon Wings, you know it’s me.” Bill smiled playfully, moving my head a little before harshly moving away. “Why do you keep calling me that!?” I asked him a bit ticked. “Well, you see… I just don’t know if you’re a demon or a god. You see, your powers are used for your own selfish manners. Wanting to not be alone in life is rather selfish, and he power to destroy and create any scenario is such as a godly like power… But, I call you demon wings because that is what I ‘prefer’ you to be. Anyway, check this out.” Bill teleported us back to the graveyard. “You see, this is the grave my human body resigns in. I believe I had explained it to you before, but let me go into detail. With gaining demonic powers I can do mainly whatever I want. I made you dig up my body and I changed it to look like Bella, I mean, I would’ve dug up another beings body, but that would be rude, wouldn’t it.” He stared at me mockingly.  “And why couldn’t you have done it yourself? After all these years of being held captive, I’m sure you could’ve lure someone else to you and take their body, or soul or whatever you demons do.” I glared at him. “Eh, I was too lazy, and I thought you’d be fun to mess with, Demon Wings.” Bill laughed a bit. “Whatever, let me out of this dark prison already, I wish to go back to the world of reality, not some sort of fiction you’re making up.” I rolled my eyes. “Listen kid, would I really be showing you my past if this was all a fake? Anyway, when I had my revival back then, I used this body to burn down my manner and Bella’s manner, along with her beloved’s. Sebastian wanted to help me, but I had to reject his offer, he had already done enough with making me a demon, and besides, the deed was PERSONAL.” He gave out a sinister smile. “And now, I’d like to make a little deal with you.” He drew near me.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Dipper’s P.O.V
“Just leave her alone!!!” I yelled out at Bill. “Now, now, Pine Tree, this girl isn’t no ordinary mortal, I need her powers to DEAL with some things. Ahahahahaha!!!” Bill let out his annoying laugh. “Oh god… is that…?” Great Uncle Ford gasped. I turned to him. “What, what is it!?” I questioned at him. “The creator…” he muttered out.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Your P.O.V
“A deal…?” I looked at the demon who encircled around me. “Yes, side with me and I’ll give you whatever you need.” He smirked with me. “Whatever I need..?” I began to think about.
Well, Bill didn’t steer me wrong yet…
I let out a sigh and let out my hand, “Deal.”
Author’s Note: If you didn’t notice, I rushed this chapter and bullshited it. Is it noticeable? I mean, I had the right idea, but it was at night, I fell asleep and forgot about it XD Anyway, A TON of people on Archive of Our Own likes it about 70 in total of people gave me kudos, just 2 more than what people gave me on quotev for my Black Butler story XD I really appreciate it, guys. Anyways, I’m all out of ideas for this story. So, if you have suggestions of what you’d like to see in the story, then comment down below. Have a wonderful day everyone. I’ll see you all in the next one, Buh-bye XD Now, off to go do my other 12 stories XD (Reason why updates take so long, sorry!!! DX T.T)
I just realized, looking back upon South Park episodes. Cartman is stated for being a 'Sadistic asshole' and since I'm so good wit stories like that... XD

I was wondering if you'd all like me to write that?

it would be fun to 'experiment' with that sort of thing, wouldn't you think?

Comment down below if you'd like to see that!!!

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